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Katie Findlay  Largely wings, claws and rodent bones.

👯‍♀️ 📸: @igoyarpus

When you’re trying to be dramatic at your own wedding but security wasn’t tight enough and a toddler is drinking the free wine. @sapphirekokopelli

Same. 🍑

Sometimes when you have developmental trauma like moi (or are just a human with a nervous system!), you wake up in states of boundless anxiety for what seems like no reason. It is especially helpful to have excellent queens of your heart to chat with like these two winners. (#tbt a million years, @janelparrish bet you forgot about this one) @kaceykadoodles 👑💃

Coppertop ☀️🍑🥇@fieldtriphair

#Repost @oceanicpreservationsociety 🌎🌳🌊
Your monthly reminder! This is Be Zero's How To Make Less Trash poster that @bezerowastegirl shares monthly as part of our education outreach here. This poster sums up the circular mindset we teach at Be Zero. A mindset to navigate a disposable culture and create a lifestyle that can flex and adjust as well. There is no one way or the highway. It’s all complex and multilayered. It's easy to get caught up in the word "zero" in zero waste. We must remember that it's an industrial term being applied into a lifestyle scenario - it's actually referring to a circular-based economy where we design without waste as an end product. We don't have the infrastructure, laws, or enough consumer demand yet to move us from our current linear economy to a zero waste (circular) economy. We can't be fully “zero" right now because of our current infrastructure. But we can have the low-waste mindset!! A zero waste (circular) economy is where we want to go as a society, but we can't take the "zero" literally right now. That's why we need to educate ourselves on materials, on resources, and how to give companies the incentive to make change. We have to simplify and become resourceful, thrifty, and community-centered again. We all benefit from a healthy environment. We are all by default environmentalists. Focus on making less trash. Start by rethinking your consumerism, move away from disposables, grow community by starting sharing programs, community gardens, and demand more reusable, durable, repairable options. Learn more about what we do as a nonprofit on our website: check out this poster (now translated in Spanish on our site), watch our Tedx talk, learn about our community events, check out our recommend reading list, and read our blog! All at: www.bezero.org #bezero #lifestyle #eco #green #zerowaste #noplastic #sustainable

Reusable cutlery quick-draw. 🌎


I think part of the reason this particular instance irked me is because I was being told I “should get over” an extreme physical aversion/fear for “when I get pregnant”. 🤱OR🙅‍♀️= 👍🏼♥️ PS: someone made a great point about assumptions of pregnancy ALSO being super rough on anyone who is struggling to get pregnant or can’t and longs to.

Same ♥️

A day late. I’m lucky to have a clear path to love and understanding with my mum as a grown lady. But I know that experience isn’t everyone’s! Yesterday can be tender and I am sending love to the myriad variations of maternal relationships or lack thereof that you carry in your hearts. (@bymariandrew is beautiful as always)

Mother’s Day: A Flipbook 🐈 (PSA: this is absolutely work makeup, I do not have this skill set OR this skin right now but that’s ok🙌🏼 💋🔥)

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