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Monika Kanokova  freelance community & content strategist. not here to make money, here to make friends. #communityfirst #smartcreatives πŸ’Œ hello@mkanokova.com


I finally managed to write postcards today. didn't have much interesting stuff to say besides how much I ate during this month. my favorite quote: 'I didn't actually see the building on the card. between breakfast, lunch, and dinner there just wasn't enough time left to go exploring. true story. #molitrip2017

that pizza smile πŸ‘ŒπŸ»#molitrip2017

found a yoga paradise in canggu... and also, finally (!) got a chance to try #kundaliniyoga after @kiri_andtonic's posts have been teasing my curiosity for months! #molitrip2017

still haven't gotten over myself and my bum on a scooter but at least I get to experience a bit more of bali life and connect with the locals while walking along the roads. #molitrip2017

woke up here. unexpectedly. it was really lovely to see you, @markbaigent! #molitrip2017

high on champagne and depeche mode. I think I want to get a dog for my birthday. good night for now.. #seeyouinthecosmos #molitrip2017

found someone who loves the same food, is happy to share and doesn't mind getting a third plate of something just because why not eat all that's humanly possible to stuff in our bellies. perfection. #molitrip2017

yoga, bikes, coffee, and the most incredible food. thank you, @greta_gotlieb, for making my birthday so super special! #molitrip2017

spending the last day of #kathmos30 in the pool. check. #molitrip2017

we've arrived in canggu! πŸ’•#molitrip2017

saying bye to donald. our last night in ubud! #molitrip2017

back in paradise. this time with @greta_gotlieb. this place is so incredible, glad I came here three times. #molitrip2017

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