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I saw a lot of posts today about everyone’s dogs and as cute as they were, it made me miss my best friends even more. Nobody ever told me how empty my heart would feel without them. I hope everyone appreciates their time with their pets. Every day of my life for 14 years started and ended with the pure happiness my dogs brought me. All the rainy days, the movie days, picking me from school or the airport... I miss it all. I’m so sad. They truly were my best friends. Appreciate your pets, please. Treat them right. You’re everything to them. They should be the same to you.

My car is breaking and my life is falling apart but it’s fine I’m fine

So grumpy.... so fluffy. So much love for you still. Miss my foof

Met some band called The Maine. They’re cool. Decent music. 13/10 would recommend.

I did not have an attitude up my ass while taking this picture regardless of what Cj may say 🌝

Cloudy days are so underrated.

Best friend for ??? Idk??? Whatever.

I really miss this furry face staring back at me all the time. My heart hurts.

California: part 2.

No ghost cows around here 👻 @mclavinator

Shocked we’re not blackout by now

I wonder what you weirdos are up to. I miss you guys. #nationalbestfriendday

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