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Katha  A feed for mobile phone camera photo-stories from India. Curated by @riteshuttamchandani

Breathless! Gasping for air; these episodes happen every now and then. Even during this particular moment, my initial reaction was to massage her scalp, give water or something that might relieve her a bit.
We've done hundreds of test but to no avail, we don't know why it happens like this. But, she feels completely drained out, to the extent that her voice becomes feeble and is unable to even speak, or do anything. We thought it might be Asthama, but all her test were negative. This is becoming something very difficult for her, because she just wants to find a way out and have a normal life.
Lately we had read that people who live with chronic pain, tend to develop some bumps on the scalp, and she too has on the left side of her scalp and they are very tender and painful even to a simple touch. Involuntarily tears trickle down from her eyes, unable to bear the pain. Usually these episodes are triggered when the pain in her back becomes unbearable.

It was difficult for me to take these pictures, I guess the love for your loved ones is always a step ahead of being a photographer and my initial reaction was to just help her.

Photo by @lokeatul . Follow him and his project @lovesprinklers where he documents, as a witness, the loving relationship and support between his wife Ami and their dog Coco.

In the park, one of those morning walks. Of course, not just the morning walk, but our lives, both Ami's and mine, would not be complete if not for Coco. He is our love, full of those child like, fun-filled moments; laughter or sadness, that we share and truly enriches and strengthens our love.

Photo by @lokeatul . Follow him and his project @lovesprinklers where he documents, as a witness, the loving relationship and support between his wife Ami and their dog Coco.

Coming up next, a deeply personal story photographed by @lokeatul , one of the senior members of the Mumbai photojournalistic fraternity. In his series titled #lovesprinklers, Atul, member of @panospictures documents the relationship between his ailing wife Ami and their dog Coco.
In his own words, "Love sprinklers; to me is about that subtle aspect, of being there, of loving and accepting each other with all of our limitations. My wife, an artist, has been living for years with a lot of physical pain, due to an undiagnosed illness. Over the years we tried many therapies, endless tests and visited many doctors, but to no avail. She has spent months on bed and at times is unable to walk for days, but, Coco's arrival has had a rather positive impact on not just her but me too.

The episodes are still there, but it's like coco has lifted her. She had her first exhibition just within two years of Coco's arrival. Far greater than his therapy sessions with children of special needs, what he has done to both me and my wife is something I can never put in words.

I've been a witness; a strong and silent one, through the last 14 years of our life and its been traumatic for me to see my loved one undergoing such pain, but through these pictures, I've felt, I finally have a window, to let my feelings be spoken, through these day to day moments."

Concluding post of the #bordertales story photographed by @arkadripta1 - A group of men dancing as loudspeakers play popular Hindi songs at a picnic spot next to the Indo Bangladesh Border at Kamasagar, Tripura.

#tripura #bangladesh #india

A man walks along a road that is separated from Bangladesh with mere waist length makeshift barbwire fencing at Chandannagar, Tripura. Photo by @arkadripta1

#bangladesh #tripura #india #bordertales

A tourist takes photograph of his child in front of the Indo Bangla border fencing. Photo by @arkadripta1

#bordertales #india #bangladesh #tripura

At the lost and found booth of Border Guard Bangladesh at Srinagar, Tripura. Photoby @arkadripta1

#bordertales #tripura #bangladesh#india

Sreejan Podder (27). a maternal uncle of my friend Sanjay Podder (right) was one of the many guests at Sanjay’s wedding in Tripura, India who had come from Bangladesh to attend the marriage without any papers. Photo by @arkadripta1

#bordertales #india #tripura #bangladesh

A quack doctor selling a snakeskin at the weekly Indo Bangla international border market. Photo by @arkadripta1

#bordertales #tripura #bangladesh #india

Indian Nationals showing their identity cards to an panchachayat employee to procure a day pass which would allow them to enter the Indo Bangla international border market set up at Srinagar, Tripura. Photo by @arkadripta1

#bordertales #tripura #bangladesh #india

A Women in veil waiting for permission to cross the Indo Bangladesh border fence. Photo by @arkadripta1

#bordertales #tripura #bangladesh #india

A daily wage labor across the Indo Bangladesh border. Photoby @arkadripta1

#bordertales #india #tripura #bangladesh

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