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Katelynn Santiago  You can call me a pansy, because at least that means I’m growing

TWO of my photos were chosen for this year’s @siuphoto photo contest and were published in their magazine!!!! ••••
I’ve seen my photos printed large before but seeing them in print after been chosen among hundreds of other submission is something else. The project these photos are from spurred a whole new type of creative fire in me and I am excited to keep pouring my heart into art forms that have shaped who I am today 📷💕 ((Also s/o @rebeccadrolen for helping me last semester when I was submitting these photos))

Wow you’re old! Happy 23rd birthday ya big dork!!! ❤️❤️

“Now rest is no broken levy staring up at the water. / It is the bite marks a mother left on the hurricane / while her daughter climbed to the 9th ward rooftop / to spray paint, "We are still here, y'all." / Yes we are.” - Gospel Salt; Andrea Gibson
Thankful for NOLA / thankful for great work environments

It’s been a crazy few weeks!! Graduated. Turned 22. Went to Disney. Got a little tipsy in Disney. Watched two of the nicest people in the world get married. And started my Adult Job!!!!! Life is moving and I think it’s going up🤞🏽

Drank so much, ate so much, mostly avoided the rain ☔️ Epcot gets better with age✨ (+ a bonus from Hollywood Studios yesterday)

We met BB-8, Bryce got his diploma (made for him by Donald), and Minnie said my bow was very pretty ✨ Disney Day 1 also included Bryce riding his first ever roller coaster and bruising my knuckles bc he was so scared 😂😂

So so thankful for my family and my best friend!!! ❤️College would’ve been way harder than it was without them. 👩🏽‍🎓 It’s time for a long nap 💤

How I felt as I submitted my final project of college!!!!!! We’re done y’all!!! 👩🏽‍🎓😭👌🏽

Boy oh boy I love these babes!! 💕💕 The Traveler has been such an truly wonderful place to have had the privilege to work at over the last three semesters. I have learned so much from them and how important (good) journalism can be. They’ve all made me laugh on even the most stressful nights in the newsroom. Y’all have put up with so much sass and I am forever grateful for every minute of stress and happiness that The Arkansas Traveler has brought into my life. I am a little sad to be leaving the newsroom but I’m more sad to be leaving y’all. But y’all are the baddest of bitches and will get so much good shit done I’m not even worried 👌🏽❤️

collecting light that makes life feel like magic✨✨ #glowing

so many layers; so many feelings ((swipe to see the writing)) #uarkphotography #poetry

using old bits of writing to help find new inspiration ✨ ((swipe to see the writing)) #uarkphotography #poetry

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