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Really seeing the change in Instagram’s algorithm effecting the growth and connection of accounts. In my real life lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time healing, growing, stumbling, crying, feeling, analyzing; I want to share these thoughts on a more intimate level through writing, but also sometimes I wanna post my adorable cats, DIY tutorials, recipes or weird art I draw too ✨ I’m getting my blog ready to relaunch this weekend to share all these facets of creation in one place and it’s looking cuuuuute! ✨💗🌹

New music coming soon 🌚 Very special song I’ve been dying to release for ages. So excited to have my fiancé @dylanfaltisco producing this track 🕊

Living in the veil of roses, crawled through the thorns 🥀🌹✨

Step one back to rose gold is peach sunset 🌹🍑✨🕊💗

❤️ Love this shot from my shoot with @dont.fear.the.reefer ft some pretty packaged @salishsativas ❤️

Sunset from the other night. An excerpt from my life: I’m currently sitting in my living room wearing pants that remind me of MC Escher’s tiny staircases. The sky is brilliant white and soft grey; no sun, rain, or saturated colors. And this is often where I find myself. In between two hues of life, but I’m learning how to weave myself together with the strength I’ve been accumulating over the years. This is a common theme in my writing; my writing is the best reflection of who I truly am and a way to document growth and creativity. The inner self is who I choose to document rather than the outer I suppose. ☃️

From last night celebrating our anniversary 🌹🕊

Dinner tonight 😍 spinach stuffed tortellini with cayenne lemon rosemary (from the garden!) sauce, fresh salad with ground pistachios and strawberries topped with balsamic and last but not least my babies in the middle my looooves, baked breaded eggplant 💜

Recording some new tracks for a new album *cough cough* coming soon 😍 Here’s an excerpt of some lyrics from “The Burn” 🌹


how is it so easy for you
to be kind to people he asked

milk and honey dripped
from my lips as i answered

cause people have not
been kind to me

Words are pouring out my lips and fingertips waiting to be turned into song and I am finding myself for the first time without the toxicity that once filled my life. It’s nice to finally meet you.

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