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Kate Madeira  ✨stitchy specter/creaky bones jones✨ Nashville, TN✨DM for purchasing inquiries or commissions✨ ***** sweaterbones etsy.com/shop/sweaterbones

Tiny improvised swatch from this week when I was looking to tune out, keep my hands busy, and interact with some cheery colors. Filed my taxes today, so will probably end up getting into a new stress-stitching project tonight after I finish the massive @five_daughters_bakery donut I immediately proceeded to buy myself after leaving the free tax prep place 🤙
#embroidery #freehand #freehandembroidery #fiberart #handembroidery #postcardsfrombunnyvilleusa

Even though its slow pace frustrates me whenever I’m going through my mental rolodex of projects I want to start, or during times when I severely overestimate how quickly I’ll be finish a piece (tbh pretty much every day involves me overestimating how much stuff I can get done, when will I learn???), when I’m in the actual process of embroidery, the glacial pace of it all goes over my head and I just enjoy being lost in the tedium and having something to focus on. Was kind of curious about how ploddingly it drags by from a detached perspective, so I decided to record myself satin-stitching on this little swatch I started the other day. True to form, I figured I’d just do a little bite-size video where I’d completely fill in one of these frowny faces, and then realized that there’s no way that’s getting done within a minute and no one needs a 10 minute video of embroidery in real time unless you’re REALLY into ASMR and listening to people listen to @o.r.b.a.n.d >
#embroidery #freehand

idk i couldn’t sleep last night, and some voice in my head was like “huh huh what if the brawny mascot was just a really buff prawn in a flannel??” so i made this before turning in and then thought about the impossibility of sea creatures ever coming into a scenario of needing a paper towel and this is probably the stupidest of all my #stupidcollage s #thirstyos #isaidhey #whatsgoinprawn 🍤

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at using embroidery for show flyers for awhile now and loved getting to work on this one for the New England Patriots/Donors/Bl_ANK show going down at Fond Object at the end of this month >
#embroidery #nashvillediy #threadsonbreads

Looking like the wacky Criss Angel Mindfreak of fiber arts in the Nashville Scene’s annual People Issue. Thanks for the feature, @nashvillescene and @meganseling! 📸: Eric England. Link in bio

just place this photo of me as a sad clown youth on my casket when i go to meet my maker plz 🤙 #stupidcollage

hey man, gimme a break it was still new kinda new to our cultural jargon quit razzin’ me

haha chill out buddy, it’s nothing to croix about!! #stupidcollage

Guess what!! Some breads are simply not made to be stitched upon! Like, yeah, sure, maybe I’d expect some flaky nonsense to come from a croissant, but not a good sturdy loaf! This sourdough turned out to be a sourDON’T 👎

Proud to see my dad up on Rolling Stone’s website doing an interview about one of the tracks off his new album, “Providence”!!! Whether it’s music, art, writing, or restoring instruments, dude is always working on something creative and his endless work, artistry, and love of learning has always been a huge influence on me. #philnation

Just finished stitching this drawing by the lovely @naturally_hope on some shirts for my talented bud @jonesiiifromthemoon 🌺🌙✨ #embroidery #broderie #themooniswatchingus

Trying to look like A Glamorous Dad™ 💎🤠 #ootd #rhinestonedadshirt

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