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Kate Madeira  ✨stitchy specter/creaky bones jones✨ Nashville, TN ***** sweaterbones etsy.com/shop/sweaterbones


small bit o’ frickery from last night/this morning. after feeling xtra dead these last couple months/marinating in that classic state of anxiety over never having a new idea or desire to make anything again, it just feels nice to finally make something new after spending so much time focusing on tying up loose ends. Got some little patches and zines going up on Etsy soon too🤘

#embroidery #postcardsfrombummervilleusa #freehandembroidery

famerican gothic

Picked this back up and now only have one page to go now (probably), so here's hoping I finally finish this comic about being a nostalgic sucker that I started last year? #comics #stabilo

I just stay up late and make dumb collages from bumped facebook pix of me, Erin, and Maddy being teenage dingdongs 👯🛎

was gonna work on stuff after I got home from work last night, but instead I wound staying up til 4 watching the Evil Dead, doing a little embroidery, making collages, and finishing this supercut I started months ago of various times in home movies where my dad turned the camcorder back on himself and yawned into it. #whatsyourdadlike #doodahdoodoo

At least once a year, when I'm going through one of my many boxes of mementos and clippings saved for collage and zine purposes, I rediscover this awesomely embarrassing letter written in gel pen on Amelia's Notebook stationary hidden in the pages of an unfinished zine from 2011. I had my first big crush and was simultaneously amazed and horrified at how emotional I was over it and passed this note to my friend Emily as we sat with our sisters in the choir loft at church, drawing and reading Archie comics. As a lowly 5th grader, I was pretty in awe of Emily's 6th grade wisdom, and she wrote back a characteristically sage reply, and then I totally forgot about the letter until a few months later when my dad picked me up from school, bearing the letter, which he had found as he and my mom worked on packing up my room in preparation to move into a new house. He was all verklempt and started making some speech about how sweet it was that I was growing up and being open with my friends about my feelings and I was MORTIFIED. I burst into tears, and always figured the letter got tossed until a decade later, when I went over to my mom's house for dinner. Once again, a move was preparing to be made, and as I sat down for dinner and she and my sister started laughing and told me they'd found an amazing letter in a storage bin full of papers and drawings from my childhood, my blood ran cold. They whipped out the letter, and even though I hadn't seen it since the day my dad found it, I automatically knew what it was and freaked out. And then I chilled out and read it and found it p funny with some distance between it and the memory, and set it aside to use in a zine that I never got around to finishing, and finally called out a quiet thanks to no one in particular that middle school is now just a continuously fading memory.

It's a psychic sucker-punch, it's a snakeskin rug, slithering out from under my feet-It's crazy, man, the lava flow of words that rips through me only to turn to ash on my tongue.
#postcardsfrombummervilleusa #embroidery

*link in bio!!!* Got a nice little mention in this review for @nicoelganso 's Alien Vs. Predator, the group show I had the pleasure of being a part of in New Orleans last month. Click that ol' link in my ding-dang bio to read more about the show and the talented artists included in it!

idk, may delete this, but for now, here's a rambley little zine diary I made last week when I was a stressed-out bundle of pms trying to process a bunch of bummer biz 🥀

#repost from @ricartistry ***
Oh my god, please check out this cake and its exquisite fondant work by @ricartistry !!! I'm nerding out so hard over how perfectly replicated each detail is rn 😻😻😻 #postcardsfrombummervilleusa

✨💖🌸👄just girly things//little furry things👄🌸💖✨

Came home to find this siq t from @methdad in the mail and it is soft and comfy as heck to boot!!

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