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🌴Kate Lazov🌴  ✖️MY MEAL PLANS ✖️I LIKE TO SQUAT✖️PERSONAL TRAINER ❗️1UP NUTRITION ATHLETE |code:bootyboss ✖️katelazov@gmail.com 📧

#fitness girl can mean a lot of things:
for me ,it means that we girls need to stick together and lift each other up. In my case, I have only had very few real friends,but they been very important to me ♥️.
So here below, tag your all your friends that has meant a lot to you in your life,and they always been your support 💪🏽👭.

I just 💗 leg days. I finished my workout today with this super super good exercise... Progression is a key 🔑 if you want to grow 🍑🍑🍑😁..
1.Kettle Bell Duck Walks 3-15
2. Jump Squats with Kettle Bell 4-15
3. Barbell squats 3-15

The Kettle bell is 10kg ,on the last exercise you can use your own kg (mine is 5o kg) ,when you go down on squat keep 10 seconds in squat than back up...

Thank you to all of my amazing followers for your ongoing support and love . You keep me motivated every single day to continuously strive for self improvement and I hope I've been able to help inspire you to follow your dreams and live,active,healthy and happy life. I'll continue to share my workouts and my daily progress plans . Billions hugs and love ....♥️

LOWER BODY WORKOUT 🍑My absolutely favourite exercise for leg day 🔥💦..
1️⃣bosu ball ,dumbbell (20 kg) squat 3x 15
2️⃣ split squat 4x10 ( same 20kg dumbbell)
3️⃣ sumo squat 4x10
4️⃣hamstring curl, slow and controlled 4x15

People only see the results ,but they don't see the effort! My life was full of hard times and disappointments but every time I feel down I managed to stand up.
I think that if we all believe in ourselves and support each other we all are going to make it ♥️ .
#nevergiveup #stayfocused #staypositive #inspiration

I don't care how "FIT" or "FAT "you are . No one is better than anyone in the gym. We are all here to improve our bodies . Respect each other! 💪🏽😼♥️ .
Fueling up with the best of the best , using the @1upnutrition all in one pre-workout . I recommend Key lime Ice or Blue Raspberry.
For 20% discount for all products from @1upnutrition use my code: bootyboss 🍑....
#1upnutrition @1upnutrition 🏆

To anyone who says I'm a FAKE BOOTY fitness model ,that I don't work hard and I only what to show my booty,like every another fake IG model promoting fake fitness 🤦‍♀️😼. I WILL SAID THIS: I just laugh 😂 always because: on my profile are 150 videos with hard working! I'm STRONG and IM PROUD OF MY SUCCESS because I never cheated I never took a shortcut. I made this booty and work hard for it ,it's 100% natural. I post videos because they never lying 💪🏽🍑. .
Hammies & Glutes..!!!
. #1upnutrition @1upnutrition #fitness #strong #motivation #inspiration #goals #justdoit #bööty

Monday motivation 🔥💦.
Every day booty day 🍑.
Tag a friend who wants strong athletic body, and save my new video for your next booty workout!

Deep down inside you know the truth!!!
I'm every day more than thankful for support which I have form my fitness family. For someone I'm fake, for someone im inspiration. Sometimes is really hard to explain to people the fitness is life not hobbies and the every single day is really surviving and hard working. Never is enough. We can't be to everyone inspiration and not everyone can love us . Everyone doesn't have the same goal with fitness as yourself and that's ok!As long we're training in the gym ,at home ,in the park , we're moving in a healthy direction, and that's what I what to be an inspiration for health. ♥️

Diet on 👌🏼 hard work pays off, tag someone who would loves to have six pack 😅!!!
Core killer and the best moves for your lower abs!Feel that burn 🔥💦....

These some of my go to exercise that are key for toning up your legs ! 💪🏽🍑🏋
What you training today? .
🔥Narrow Stance Squats 3-10
🔥 Sumo Deadlifts 3-10 .
🔥 Front Squats 3-10
#1upnutrition #fitness #wcw #goals #fitfam #inspiration #strong #fitgirl #justdoit

Be your own kind of beautiful ♥️

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