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Kate Madeira  ✨stitchy specter/creaky bones jones✨ Nashville, TN✨DM for purchasing inquiries or commissions✨ ***** sweaterbones etsy.com/shop/sweaterbones

I live a life of schadenfreude, it’s true 😘

tonight was sick/thx, @kinggizzard/come back soon 🙏

Heh heh just trying to live that sweet summer life ya know?? 🤙🌺🌞

lol I tell ya, man, if I only had a nickel for every time my panicked brain thought it was finally tapping into its hitherto unused psychic powers and sensing the impending occurrence of some catastrophic misfortunes only for absolutely nothing to happen other than the recollection that I’m just a neurotic dingus sometimes. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #stupidcollage

When this dude randomly showed up to the Rose Ceremony to get eliminated, i was like “whoa, where did you come from buddy??” but then the gods of closed captioning felt the need to caption the sad-laugh in his exit interview and i was like “i have already forgotten your name, but i feel u, sweet Chad-Sean, i feel u.” Has there ever been a more piteous and multi-faceted form of self-expression than the #sadlaugh?? #stupidcollage

...cue the ol’ annual summer resolution to get way better at guitar and finally get around to recording for posterity’s sake all the songs that have been clunkin’ around and piling up over my 20’s.

Here are some happenings this month that I’m pleased to be a part of!!
-Discovery Fest: @coldlunchrecordings and @ookostudios teaming up for a day packed with local bands and artists!! 6/8
-Mementa: Memphis-based artist @ericas.qualy is taking her years of sketchbooks and journals on the road for an interactive art installation and will be stopping thru Nashville for an intimate house show at the Move/Good Fun Gallery. Featuring local support from myself, @chill.dumbass, @freerefillls, @leahmilmil, and @subtle.knife. 6/9
-Nameless Fest IV: Nashville’s DIY fest of the summer is back for another year, with 3 sick nights packed with a variety of bands. I’ll be hawking zines at the day show at Two Boots on the last day of festivities. 6/30

Just throw it against the wall and see what sticks. #stupidcollage

Happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful, creative woman of kindness and quiet strength. To the woman who gave me my first journal and was always down to spend a couple hours hanging out in libraries and bookstores, and game for long conversations analyzing the previous night’s dreams. She has always been someone that’s been able to calmly listen when I’m worked up about something and just need to vent, no matter how impassioned I get, and she’s always encouraged me to speak my mind and put myself out into the world, without making me feel pressured to be more extroverted. She’s helped my sister and myself grow in our creative interests since day one and I owe so much of who I am to her. I love my mom!!

dm if u wanna get a share of this rockin’ pad, it’s gonna go fast!! it’s got what we in the real estate “biz” like to call “LOL” (as in Lots Of Light lol 😉) and is really open and airy!! you could probably hear a concert from one of our many venues and write a complaint about it or something! Wow!! Music City! #stupidcollage

Finally finished this little thread diary I started about a week before I left for Japan. I’ve been pretty busy with work since getting home and have been in a real bummer of a creative slump where I either just haven’t felt like working or my brain’s been such a clamoring cacophony of thoughts and ideas that I haven’t been able to focus. Been spending a lot of time reading and going outside and trying remember that it’s okay to get out and experience shit because that’s where inspiration comes from. It’s barely been a month since I got back, but goddamn, the feeling of being stuck and the desire to get out of Nashville persists. #embroidery #somanyfuckingfrenchknots

languid hangs in the resort 😶

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