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Kate Muker  Proud Mama & Wife | Entrepreneur | Community Builder | Connector | Heart Centered Speaker | Dream Builder | This is a highlight reel of my life.

Who knew before kids that time by yourself could feel so precious. It’s been 5.5 years since I’ve boarded a plane by myself.
Heading to a 2 day parenting and 3 day silent meditation retreat with @drshefalitsabary at @1440multiversity. 1440 is a brand new facility nestled in the redwoods outside San Jose, built with a focus around nourishment, mindfulness and healing.
My soul is lit up with joy.
I set an intention this year to fill my bucket first so I could be more present, grounded, loving, compassionate and oozing vitality.

It’s not always easy, in fact it’s easier to default to my people pleasing tendencies of putting my family first, (using their needs as a distraction) however since setting this intention and taking action, my awareness to when I’m in or out of alignment has been significantly heightened. I’m so grateful because it allows me to self correct much quicker.
And if I find myself wavering I lean on my biggest cheerleaders. Sukhi, my mom, my BFF’s to remind me.
I actually considered canceling this retreat when I discovered Sukhi was going to be away the exact dates, he got an opportunity to do something super awesome I felt he couldn’t miss so I considered changing my dates and doing something else. I didn’t want him to miss his trip and I didn’t want the girls to be without both of us for 5 days.
When I told Sukhi he was like if you feel you need to cancel I won’t go. Then I talked to my BFF @larakozan and she was like oh no you don’t, the girls will be fine, you are going. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Sometimes I need those little extra nudges to be reminded what’s good for me is good for my family.
Do you have people you can lean on to support you in living to your highest potential?
What can you do to fill your bucket?

#selflove #meditationretreat #inspired #connected #grateful

When you get a delivery of @eatsmartsweets for the gift bags at Dr.Shefali’s event and your daughter thinks her wildest dreams have just come true.
#truth every time she makes a wish it’s for all the candy in the world 😬 what you resist persists 😃

Thank you @eatsmartsweets I’m so excited to be share my favorite healthy sweets with the attendees.
#kicksugar #kidapproved #dreamsdocometrue #smartsweets #sugarfreekids #giftbags #drshefali #vancouverevent #consciousparenting

In modern day culture so often ritual and celebration is by passed yet there is such a magic to an experience that is filled with heart centered intention.
So grateful for the beautiful despacho ceremony, house blessing @marabranscombe guided us through. We infused the foundation the will be our new home with a lifetime of gratitude, intention, possibility and love. Our girls really enjoyed the process.
#houseblessing #ritual #family #intention #love #foundation #connection #gratitude #mukerdreamhome

Today was such a beautiful reminder of how like nature our lives, our moods, our days ebb and flow.
Yesterday I had a shit day, I was short, emotional, lost my lid with my daughter, felt super guilty.
Today I had an epic day. As I reflect, I am in a huge place of gratitude. My personal and business life are soul aligned the conversations and connections I have for business are no different than the conversations I have with a friend for coffee. #deep #authentic #real
Thank you to all the ladies I connected with today, who you are and who you be inspires me I’m honored to work/collaborate in the world. You each left my heart full today.
@barmethod_van - Carolyn your commitment to see the possibilities and to positively impact women was felt deeply

@karladreyerdesign I’m blessed to be working with you on the design of our dream home, your talent speaks for it self 👌👌your soul speaks to my heart
@passiongirl thank you for walking the path first so you can guide others ❤️ @heartpreneur8 you have a gift for holding space and bringing out brilliance
May this be my reminder to trust the ever changing “as is” tomorrow is never the same as today unless I bring today with me into tomorrow.
#tomorrowisanewday #ladybosses #heaetcentered #soulaligned #icreatedthislife #ichoose #inspired

I am super excited to share that @drshefalitsabary will be doing a FACEBOOK live on Tuesday April 10th at 7:15pm to share a little about what you can expect at the event in Vancouver on May 27th.
JOIN US HERE at 7:15pm Tuesday April 10th

For those who have a ticket...sharing this Facebook LIVE with your friends and family is an amazing way to be a part of transforming the parenting paradigm of our community.

