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Kathryn Pamperin  🌲💚☕️🏃🏻‍♀️

Sometimes I do not wear gym clothes guys, who would ever guess. 😅😇

Literally cannot wait to put my old best to shame! This is most likely the leanest I’ve ever been and it was from last February (2017) when I was fairly unmotivated with every aspect of my life. Now, I have laser focus with EVERY aspect of my life 👊🏼💥 I can’t wait to get my journey started with @garyvanross_ifbbpro and see how far I can go with my fitness goals! With team support, and a coach to answer to, I believe that I can exceed my current goals and that sky’s the limit. 🌤⚡️#ibbf #figure #competition #vanross #teamworkmakesdreamswork #girlswholift #runner #college

Can this semester be over already?!? ☕️🙆🏻‍♀️ it needs to be so I can cut my coffee consumption in half so I don’t die of cardiac arrest. #exhausted #papersonpapers #workinghard #KU #collegelife #environment

I don’t normally dress like this, but when I do, it’s for a rap concert 😎😂 #yfnlucci #lfk #college #baddecisions

When something is important to you, you make an effort. Recently I’ve been ignoring my need to workout. I’m someone who needs the burn in my lungs from running, the weight on my back from busting my ass lifting and the pride that comes with it. I’ve been studying harder than I ever thought I would. My priorities have shifted greatly in the past year as I get closer to the end of my undergraduate. I would rather feel good about a paper I wrote, or a test I aced than have a six pack. However, it’s important to identify things that you can cut out of your life that really don’t matter in order to make time for what does. I’ve decided that I’m done reading novels for hours, I’m done messing around on social media wasting daylight, I’m done worrying instead of making it happen. I made a decision that I can have a six pack and kick ass in school, no more excuses. The wise words of @iamcardib ”looked myself in the mirror and said we’re gonna win, knock me down 9 times and I get up 10”. makeithappen #workhard #boss #athlete #pressure #betterthanyesterday #motivation #selfimprovement #workinprogress #runner #cardib #getup10

How I handle my problems, run my ass off and clear my mind. Isn’t it amazing how running puts life back into you? 🏃🏻‍♀️💚 #runner #runningawayfrommyproblems #college #latenightrun #fit

Missing Detroit but happy to be back in LFK, all ready to kill my second to last semester at KU❤️💙 I had so much fun with the most wonderful Dilworth Family! Just missing @dillybarbelle with all my heart 💔😩🎄

Best night in Detroit yet with the Dilworth’s ❤️❄️ dinner at the Red Crown and Boston Coolers to celebrate 2018! Love being back up in the North with people I love and my FAVORITE pooch ever, TOOTIE! ❄️🏙 #Detroit #2018 #Family #perfectnight #winteristhebest #missingSugarCamp #Sconnie #thecolderthebetter

✨There is not a way to live without the earth. But there is a way to live with it. #NeverChangeWhoYouAre #Wisdom #Freedom #Happiness #NativePride #NativeStrength @native_strength ❤️🌅

My everything, Joshua Daniel Dilworth and my baby boy Oliver Marie Twist testing out our new cat tree for Bean, Mishka and Cub!! Oliver approves ❤️💚❤️🎁 #HappyHolidays #Christmas #BestBoyfriendEver #MyEverything #KPJDForever #thanksmomanddad❤️ #earlypresent

❄️Those December, because it’s kansas I don’t know if I’m Hot or cold vibes. Here’s to loving my body even though this semester has chewed me up and spit me out. Here’s to my 4.0 biology GPA that I still managed to salvage because I KILLED my final. Here’s to a ten page paper in marine mammals that I wrote the day it was due and aced it. Here’s to continuing loving my body even though I don’t have the luxury of working out 10 hours a day. Running has once more entranced me, and allows me to save a lot of time. I’m so happy with life right now I could cry. I’m ready for the future.

& just like that we are ready for Christmas in our little apartment ❤️💚❤️❄️ #tistheseason #KPJD #HappyHolidays #FavoriteTimeOfYear

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