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kathy t. zhou  ‘nothing’, said piglet, taking pooh's paw. ‘I just wanted to be sure of you.’ 📍sf

stay natural ⛰ went for a long drive this weekend and I loooove it

I just want to squat on a tropical island and read @subtleasiantraits u feel

coat it with frost & hibernate thru the winter

🍂 thursday mooooood is missing autumn leaves

if you ask me whether I’d rather die in numbing cold or scalding heat I will always, always pick the latter

waiting for the day when I have accumulated enough capital to open my own chicken shop

big windows and chandeliers make me feel so happy ✨

floral or plaid ? @burleighpottery

“obviously historiography cannot be a science. it can only be an industry, an art, and a philosophy—an industry by ferreting out the facts, an art by establishing meaningful order in the chaos of materials, a philosophy by seeking perspective and enlightenment.”

happy hour is a good hour

do you also have days when you wake up and all you want IS SOME YOLK PORN

real or fake ?

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