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Katelyn Rachoy  Lovin' on my @mrjohnwillard📎, #ZuzuandScout 😽, family👪, friends & students🎻 in AZ 🌵

Our super-soft, talkative little Zuzu cat got out this week and hasn’t come home. We miss her and are so worried! We’d like your prayers please 💕

celebrating three years with this dreamboat 📎📎📎 #ahoyrachoys

Love love all the corners of Arizona ☀️

Happy birthday to my heart 😘everyday with you I’m thankful for your love and humor, today I’m thankful God made you 📎📎📎

mexican bird of paradise always remind me that summer is over and school has started 😍 we had a row of these beauties behind our house in Tucson and they were always in bloom when classes started 💛🧡❤️

happy birthday dad!!! I love you and can’t wait to celebrate you today! #happyfiftyth 💙

happy birthday pretty chica 🖤 love you sis!!

my cute sis 🦋

Happy Anniversary to these cute love bugs starting their 30th year of marriage. It was 117 degrees on their wedding day and the air conditioning was on a locked timer that turned off halfway through the reception so the icing on their cake melted 💙💕 Love you Mom and Dad!! #happy29th

Taking half of these babies back to school with me in two weeks so I’m enjoying the mini jungle while I can 💚 #plantbabies

happy birthday brother 💙 thanks for letting me actually feel like the big sister 😂 #nineteen

today I learned flamingos are found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia ☁️

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