If you don't yet have a ticket this is an opportunity to get a sense for the powerful transformations that will be experienced at the event. You will discover how Dr. Shefali's work is a radical shift in the parenting paradigm and an answer to the unnecessary struggle that arises in our parent-child relationship.
We will be randomly giving away 2 tickets to one of the people who attend the Facebook LIVE.

p.s EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE 90% SOLD OUT www.drshefaliYVR.com

Ever have technology struggles with your kids?
I love this quote by @drshefalitsabary that is featured in the @theconsciousfamilyorganizer.
Technology is not the “enemy”. The true root of the problem is our inability to create boundaries around it and more importantly, true connections between us and our children. Once we have the boundaries and the connection in place, technology fails to be an issue.
All early bird tickets include a copy of The Conscious Family Organizer as well as gifts from a few of our sponsors @eatsmartsweets @barmethod_van @adinasocial.beautycounter
Get your early bird tickets before they are sold out. Link in profile www.drshefaliYVR.com

“Two friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart.” Do you have one or a few of those lifetime friends that your heart feels so at home with?
Our family is having so much fun in Palm Springs with my best friend since I was twelve and her family.
There is something magical about someone you’ve known for 25 years, who you can go months at a time not speaking but the minute you see each other you pick up like no time has passed.
Now to see our kids having so much fun together. ❤️💥 Can you tell whose kids are whose? 😉😃 #friendship #lifetime #memories #palmsprings #springbreak2018 #sunshine #family #fun #goodtimeswithgoodpeople #bestfriends #backyardshenanigans #poolside #oasis

Your intuition is your greatest superpower!
Do you know what it feels like when your intuition speaks to you?

For me it’s a gut feeling, a deep level of inner certainty and clarity that comes from deep within.
Cultivating a relationship with how your intuition communicates allows you to tap into your super power.
Meditation my corner stone tool for quieting my mind so I can hear the subtleties of my intuition.
What is yours?
#meditation #intuition #soulaligned #connected #love #guidance #inner-guidance #trust #certainty #knowing

How often do you have something come into your awareness that you dismiss?
The thought of a person, a place or some other reference that you let slip by as having no meaning or take no action toward.
This morning Heather came to my awareness and instead of dismissing it and going about my to dos in preparation for my trip tomorrow I acted on picking up the phone to call her.
Your intuition might be speaking to you in whispers or subtle nudges and the magic is in the acting and listening.
I listened and left our call with an expanded heart and a number of beautiful gems. A reminder and gratitude for authentic real connection with another like minded soul. I can never have enough of this.
So blessed to know @_heather_white she is a gifted coach and soul with immense wisdom and a profound ability to see where one is and articulate it back in a way that feels beautifully soul piercing.
Thank you for that powerful reflection and your beautiful energy. 🙏🏻❤️

Sunday morning with the girls listening to a kids meditation and going through oracle intention cards in bed.
My card of the day, goddess Lakshmi from my favorite @doreenvirtue Deck, the brilliant reminder to choose thoughts of love not fear, everything works out just as it’s meant to.
Indira loved the unicorn card from the @crazysexykris deck - believe, have faith, trust.
And Osienne was loving both the Micheal Beckwith and @lovepoweredco deck - if you haven’t seen these affirmation cards for kids they are brilliant.
At the end Indira was going through the miracle deck by @gabbybernstein, she saw Gabby’s picture and asked if she made these cards, I said yes. Her response “she made these, is she an angel?” My response “yes an earth angel”. I love the seeds that can be planted in moments like these.

Dada’s away so we went into town for a fun Easter play at Trout Lake then stopped at @anhandchi for some yummy Pho 🍲We got to see auntie @thuymeetsworld and she spoiled us with a crazy yummy banana bread drizzled with coconut milk (that Osienne drank instead of frizzing). #vietnamesefood #pho #ahnandchi #easterfun #girlsday #singleparentingweekend #fun #memories #adventures

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