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Katherine Heigl  Actress / producer / animal advocate. Mother of three beautiful children and wife to one sexy musician. Check out my blog:

Spending my Saturday with this dude as my date. My Sunday too for that matter. If he were an actual date it’d be a questionable one. Since he’s just a child...and he’s mine it’s been pretty spectacular! We hit up the crystal shop I love here in Toronto @the_rock_store, had a lovely, yet messy sushi lunch and headed home. Lots of walking, lots of people watching, lots of fun!
#thoseheavenlydays are all about embracing the chaotic, messy, giggling, shouting, snuggling times with your toddler.

This girls got more than a little up her sleeve. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s water cooler conversation about tonight’s @suits_usa summer finale! There will be spoilers in the conversation so no whining if you don’t watch tonight and happen to overhear the BIG news!

The baby’s down for the night, I’m all alone with a glass of wine on the couch and decided to watch a classic I’ve shockingly never seen. #romanholiday with the iridescent #audreyhepburn. It’s hard for me to imagine a time when she needed an introduction. Just puts it all into perspective I guess. Everyone, and I mean everyone has to start somewhere.

I’m on my own today in Toronto with little man. We spent the afternoon at the park, the evening in the tub and after lotion, a hair brush, jammies and a warm bottle it was time for my favorite ritual. Singing him a favorite lullaby as the sun sets behind the buildings. If only every day could be this perfect, this heavenly. Each one of my incredibly perfect children has brought me a clarity of knowing...minutes matter. Seconds even. They all add up to #thoseheavenlydays that keep you going when seconds feel like hours. The dishes have piled up in the sink. You haven’t washed your hair for five days and haven’t been to the gym in twice as many. It’s not all perfect. Not even close. But when you add them up, if you can remember them, the good, the Heavenly, the perfect moments outweigh the sh#**% ones. Deep thoughts by KT 😏❤️

Happy Thursday! I had the day off from @suits_usa and took full advantage of my man @joshbkelley being in town for a visit. First stop, gin and tonics at my favorite English Pub @theoxleyto. Next, foot massages at a nearby spa, then martinis and perfecting my sexy pout at @hazeltonto bar and finally a cheese plate perfectly made by my hubby. It was most definitely one of @thoseheavenlydays to savor and remember!

Just finished up a busy day of work in LA, missing my babies who I had to leave behind in Utah yesterday. I’m back at my moms super beautiful LA pad unsure of what do with myself with no dinner to make, dishes to do, kitchen to clean, diapers to change, homework to nag about, socks to pick up, toys to step on, cuddles to force, long senseless kid stories to listen too, crying to sooth, dance parties to start, desserts to negotiate, fights to break up, bed time routines to initiate, must be minty breaths to check...so I’m giving myself a activated charcoal facial to kill time and getting ready to watch @suits_usa without any distractions. I should be enjoying a little me time...but I’m lonely and I miss my circus. This moment is a great reminder to appreciate the chaos when I’m in it cause it turns out I always, always miss it when I’m gone!
PS. I’ll let ya know how I feel about the charcoal mask after I get the courage to rip it off my face!
#thoseheavenlydays are gentle reminders to live in the moment even when the moments feel like chaos, cause it turns out the chaos is beautiful too!

Happy 17th Birthday to my gorgeous inside and out niece @madi.mcquaid It has been such grace to be a part of your life, to witness your growth both physically and spiritually, to share in your laughter, to be on the receiving end of your big ol’ bear hugs and your generosity, to be your shoulder to lean on, you ear to bend, your everything aunt. I could not be more grateful to know you, to love you, to be loved by you and to have the privilege of being a part of raising you up. I’m giving myself a big ol’ pat on the back today for how exceptionally wonderful you have turned out...not sure I deserve much credit but I’m taking it anyway! All my love always forever Maddie Maddie Mango!! ❤️❤️🎉🎉🎂🍝🐴🤸🏽‍♀️

#SuitsFans do you love @iamgabrielmacht as much as I do?! I bet the answer is YES!! The dude acts, produces, directs and has created the incomparable Harvey Specter. He’s basically a super hero in a designer suit. Watch tonight’s episode to see his genius in action! @suits_usa

Joshua meet Jasmin. Jasmin...Joshua.
I think I may have another horse lover on my hands! By the way, that handsome man holding Joshua Jr. is our amazing ranch manager Ty who will soon be leaving us to pursue his passion and talent for roping! We couldn’t be more excited for him and wish him the absolute best in this next phase of his life! That being said...#badlandsranch is looking for a new ranch manager/ranch hand. If you know your way around horses, pigs, goats, donkeys, chickens, dogs and cats, love the ranch life, live in or around Utah and are looking for a beautiful place to work with great people DM me!
#thoseheavenlydays include the bond between a boy and his horse!

Look at these faces!! These are the faces of the sweetest, kindest, most spirited and loyal buddies you will ever know! In honor of #nationaldogday I thought I’d share these sweet faces with you. Here we have Valerie, Bodin, Daisy, Dexter and Annabelle. Each one of these gorgeous pups is waiting patiently for their forever homes. They are being loved and sheltered at our ranch in Utah in the mean time. If you want to celebrate #nationaldogday next year with one of these big loves by your side contact jasonheigl.foundation ❤️🐕❤️🐕 @jasonheiglfoundation

This pic is all about showing off my super cute kid and my first and only tattoo. If you're curious about why I decided at 39 to get a tattoo, what it says and what it means to me stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I’ll tell you alllllll about it.
#thoseheavenlydays are made in the sunshine while dancing around with your gorgeous kid!
Oh and if you wanna know where I got Naleigh’s adorable bathing suit and my own follow @thoseheavenlydays and keep an eye out for my #HeavenlyFinds list which will include these Suits!

Just sitting at lunch catching little man’s groove...
Thanks for capturing the moment @joshbkelley and for the #cindylauper suggestion @meg239ct we’re gonna try one of her songs next!
#thoseheavenlydays are a groove you can’t ignore!

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