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Kate Madeira  ✨stitchy specter/creaky bones jones✨ Nashville, TN✨DM for purchasing inquiries or commissions✨ ***** sweaterbones etsy.com/shop/sweaterbones

1. “Society Is A Hole”
2. The vague and depressing Bliss Place in Providence that looks like the headquarters of a cult and I remain enamored with
3. Looff Carousel, the only remaining ride at Crescent Park, where my parents worked one summer in the 70s and Madd and I grew up visiting as kids
4. Bathhouse at Briggs Beach in Little Compton
5. Grave of my paternal grandparents, united at last, engraved with their song

Rhode Island is beautiful and so sentimental to me, but I only seemed to photograph the lonelier parts of it this trip

✨find ur bliss//find ur tribe✨ #liveauthentic #blessed

“please” NO “unnecessary use” of “quotation marks” on Bath houses thank you

Found my old leather jacket that I got as a hand-me-down when I was 14 stuffed in a box in the trunk of my car for who knows how long. All the pins and patches on it are now like looking at a collage of when I was 22, and it features some of my earliest embroidered pieces, including the sad Hank Hill back patch that looks so simple to me now, but seemed like such an enormous feat upon finishing it at the time. A little sad to not be able to wear that Ghost With A Boner patch to the final @diarrheaplanet shows going down this weekend, but I’m dipping on out to Rhode Island for the weekend, and also dang did those shows sell out fast!! #embroidery #teenhankgst #feelthepropain

Sometimes the inside of my head feels so loud and cluttered with so many rushing, babbling thoughts, they all somehow come together in their cacophony to form a dissonant choir that just Gregorian chants pithy little aw, shucksisms out of the din, because what else can you even say sometimes? Stray from the boy oh boys and man oh mans of the world, and ya get run-on sentenced to slog through a quagmire of word vomit such as the sentence that preceded this one 🔪🤷🏻‍♀️
#embroidery #broderie #stitchfix #postcardsfrombunnyvilleusa #nashvilleart

alive/wiped out/good call on the houseplants, @chill.dumbass 🌿✨

Tomorrow’s making Valentines 💖

#embroidery #embroideredabstracts #freehandembroidery #fiberart

beautiful times forever

Spent at least half the time I took to make this swatch thinking I would hate it, but the completed vibe reminds me of an intergalactic birthday cake vomming into the puke-iverse on a fine spring day and I ain’t mad about it. #embroidery #freehandembroidery #embroideredabstracts #threaddoodle

I was having a hard time focusing the other night but still wanted to make something, so I cut a little square off some felt scraps leftover from my last piece and did some aimless stitching on there. #embroidery #broderie #freehandembroidery #embroideredabstracts #threaddoodle

One hypothetical I learned many and many a year ago that has never left me is that if Thomas Stearns Eliot’s parents had named him Stearns Thomas Eliot instead, his pen name would be S. T. Eliot, which is “toilets” spelled backwards. #themoreyouknow #ithinkireadthat #inasimpsonscomic #stupidcollage

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