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Kathryn Freeman 🇹🇹  CELEBRITY TRAINER Trini, Bajan & German From Alaska FitCurvy💪🏾🍑& New “Get Thick” Plan🍗 #30DayTransformationTeam Transforming Bodies w/💍 @LutherFreeman

Looking back at old pics, I’ve came a long way. I’ve had stick legs and small calves all my life. My husband @lutherfreeman trained me and taught me how to create the look I’ve always desired. We can help you do the same!

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”
I was speaking to a client and she said her biggest weakness “is bread, Im a bread person. I can’t give it up!” She was half joking but totally discouraged. Surely, she wasn’t born a “bread person” so that means this habit has turned into a very real part of her life. She may not have created the habit, perhaps it started when she was very young. But she certainly helped to develop it as she took control over her life and continued to feed the habit.
So how can she stop?
I am not gonna say “just stop, you can do it!” That would be so very predictable as a coach- Instead I asked her why does she reach for it and what does it give her when she does. After answering that question I asked her to ask it to herself everyday this week, every time she reaches for it. Write it down and share it with me at our next chat. She did this and by the following week she had rally great news to report! Just 5 days into writing down each bread encounter she once again went to reach for it and she STOPPED herself. She said, “My reasons for eating it just were not good enough this time, and I was able to leave it alone with ease!” She became aware and was able to gain control over what had previously defeat her! Sometimes we think others hold the cure for our weakness when the cure is in our own hands.

Repost From: @LutherFreeman
Stop “Churchin”
So many people have been programmed to shield their true thoughts and feelings. Instead, they recite and believe in biblical verbiage verbatim to the point they never process information beyond the pastors teachings of scripture, connecting it to their real life. All these self help books people are writing provide content straight from biblical concepts and scripture.
“Stop going to church every week to be told everything’s gonna be o.k. God will work it out...” NO, you don’t have to go to church and study to be reminded of that every week. God has given YOU scripture as a resource TO HELP YOU work it out. The Bible is a powerful tool. Do you know how many fellow Christians I here say, “I’m just waiting on the good Lord to bless me” with this or that. NO... He’s waiting on you to actually believe in the power that lies within you based on what you read in your bible every Sunday. The power to manifest things into your life... The power to ask for something, knowing he will provide the resources to help you get whatever it is YOU want!
Another problem is, some are too focused on “making it to heaven.” You think he put you here just to bring you right back?...
When Adam arrived, the first thing he did was assign him WORK in the garden. We were placed here to serve a purpose. The primary purpose of church and scripture is to connect/fellowship with God, learn the true powers we have, and learn how to respond to the world throughout our journey. He wants us to show out!
So many people are trying to teach others about God without being able to show them the fruit that can be produced by truly connecting to his power supply. You can “knock ON doors” and you can “knock DOWN doors.” You can knock on a door and tell someone about God & you can also knock down doors breaking barriers showing anything is possible because of the God in you. We need both, but as for me, I’m more of a barrier breaker.
You will have questions...
And I’ll have answers🙏🏽💪🏾

You know what FALL is? The perfect time to put that Pumpkin Spice Latte Down and work in your Real Life areas that need improvement- Time of year 🙃🎃👻 .... ok maybe 1 PSL ( I’m not a monster!) The right Plan can absolutely change your body and yes your BOOTY🍑. What’s your goal friend? Do you want to:
-create more energy
-learn about your body
-see real changes that are manageable in your own life

Here is some of what you can expect to learn with @30daytransformationteam if you are committed and work at it with constant intention!

On that note... I’m heading to the gym👊🏾✌🏾. If you are feeling hesitant because you worry that you aren’t “fit enough” to get help- You’d be wrong! This is for the not- fit, can’t get over the hump man or woman, or the person who needs some structured guidance to see real progress. You are enough- We all have to start somewhere ❤️💪🏾

The pre show “locker room” turn-up celebration is essential. Here’s why: It gets your mind, body and mood in alignment with the goal... TO SHOW ALL THE WAY UP! These ladies, all powerhouses that are a part of the big picture. I learn a lot from them. It’s all fun and trust me lots of hard work! Seriously, prepare for what you want... Have a great attitude... and be grateful for every twist and turn life brings you that lead to the goodness God has for you ❤️ Just feelin all kinds of blessed! #danceAllTheWayIn #passionlikefiretour #theGirlsOfTheTour @dvglam @sherihauck @kimmimont @realtamiaworld

I’ve only been here a day and I can feel the warmth! In these Streets- Cleveland you are a beautiful city, kind people and the infrastructure is beautiful. What’s there to do out here? Need some suggestions!
Booty and legs by: @30daytransformationteam 😜💪🏾🍑
Lovin my vintage Tamia Shirt too- Tonight’s the kick off show- Had to rep my Girl!

My Forever ManCrush 👑 @lutherfreeman Its not easy loving me all the time. My attitude can be sticky sweet like honey or sharper than a pin and cut deep. You try to understand me, & that’s awesome. You get creative and aim to impress me still, and that’s awesome. You’ve made my bday month truly so special I’ve never had a bday celebration like it! You help me believe in myself when doubt tries to creep in my head. You’re stronger than anyone I have ever know. This life throws us curve balls and will test our word at times but I believe that God gave me my grace, my promise fulfilled and my forever home with you so I’ll never stop loving you. Sometimes I don’t feel all that lovely.. but He saw fit to bring your strong, gentle, deeply devoted soul on my life path. To teach me what love looks like. 🙏🏽 Thank you for your offering teacher. It’s miraculous in my eyes. Keep shining brighter and I’ll follow your light wherever you lead 🌟#foreverFreeman

Whose about that jug life in these streets with no shame at all? 🤚🏽

Watch to the end tho 😂.....
Hey @mtvwildnout @nickcannon Thanks for having Us! @lutherfreeman and I Finally caught up with the #wildnout Crew last night and @justinavalentine went ahead and let me know what she needs in a a way only she can do 🍑 The Booty! Girl, we got you, You did your thing tonight, we’re gonna do ours and bring that bump to life in the way only @30daytransformationteam does it! Hilarious show with such creative individuals 🌟 @dcyoungfly you’re too damn much 😂

When someone ever boldly asked me if my butt was real, I looked at them like this while flexing my calf and pointing at my quads. You gunna ask if my legs are real too? 😂

It’s mine ain’t it!!! 😝 Why do guys hate it when we grab their butts ALMOST** as much as we truly enjoy grabbing their butts 🤷🏽‍♀️??

Another mystery of the universe that continues to go unsolved I suppose. #grabHimByTheBooty @lutherfreeman

Luther and I are getting Tamia right for her Passion Like Fire Tour. Shout out to her crew that joined her this morning to put in that work. Everyone in Nashville has been so kind and loving❤️

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