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K a t e L u m p k i n  Casting Director and sprinkler of fairy dust. {Explore the world. Know yourself. Learn to share it.} Current Adventure: NYC, NY

HONEYMOON COUNTDOWN!! 15 days until I’m on a boat with you again my love! Time to finally celebrate our partnership {and Craig’s first time in Europe!}. Anyone have any favourite stops in Barcelona or Rome? @windstarcruises is taking care of the rest!

Cheers to the weekend! Celebrate accordingly.

It begins today. I am ready. This time next year it will all look different.

Just do your best. Take care of yourself when you need to. Take care of others when you can. Tell people you love them. Let people off the hook if it’s really not that deep. Don’t hold onto grudges if they aren’t worth holding onto. If you can’t respond to emails immediately at least hit send on good vibes {then find time to respond to the email if you can}. If you need to stay in, do it. Give no guilt, and let no guilt touch you. Just do your best because being an adult is taxes, and hurricanes, and deadlines, and the MTA, and kale, and a lack of positive reinforcement. So, hey stop being so damn hard on yourself and just do your best.

We all have down days. We all want to quit even when we are ahead. We all want to run away and join the circus. We all have moments where we see the the clouds and not the sun. We all have wounds that never heal.
Honor those days. Then move on and move up --- because those days are never going to go away, but they can become less frequent if you just PUSH FORWARD and WORK THROUGH. {📷: @collierlumpkin }

Be kind. Eat well. Sun often.

Remember, life can be a watercolor, not an oil painting. If you paint a line that you don’t like, just dip the brush in water and blur it away. With a watercolor, the canvas can always be fresh.

Grab your essentials. Pack them up and walk away from it all. Only then can you find your place, tribe, and future essentials.

It is always ok to look back. Just don’t let the past dictate forward movement. Honor what you have seen and keep going towards what needs to be.

When life throws down, you better show up to that dance party, serve some stank face, and LIVE!

Sometimes doors are shut for a reason. Sometimes it is best not to ask questions, but rather to let them close others in. Find a new place not just to craft a door, but to build a new home.

There are some ships that take us where we are going and some ships that show us where we have always been. // @windstarcruises #WindstarCruises 🛳

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