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Kate Madeira  ✨stitchy specter/creaky bones jones✨ Nashville, TN ***** cargocollective.com/sweaterbones etsy.com/shop/sweaterbones


My big bummer with these things is that photos never really capture how sparkly they are. It was a little overcast today, but when the sunlight's especially bright, sometimes it's hard to work b/c the glare on the sequins is so blinding ✨

Earlier this summer, I was invited by @nicoelganso to include my original fist-rose piece in an upcoming show in New Orleans. Since it's currently in the care of @feministfiberart I made a variation of it to send in, along with my We Are Watching piece. The show, Alien vs Predator, will open August 12th at the New Orleans Art Center and run through September 2nd. In the words of its curator, Nicolas B. Aziz, "Alien vs Predator is a multidisciplinary exhibition which highlights the foundational and systematic transgressions of the world's greatest paradoxical superpower. By transposing the term 'Super-predator,' the exhibition seeks to stimulate a curiosity within the viewer that forces them to reconsider the legitimacy of the term. 'Who's the predator?'" Thrilled to be a part of this show, if you're down that way, go check it out!
#postcardsfrombummervilleusa #embroidery

Yesterday's collage brought back memories of this fairy tale in a book I had as a kid in which the proud, selfish one of two sisters refuses to give an old peasant woman water, so the peasant woman, who of course turns out to be a witch in disguise, curses the girl so that every time she speaks, a snake and a toad drop from her mouth. Denying water to a thirsty peasant seems like a #totalmitchmove so anyway, here's this dumb thing.

li'l bummed/making collages of trash person/all-around turkey Mitch McConnell looking especially creepy b/c ya gotta find something to laugh at in these crumb-bum times

Seersucker Soul-Sucker #stopmotion #wuddup12south


i was googling stock photos of funny businessmen awhile back and somehow wound up down going down a stock photo trail of gun-toting ones and it was about as white and creepy as you'd expect. #fromthenet

Throwing the corporate fat cats and big wigs down at the ol' ad-spam sponsorship factory a bone by pretending to be really into casseroles. It's the little things, I guess. #wow #oohahh #fromthenet

an affable young lady/a conveniently-placed chair/thanks so much to everybody that came out to the show this evening and thanks so much to @momoartcollective for having me!!! 💖✨ 📸@flamineer

Sweet weekend move announcement!! @momoartcollective 's first show is happening tomorrow on the west side and I'm psyched to have a bunch of work in it. There will also be bands playing AND it's going down mere paces from @drkmttrcollective, which will be deep into #DayShowMode on the last day of Nameless Fest which is definitely the move of the summer. Night 2 of that kicks off today with a sick fucking bill that's got a li'l something for everyone, and I've got a bunch of zines and patches stocked in their newly refurbished cigarette machine-turned-purveyor-of-non-carcinogenic-treats, so come out there tonight as well! Get on down!! Nameless Fest art by flyer lord @varneys.war 🙌

2008: the summer of dork, dj scooter sox, and quadruple d's good-time capers ✨

an absence of damns/a cotton candy chokehold
#postcardsfrombummervilleusa #freehand #embroidery

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