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Katie Cormier  Art Heaux 🌈 Real Texas peach 🍑 Cosplay beginner ✨ Local tsundere 🌸 Disney baby 💖

NMH was playin at work so what better excuse to practice drawing (two headed) boys 🤔

I’m Pearl, which one are you 🧐

Oh just a Sleeping Beauty print SIGNED by Mary Costa (Aurora)!!! I’m lost for words thank you @halfbones @yehoshuac 😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Some ppl wait a lifetime... (to meet Yoni Wolf) @whywithaqmark

I want every day to be V Day just bc everything is red and pink u_u 💝 (Wanna eat pho every day, too)

THANK YOU to everyone who commissioned me for a Valentines portrait!!! I love love and being able to help you celebrate it 🌹 This was my first time opening commissions and I had a blast. I’m closing them again to give myself a break but I will DEFINITELY be doing more themes like this! 💞✨

(Reposting bc IG is cracking down about copyrighted songs now apparently) Happy 68th Anniversary, Cinderella! Our iconic blonde princess made her debut this day in 1950. It includes one of my absolute favorite Disney songs, “So This Is Love” which I want in my wedding someday even though it’s so short 😭 The art style and sound of this movie is so dreamy! One other thing I love is that Ella doesn’t even know she’s kicking it with the prince the entire time of the ball. That crush is real y’all. Here are some tidbits for ya ✨🏰🐭👠👑 • Cinderella was nominated for THREE academy awards, all having to do with the music/sound department. Like I said. Dreamy. • Jaq, Gus (mousies), and Bruno (pupper) were all voiced by Jimmy MacDonald. He also voiced other huge characters during his career such as Mickey Mouse, Chip, and Goofy!
• Cinderella was based on the French story, which is why you can find her topiary in the French area of Epcot 🌿💚
• Animator Ward Kimball based Lucifer on his own cat Feetsy (omg) who had six toes 👣
• Cinderella is 19 years old in the film, making her the oldest of the princesses. • One of Walt’s favorite scenes of animation EVER was, duh, Cinderella’s torn up dress transforming into her gown 👗
• “So This Is Love” was the first Disney couple duet! :’) • This isn’t so much a fact but something that’s always bothered me- Cinderella’s dress in the franchise now is blue (the dolls of her, the characters’ dresses at the park, etc) but in the movie it’s actually a shiny silver!! I think it’s so pretty and I wish they had kept it.

Happy Valentine’s BB thank you for being forever a kid at heart with me 💞

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 💌💐 Ref: @darkartsphoto

Just when y’all thought my princess complex couldn’t get any bigger 🧐

Kolin told me to get this night off bc he was taking me to do something but wouldn’t tell me what- we saw Casablanca! Here’s looking at you, kid 🥂✨

Styled my wig for the sleepiest princess 😴

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