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Kathryn Major  80s/90s🎶.I Love all Animals. I like Horror movies. MManson is CHARMING. 👁️❤️ my MM silv/blk diamond shaped (taog)ring from The Dark Entry- Berkeley

My sister had a party one day and I had this recorded from MTV and I put it in the VCR and sat indian-style in front of the television the whole time it was on while everyone was just doing their thing and having fun drinking beer and watching it with me. I'd sit there and mimic the little snake moves and stuff. Fun times. I had Axl plastered all over my bedroom walls and when Don't Cry came out I thought it was the best thing ever. @gunsnroses #kathrynmajorart #liveattheritz

I love Poison very much and liked to watch Rock of Love. I saw them with the BulletBoys at the Concord Pavilion with a friend of mine Esther, I used to work with at Beauty Mart Supply @bretmichaelsofficial @poison #kathrynmajorart @kathrynmajor71

I've always known who Ozzy was, but I really started to get into him around this album and then started buying his older albums. I loved watching this video so much. It brings back so many memories. MTV in the 80s was just the raddest time ever and they'll be nothing like it ever again. And Ozzy and I share the same birthday, Dec.3rd. @ozzyosbourne @ozzy._osbourne #kathrynmajorart @kathrynmajor71

Eddie and Dave were a huge thing for me and my sister growing up. I had Dave all up in my room she had Eddie all over her room and we taped every video we liked on our VHS from MTV and watched all the MTV New Year's Eve specials cuz we knew that David Lee Roth would be there dressed crazy as hell and we always would talk about that we thought he had this crush on Martha Quinn. There was this one MTV special of David Lee Roth & the Picasso Brothers with him being interviewed in a swimming pool and I used to watch that so much over and over. And my sisters picture was in the local paper because she had so many Van Halen pictures and even a picture of Eddie on her wall the size of her pinky fingernail. #kathrynmajorart @dawncafeaulait @kathrynmajor71

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I remember going with my friend, sister and my cousin and I wanted to get up front so he got us up front and when Autograph came on I had never been up front before and the whole entire crowd started to push forward and I thought I was going to die so I was trying to get out and some person in the crowd help my friend and I out and all I had a hold of the whole time while being pulled out was the zipper on my friends jacket so my friend and I we're quite a ways away and I remember taking pictures of Motley Crue on stage and they look like ants from where we were standing. I also loved watching Motley Crue's Uncensored. I almost knew every word they were saying by heart and just loved how much fun they were having and wanted to be one of those girls lifting their shirts up in the limousine. I used to have my hair like Nikki Sixx's in high school and they used to call me Miss Motley Crue

Maxx and Donia with thier father's good friend Uncle Kenny Chamness @kennychamness @thecaptain711 @kathrynnoel71 @bernardmaxx #spaceghostfan #drummer #godzillafan

Maxx and Donia
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