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katejm  Wandering through art museums, looking at buildings and clouds, fondling yarn, and filing for #brickmonday

And @timpot’s tshirt season opens with this new beauty - the generous gift of @kustas and @htiivas, who have, through their travels, enriched the collection with international objets.

Day three of @tarnanthi - the opening of Entwined at @botanicgardenssa. A really beautiful exhibition with works by Yirrkala printmakers, responding to the string figures collected in 1940s and held by SA Museum, which are also on show, and these utterly lovely carved shuttles holding strings made of all sorts of fibres. No touching (of course) but oh the urge was strong.

Part of the dozen or so Kent Morris works in @artgalleryofsa vestibule - clever hang for this neoclassical space

And at SA Museum - fifty artists sharing stories, skills and art. All weekend - talks and workshops and kids stuff especially.

Ah. Tony Albert in the marvellous Cicada Press collection. Part of @tarnanthi at @artgalleryofsa

So @museum_guy, do YOU get the guard of honour when you arrive at #centreofdemocracy?

Last cloud post for the day. Many people mistake these for stylised clouds, but they are a Real Thing. Cirrocumulus undulatus usually leads a warm front: tiny high-altitude cloudlets pushed into rows. They sometimes resemble fish-scales across the sky, and I wonder if this is the effect that Hokusai wanted.

More Hokusai? Only one of the Thirty Six views includes cloud on the peak - and Mt Fuji with a cap cloud is one of the most famed views in the cloud-spotting world. Cap clouds are Altocumulus lenticularis. They form at high altitudes, over peaks and mountain ranges, and looks like hats, lenses, ‘spaceships’ and the like. The cloud that sits over Mt Fuji is known as kasa-gumo - travelling hat cloud. Here, Hokusai depicts it trailing away, as thunder clouds below build up and change the air currents.

Another beautiful detail: the resting farm girls watch a long procession pass. These samurai carry firearms in red cases. Is the last one wiping his brow, scratching an itch, or asking that age old question: are we there yet?

A Georg Jensen sky today

That turtle. Such a tiny detail in this fabulous woodblock

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