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Kathleen Parrish  multidisciplinary artist, writer and singer 🌙 finder of hope

Taken the night Dylan asked me to marry him; Ivy was pretty convinced he meant her


I found self acceptance at the end of the tunnel but it was a terribly long way 🔮💕

Just accepted a new job I’m beyond excited about; weight I gained in recovery is falling off and my ass is on fireeee! 😂😍 I’m ENJOYING the process of cooking! This is the first time in my life I’ve attempted an actually healthy, steady change to my body and the main difference/why I feel results are happening is I’m nourishing my body for its health, not its appearance. It’s helped me immensely in transitioning to a less cluttered anorexic tendency mind. I’ve returned to pilates and yoga daily (even just 30 min!!) and boxing has become such a wonderful activity for me 😍💥 Supplements, especially probiotics and omegas have really helped (also my skin!!). My nausea has significantly decreased with medical cannabis too. Wow, it’s crazy to think a year ago my body couldn’t handle this level of activity and I’m just getting started! Can’t wait to see how the hard work pays off another year from now 🔮


“Have no fear of perfection- you’ll never reach it.” - Salvador Dali.
I spent a lot of time letting the opinions of others under my skin, not accounting for the fact that those opinions weren’t very credible to the situation or valuable to my growth. I was in a relationship that lead me into a community so reminiscent of my adolescent years being bullied through school that it felt normal, yet always uncomfortable. Emotionally abusive back and forth behavior continuously excused or agreed with by people around them. But are those people I want around ME? No!
I spent so much time of my life, even now currently as I write this, feeling like I can’t share my voice; how could I possibly begin to sum it all up? How do you condense a 12 year eating disorder, rape, toxic relationships into hope and motivation to help others out of it? How can I share anything without being judged even on a topic of feeling judged!? You open up, but god is it terrifying.
I can’t waste anymore time censoring what I share for the comfort of others. Art and healing cant be if not expressed so I’ve been letting in my wounds and embracing them, seeing from viewpoints not tainted, healing and burning off these scars like the Phoenix I’ve always been. 🎇🔥💥 Unapologetic.

Arctic fox

New platforms to crush my goals in ❤️⭐️

Proud of the changes you’ve made and are making to become a better individual, creative, and partner. I love you more each day as we grow together 💗 Thankful for you (so are Ivy & Aria) 🌸

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