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Kate Madeira  ✨stitchy specter/creaky bones jones✨ Nashville, TN✨DM for purchasing inquiries or commissions✨ ***** sweaterbones etsy.com/shop/sweaterbones

Quick snap of this fun piece commissioned by the lovely @adiavictoria for her show at @thirdmanrecords records tomorrow! My first attempt at doing a collar in which the beads completely cover the band circling the neck-because my loom’s not long enough to do it all in one go, I made 3 separate segments, and then stitched them all onto the backing together ✨ #beadweaving #beadwork #beadloom

Stuff’s weird, weather’s cold, days are short, but I sure feel #blessed and #thankful for a #garage where I can fuck around on some goofy songs and get lost in trying to suck less at guitar 💖

Just got back my original sketch I made for some Sallow shirts almost 4 (!!!) years ago. Dang 🌝 #guessigottagobuyaframe #rocknroll #cowboyplankton #sallowroolz #yearsbecameghosts #andifeelhaunted

Forwent the sassy quips for something a little more elegant. Got another No No No waiting to be taken off the loom and some new patterns drawn up, as well as new bead colors I’m dying to use, but I’m trying to get all these finished pieces mounted and made wearable first, which it turns out takes at least as long as the beading process itself, in between sealing the ends, fitting the ribbons to match the weaving, stitching the beadwork onto the backing, etc. #phewf #heymoon #itsjustyouandmetonight #speakingofmollynilsson #wastrynamakeaplaylistlastnight #anddiscoveredthat #ihopeyoudie #isnotonspotify #andiamstillmildlysaltyoverthat #beadloom #beadweaving #beadwork

I’m trying to aimlessly draw more because at some point, drawing for fun or cathartic release or whatever turned into something really intimidating. It’s been more than a month since I moved into my new place, which means it’s been more than a month since I last picked up a needle and thread for embroidering, which is probably the longest I’ve gone without doing that in at least 5 years. It feels weird, but also, I completely burnt myself over the past year or so. It’s been my default medium since 2012, and I’ve honed in so much of my energy on that, that I really disconnected myself from other creative interests, namely drawing and playing music. I am comfortable in threads and stitches and I have a really hard time working in areas where I am not so confident. But now I’m in burn-out mode for one medium, and that creative energy has to go somewhere, so I’ve been trying to get comfortable in that unknown and accepting that it’s okay to just fuck around and not try to make a masterpiece (I know, it’s not like my embroidery’s not some Louvre caliber shit, but all my completed pieces match up to my *visions* for them, okay, I’m not tryna get cocky here). I’ve been feeling lost in the woods since summer, and although it scared the hell out of me at first, I’m getting comfortable feeling my way through the trees. I am having fun reconnecting with the creative outlets that sustained me long before embroidery took on their burden, as well as playing around with mediums that are newer to me. Although the human need for sleep is a concept that I have long been frustrated by, these days the itch to stay awake because there’s such an endless array of things to learn and experience is more overwhelming than ever, and it’s in these little spaces that I am so enormously happy to be alive and want to live that way forever. So here’s this really bleak pre-bedtime sketch when I was shaking out the pockets of things that make life less of a thrill. But I had a nice time with getting familiar with the parallel pen I bought last month, so it’s all gravy, baby 😘😘😘

Made some new friends while out tagging along with my wonder woman cousin Liz to do some canvassing before the election on Tuesday. Vote Pinhead/Butterball 2020-They have such sights to show you! But for real, get out there this Tuesday and vote. Sorry to keep flogging that dead horse, or flaying that deviant uncle, if you like your idioms to be strictly Hellraiser, but seriously c’mon, doo it!! #votethemout

didn’t dress up and go out this Halloween bc I knew I couldn’t top this *lewk* #stupidcollage

late nite scribbs n pretty dudes 😘🌙✨

First attempt at making these things wearable 🤞✨

looking in the mirror and wondering who tf this bitch thinks she is since ‘95 ✨

Plz get out there and vote. I know it’s a rigged system where the popular vote can be made null by the Electoral College and we’re forced to choose between two parties that each carry their own flaws. But one is driving us further into fascism, stoking hatred and capitalizing on it, and denying the humanity of anyone who does not fit into their narrow view of personhood. Furthermore, voter suppression and gerrymandering are occurring in abundance, and that means that we as white people, who handed this country to the GOP in these past elections, need to step it the fuck up and use our votes to help those whose voices these cowards are attempting to silence, rather than remaining at home, content in our apathy. Also, a reminder to my fellow Nashvillians to vote FOR the ratification of Amendment 1, which will give us the important opportunity to establish a community oversight board, which will help prevent police from covering up misconduct and create a system of accountability. I’ve seen a disheartening number of misinformed signs around town urging people to vote against this amendment, claiming that an oversight board will increase violence because it will prevent police from doing their jobs. If anything, this will decrease violence because such a system will be able to lower instances of racial profiling, and most importantly, lower the instances of unnecessary shooting deaths, such as those that have taken the lives of Jocques Clemons and Daniel Hambrick. Plz just do your part and vote.
image creds to @divacup420 and @oversightnow

idk man, maybe I’ll just keep running with this cowboy theme? I’ve got a bunch of non-cowboy related pattern ideas, but p much anything’s fair game at this point. Ya like Mitski? Maybe I’ll rustle up some Be The Cowboy’s. Are you a fan of Kasey Musgraves and/or N*SYNC ft Lisa Left-Eye Lopes, or, like me, aware enough of the Steve Miller Band to incorrectly refer to “The Joker” as the first of his aliases he references in said song? Well, buckaroo, in the time it took to read that long-winded mouthful of a sentence, I could lasso you a nice Space Cowboy! Idk why people keep wishfully griping about wanting to take this country back to 50’s, yet appear to be blind to the fact cowboys are en vogue again. Like, a weird nostalgia for ranchers is hella hip now, that’s about all the 50’s culture u need, pardner! #cboiisshortforcowboi #beadweaving #beadloom

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