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I never know how to caption moments like this, out of fear for sounding too poetic or too dreamy, when all-in-all these moments really felt like a dream and have no chance of escaping my memory. I come back to this moment in my head sometimes and see it the same way this video shows: supported by a room of the BEST people and full of the longest list of emotions. There’s a lot this video didn’t capture, but I’m happy to remember those moments from only my own perspective, like reopening my childhood diary. Every day passes more quickly than the last, but the memories still live in that same space you left them. I’m thankful for the memories made at every @soulescape event I had the chance of attending and I’ll cherish the growth, training, and friendships fostered in that environment forever and ever, amen. #soulescape #visualtechproductions [Thank you to @visualtechproductions for diving into the archives and sharing this with me. *sometimes people film you dancing and you realize it years later, so you ask* 😬]

HBD to another one of my favorite boys, @matthewtaylor_mt !!!!! If you don’t know Matthew, you really need to. As a friend, he’s always there, and I mean always. Sometimes he’ll show up to your house without notice. He’s dedicated to showing you he cares. He’s the person you need to call if you have a hankering for a tub or two of cookie dough on a late night. He’ll show you his wide spectrum of dance moves, ranging from *NSYNC Christmas to Carnegie Hall. He’ll wear the spongebob brainypants T-shirt you bought him years ago to every test and school final and it’ll make you smile or laugh EVERY TIME. He pushes the mark on all he does and he inspires you to do the same in all you do. I love this human and if my sales pitch hasn’t sold you too, then you’re a nincompoop. Happy bday, Matthew!! ❤️💃🏻

I’ve been tryin all day to post for my arco baybeh seamster dearest of long-distance friends, @walker.redick — if you don’t know Walker, you don’t know genuine kindness, belly-aching humor, wild creativity, jaw-dropping dance moves/seamster abilities, the best stories, vacation planning to Dubai, my favorite laugh in the world, annual visits and occasional calls - just because, and just true friendship and love - all in one human. I seriously always get choked up thinking about how grateful I am for his friendship and then immediately am overcome with giggles thinking about our conversations about managing goodwill and complications in movie theater bathrooms (Blue Ivy: Spoken Word 2016) — Happiest of birthdays, my sweet Walkee! Love you!! Forever yours, -Silkia ❤️

The energy in this class was sooo good! Thanks again to @max__pham for giving me this highlight for the week 😊 - The opportunity to take class is so precious as you get older! Never lose gratitude for that gift 🙌🏼 (I know I’m not)
#Repost @max__pham with @get_repost
I dont get to teach as often anymore, so Im always thankful when I get the opportunity 🤘🏼 thanks @mdcnashville for having me...enjoy! // dancers left to right: @kathmcpherson @natgilmore @joydenverspears @makahlaross @bonguno @chazryanmvmnt_ // 🎼: @shadmoss ft @1omarion - Let Me Hold You // 🎥: @misosati

Beautiful service for my Grammac today at @brentwoodumc - it was everything she wished for and more. To add to it all, my brother and sister-in-law, Ryan and LB, left directly from the church to move to London for a two-year adventure with one another. Crazy day, but feeling lucky for this amazing family and beautiful day. Ryan, LB, and Piper the pup, I can’t wait to come visit and make you show me your new city. Love you.

My beautiful, hilarious, “”””””fussy””””””Grammac went to be with Jesus and Andaddy yesterday at 9:08am. I have no doubt she hugged them both and immediately made a B-line for the chocolate desserts buffet. I could go on and on about this lady because she was my favorite girl. Wish everyone could have known her like I did.

The faster they’re growin’, the tighter I’m squeezin’ - my girls for LYFE! .
@kococally5678 #ColeyCally love you two and your mama more than words can ever express!! Have a blast in ATL!

Sometimes, you manage to mess up the majority of the combo and look sloppy for the rest - but you’re dancing with one of your favorite teachers and just having a good ole time, so you share. #ADdenver18 *oh, and there’s a fan kick***

Loving Detroit!

AHHH - LA! Really? Why’d you have to be so fun n stuff? ..... So glad I got to see my boos, @walker.redick and @badensilva (we DOVE into that pazookie), and got to take class from the great @nicassbass 👏🏼 ....... Reluctant to leave; grateful to have been here again. I love @adrenalinedanceinc & @revive_dance_convention s’much.

LOS ANGELES - I love you and missed you. Having a blast with this crew! #ADLA18

Although I missed a couple days (hence the photo edit - realistic, I know), I was able to see these sweet faces compete today! They just keep gettin better and better and I’m just so proud to know them. #REV #Absolutely <- @childishrobinoo

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