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We’re usually so active when we travel- there are always so many things to see and so little time! And let’s not forget traveling for us is also work, so we’re rarely just sitting by the pool all day 👩‍💻

But this time we decided to truly relax and not leave the hotel much. And @silavadeeresort made it so easy for us 🍹 From the beautiful villa, to the yummy breakfast on the beach this morning and the dreamy jasmine massage in the afternoon... We couldn’t ask for a better place to get spoiled a little. #silavadee #silavadeeresort #stayclosetravelfar

Packing super light means saying goodbye to having a lot of options. We both had to narrow things down to a few basic versatile items that can be mixed and matched. Not more than 2 pairs of shoes. And just a few T-shirts.

It was hard to convince Yinon to bring just one pair of sunglasses but he hasn’t taken these off so far and they pretty much go with everything so I’d call that a win @randolph.usa #myrandolphs

We didn’t realize how many things we had accumulated until we decided to get rid of everything and go travel with just a couple of suitcases. As we were going through each item we found it hard to let go of most. We thought we needed it.

Yet just a few days into our trip, we can’t even remember what all that stuff was. And we definitely don’t miss it. We are doing just fine.

We are becoming more and more conscious of the footprint we leave on this planet and owning fewer things is something we are excited to work on.

Time to say bye to beautiful Singapore and head to Koh Samui for a relaxing few days #stayclosetravelfar

We’re sure you’ve seen this place so many times but how much do you actually know about it? The technology behind Gardens by the Bay is so cool that we’re gonna nerd out for a minute and share some fun facts about it with you 🤓
• these “super trees” you see behind us are basically giant vertical gardens that house thousands of different plants species from all over the world
• a dedicated facility was set up to study the most efficient ways to bloom the flowers as many of them are not native to Singapore
• the trees are equipped with solar cells that power the lighting and water technology for the gardens
• the trees also operate as temperature moderators by absorbing and dispersing heat, which keeps the area cool
• the entire project is carbon-neutral (!!)
In case you didn’t know, Singapore strives to be the world’s greenest city and we love reading about all the cool projects they have going on in that direction. If only more cities around the world could be like that!! #stayclosetravelfar

We slept for 16 hours yesterday and woke up at 5am fresh as a 🥒

Watched the sunrise, did a bit of yoga and went out to explore this 🔥 city

Why is it so fun to wake up early when you don’t have to?! #stayclosetravelfar

A couple months ago we decided to say goodbye to the place we called home for years - New York city. We got rid of everything we don’t need, put the rest in storage and took off for a few months to explore the world.

Today is the first day of our journey and it feels just like we imagined - exhausted but too excited to go to sleep!

It’s a little funny to think that we don’t really have a home right now, but it’s also so liberating. Anywhere is home now, as long as we’re together.

Read more about why we decided to leave New York on our blog -> link in bio ✎

Can’t wait for many more sunsets like this 😘

Booking one way tickets is fun! Figuring out the next destination as we go is even more fun! We love not being constrained by whether we have to spend 7 or 10 days somewhere and then ending up running around like crazy to fit everything we want to see in the schedule.

On the other hand, we’re not used to not having a super solid plan so this is also making us anxious. We are trying to learn to let go of all the fears and worries and just enjoy the process.

Our adventure starts this Saturday with a 17 hour flight to Singapore - yes, that’s 17 hours for ONE flight!! Who else loves long flights?! 🙋‍♀️

If you’re coming to NYC soon, mark this spot! Yinon and I love hanging out here in the summer (the cold can be brutal in the winter though).

Take the ferry to Dumbo to get the best views of the city from the river. Walk around or hang out in the park right by this spot. This is the best place to get a good picture of that famous Manhattan skyline!

Grab a mint lemonade from the stand right by the ferry and head to Brooklyn bridge. Walk the bridge towards Manhattan just before sunset. Thank us later 😘

Times Square is very popular with tourists but most New Yorkers don’t love coming here.

It’s even busier and louder than the rest of the city and we’re already overwhelmed by all of that most of the time.

We had to come here one last time though, before leaving the concrete jungle for the next few months 🤩🤩 Have you ever been to Times Square?

Sometimes we forget that we live in one of the most exciting cities in the world because we are too busy complaining about the weather!

But before we leave this beauty for the next few months, we decided to visit our favorite spots in the city one last time.

Sooo say hello to the Flatiron building! Because of its triangle shape, the winds around the building can be a little unpredictable. It’s said that in the early years after it was built, men would gather around it waiting for the wind to blow women’s skirts and expose their legs 😡

Thankfully, times have changed since then. Nowadays it’s just one of the prettiest spots around the city with some of our favorite foodie spots nearby. #stayclosetravelfar

Yinon here, you hear from Katerina almost every day but since it’s her birthday, today you’ll hear from me!

She's the woman of my dreams, seriously, so much more than I could have ever dreamed of. So let me tell you some things you didn't know about her.

She is the smartest person I ever met, no joke. I’m literally learning new words every day 🤓

She is obsessed with kittens, and I will get her one for her birthday I promise (but not this year) 🐈

Don't let her cut her own hair, she will regret it later 💇‍♀️

She’s the least materialistic person I know. Money is just a means to an end to her, but never the main goal 💸

Croissant is her favorite breakfast, unless there is some Malawach around 🥐

She is the one who made me believe that a partner can give you this much love, this much confidence, and give you all the freedom in the world to be the person you want to be.

It's been two years since we met by a complete chance and I’m still thankful every day for calling her my love.

A path full of excitement and surprises is ahead of us. Happy birthday, I love you ❤️

Why are we going on this journey and why now?

One of the best things about our relationship is that we want the same things. We both always wanted to travel the world and see the most distant places, drive around Australia in a van, island hop in the Philippines, browse otaku shops in Tokyo...

This is finally our year to check it all off the list before we settle down and have some 👶🏼👶🏼

More on our our decision making and preparations as well as tips on making money while traveling coming on the blog soon. #stayclosetravelfar

Thanks so much to @siennamoraless and @matt__tomioka for this shot, still amazed at how well you captured this moment ✨

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