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k a t e b u c k l e y  ◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◭◬◮◮◮◮◮◮◮◮◮◮◮◮◮◮◮ ivf success ◇ boy mom ◇ #tourwife ◇ blogger oc | ca 🔜 scottsdale | az

I’m on a home improvement diet. I’ve already lost 3 days. ☠️

Ok I started over and made it right because I figured it would take less time than going to the dr and then the pharmacy to fill my new prescription. 💊💊 This is where I ran out of tape. 💣🔪🖕🏼⛏⚰️

When you get to the top stripe and realize your measurement was off on the first stripe and it’s only a half inch but that translates to 782 mental illness units so you sit on the floor in the other room staring at it paralyzed. #thisisfine 🔥

Baby’s 1st spontaneous “that sucks” 🍼

When your friends from high school send you old photos and your recollection is confirmed that you have always been a portrait of elegance and style. 🚬🍺 Ca$h reward if you find that Jackson 5 1984 Reunion Tour muscle teesh. #the1900s

I got a new friend and I love heem. 🐏

I’m not above bribery to get him to sleep on his own and use the potty. But I don’t have the heart to tell him if we keep having to buy diapers this same car will be regifted to him when he’s 16 and wants to go pick up his girlfriend. 🏎 💨 #itsreallyfast #ANDaerodynamic

my sister - “you can find anything on eBay” #ohmygok

The last level before achieving sainthood is living as a dog in a home with a toddler. #1likeequals1prayer

sound check went well but he needs more stage left in his monitors #etidiot

I think this is the 1st book I’ve read since River’s birth that didn’t have pop-ups or “illustrated by” on the cover. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone doing IVF or just ttc in general. I wish I would have found it sooner! So much solid scientific info in here from newer studies that some doctors might not even be privy to yet.
#infertility #ivf #iui #ttc #tttc

My parents found this 1983 magazine featuring some little baby “up and comers” in the entertainment industry and I spotted some itty bitty familiar faces, including River with pigtails. (Just kidding, it me)

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