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Kate Miller-Wilson  Mother, photographer, & writer striving every day to share emotion & perspective, including autism. 4x5, 120mm, 35mm, & digital Photobook on Amazon:

Finally got around to developing the film from what was hopefully our last snow storm a couple of weeks ago, and this was on it. Pretty much sums up the feeling of April blizzards.
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So excited to have two of my photos published in this issue of Shots Magazine! The theme this quarter was Ordinary Magic. If you love black and white photography, check out Shots. It’s such an inspiring publication, and I’m super honored to be included.

I called her “Ahme.” This week for @myownmaskfirst , we are shooting on the theme “Someone I admire.” There are so many options. I was going to do Sally Mann. Then I wanted to do my mother, who was so instrumental in getting therapy for Eian. But I kept coming back to my grandmother, whose strength I count on in myself. Then @meow_ornever_ did a stunning self portrait with her grandparents, and I knew I wanted to do my grandmother too.
I called her “Ahme,” but her name was Hazel. She was raised in the VFW Home for Widows and Orphans. She would never call her upbringing sad. She said she was lucky. But it gave her incredible strength. She lost two babies at birth and raised three children imperfectly but as well as she could. She learned over the course of her life how to show love, and I feel lucky every day that she could love so well by the time I came along. She adored my grandfather and held the family together through his bouts of serious depression. I never heard her complain. She was the strongest person I have ever met.
On the last night of her life, almost three years ago, I slept on the floor by her bed. When she drew her last breath, my forehead was pressed against hers.
I never got to make a real portrait of us together. This is close, though. And I feel her strength in me when I fight for Eian.
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Last snow on the bridge.
More adventures in 4x5. I think I might be in love with this format.
I have some kind of light leak here, and there could be several causes. I might not have slid the dark slide in quite right. Or more likely, it’s part of a development adventure I had this morning. I got the sheets of film on their holder (Mod 54) and put it into the Patterson tank inside my dark bag. Then I realized I had accidentally put the wrong Patterson tank in the bag (I have one that’s a little smaller). I ran into the bathroom where I develop film, found the right tank, and turned off the light with my elbow (both hands still in the dark bag). There was light coming from under the door, so I quick took off my shirt and shoved it under the door. Pretty ridiculous, but I more or less saved the film while I switched tanks. I’m learning so much!

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I took my first large format photo today, and it actually worked! Eian looks contemplative, but I think he’s actually trying to be perfectly still.
Swipe for a photo of my new/old camera that I used. Thank you so much to all the people who have been so supportive, including @scott_stillman_photo and @n2_film !

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