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katelinjoy  Wife💗 Mama to 2 boys- Rowan Psalms and Indigo Manoah💙💙 Finding the beauty in everyday. Seeking wellness + wholeness ✨Oils gal. Nature gal.✨

Motherhood. Man oh man. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been swallowed whole and you can’t remember your own name other than “mommy.” At the same time it’s one of the most deeply soul satisfying roles because it is also one of the utmost sacrificial. Grateful for the privilege. Honored to share in the community. 💛

Indigo Manoah is one month old today! He is such a sweet, easygoing, calm little soul💙 Exactly how I felt him to be in the womb. We all love you so much Indie! (Last pic is Ro for comparison!)

I just keep thinking about how quickly these moments of them being little fly by. Indie will be four weeks tomorrow and it doesn’t seem real! Soaking it all up ♥️ Indie is meeting his great aunt caryn and also my sissy comes to see Indie this week finally-yay!!!!!

My little Indigo Manoah💙

So. Much. Love. 😭💙✨

Following my toddler around the yard with my baby on my chest. Yes, I was peed on today; but there are many, many beautiful moments that outweigh the more... messy ones 😂 Deeply grateful for all of it.

I was really nervous about what the “routine” would look like with two littles. Having a rhythm to the day is so grounding and calming. After breakfast lately Ro and I have been reading a handful of books followed by some sort of art (occasionally I draw a picture based on one of the books for him to paint or color on) It’s not much, but having a simple start to the day always seems to start us off on the right foot 💛✨

Happy Sunday! We had a wonderfully busy weekend going to the Ann Arbor hands on museum and an old friend’s surprise birthday party! Rowan bowled for the first time and Indie slept the whole time👏🏼 Ro also co-lead some praise and worship this morning as well 😂 Love this sweet family and I am loving doing things as a family of four✨

This boy✨ I am so proud of how well he has handled the huge shift of having a sibling. He is so sweet to Indie, always making sure he is ok, and always smothering him with kisses♥️ I am so blessed to call these boys mine; and I can’t wait to see their friendship blossom.

It’s become a tradition for me this time of year to roll some beeswax candles. This year I have a little helper 😭✨ (Two technically but one slept through it) Autumn feels for life🍁🍂

You are a million times more wonderful than I ever thought you’d be. ✨🍄🍁🍂

Had to repost this because baby friends meeting is very very important 😭✨ (and adorable)

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