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Kate, Tim & Marty  #KTM take you from #TGIM through to #JacuzziFriday, weekdays on NOVA 4-6PM. You riiiiiiiiiight?

We've made it to #JacuzziFriday guuys! 👊
Thanks to @mazdaaus.... It's time to reveal CLUE #5 to 'Kate, Tim and Marty's location of choice!' Do you think you know where the #Mazda3 has been hidden? Race over to novafm.com.au to register your guess! ⌨️ Remember... Keep an 👀 out on our Instagram page, more clues are on the way!
#zoomzoom #carofchoice

Here it is... @cellarbrations Drink of the Week!
Canadian Club Premium & Dry has a super smooth and fuller flavour, mixed with a less sweet dry ginger ale mixer in a ready to drink can, it’s refreshingly different 👌🥃

Well what’d ya know... looks like our friends @thepresets are performing at Splendour in the Grass tonight! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 What do you guys think... Should Shiggsy and Kate take them up on their offer? 🤔🤔 #surprisemailbag #KTM

Our minds = 🤯🤯🤯
The World Cup may be over... But this should tie us over for the next 4 years 😂 ⚽️
Thanks to our listener Jett for sending this one in! 👌#KTM #Mailbag

Today’s game of Quick Draw with @amysharkmusic caused quite a stir! 😜📚 Will Kate recover from this and take home the win? Check out the link in our bio for the full vid 👆#KTM

Happy Thursday! Here it is... CLUE #4 to 'Kate, Tim and Marty's location of choice', all thanks to @mazdaaus! 💯

If you think you've cracked the location of the #Mazda3, head over to novafm.com.au and register your guess! 🏃‍♀️ Annd, remember to keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram.. More clues are coming team! 🕵️‍♀️
#zoomzoom #carofchoice

A massive thanks to @amysharkmusic for playing a stellar game of Quick Draw!✨ Keep an 👁 out for the video coming soon guuys! In the meantime... check out her debut album ‘Love Monster’ 🙌🏻

A married couple’s dangerous trapeze act on America’s Got Talent has gone terribly wrong 🙀 (Fortunately the woman fell on a heavy safety mat).
#KTM 🎧 📹/America’s Got Talent YouTube

A high profile lawyer has caused a major brawl at children’s soccer match after slapping her former father in-law ⚽️ 😳

So we’re asking the question... What have you seen on the sideline? 👁 Comment below 👇

This just in... CLUE #3 to ‘Kate, Tim and Marty’s location of Choice’, all thanks to @mazdaaus! 🚘
Do you think you know where the #Mazda3 is? Head over to novafm.com.au to register your answer STAT! 🖱️ Tuune in each day and keep an eye on our Instagram page... More clues to come 🤔🤔
#zoomzoom #carofchoice

Say whaaat! Turns out toe-wrestling in China is actually a thing, and invented by four drinkers in the UK hoping to create a sport the British could dominate in... 🤯 What have you invented when you were drunk 🧐 #KTM (📸/VCG Group Getty)

“How embarrassing if Tim were to lose the Splendour in the Grass Edition...” 😬

Kate’s bringing her A-game, but will she be able to snatch the win? Check out the full vid in our bio! 👆

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