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4/20 London. Picture by @leah.dionne #CHOOSELIFE #CHOOSELOVE

Shoot with Rankin xx #CHOOSELOVE @helprefugeesuk

Work in progress

The view of the Dolomites, on our way to work at Filanda Productions.

Sadiq - Sporting CHOOSE LOVE T
By Katharine Hamnett for HELP REFUGEES, who are doing more on the ground in Europe and the Middle East than any other organisation. Support them. Buy the T.
All proceeds go to Help Refugees @helprefugeesuk @rapanuiofficial @sadiqkmp xxxxxxxxxxxx #sadiqkhan #helprefugees

Kids and Shirley Williams for Let Them In #helptherefugees

'Help Refugees volunteers have been out driving around Calais this morning looking for unaccompanied refugee children. It was -5° and during the night there was heavy snowfall. Of the 150 children that have been registered by volunteers in Calais they only located very few. Some of them are as young as 13 (Dubs criteria was set at 12 and under). We have been unable to give out tents since they are taken or destroyed by local police but outside sleeping places have been trashed by the weather. The French children's accomodation centre run by FTDA was at full capacity of 30 places. The children we spoke to this morning hadn't slept. Children have been fainting from exhaustion. We are gravely concerned for their safety at this time - especially considering the governments recent decision to end the Dubs amendment. French authorities have decided that they will continue to not allow the construction of shelters. The situation will only continue to worsen as more children arrive into Calais. It is impossible for volunteers to safeguard these incredibly vulnerable children from those people who might wish them harm. Please write to your MP and say that you are concerned for the welfare of these children and that the government needs to change it's decision to end the Dubs scheme.' @helprefugeesuk 11/02/17 #chooselove IT'S ABOUT F**KING TIME WE CHOOSE LOVE #chooselove

#NHS #NHSnotTrident #juniordoctors #JuniorDoctorsStrike ❤️ Love and support to the English striking junior doctors and shame on the Government for allowing such a situation to occur for a second day.

A farmer wearing one of the T shirts designed by Katharine Hamnett for Helvetas Slow Fashion Container project to help West African Farmers sell their organic cotton #fashrev #whomadeyourclothes? #helvetas

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