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Kate Gregory  I take pictures of people, places and things. Www.kategregoryphotography.com

Love my babies! Thank you to all of you who came Saturday night! Special shout out to lolabear (@lauramichelle_conrad) for hosting and sarebear (@sarafrechette) for driving a million miles for just a few hours of fun 😍

Resting her pretty little head on my lap πŸ’•

I promised I’d instagram my tea today for you! Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift @lauramichelle_conrad πŸ’•


Dad built me a bed frame and I luuuuv it. 😍


Got to spend the last three days with my twinny πŸ˜πŸ’• #twins#bestie#nye#newyearsday#areyouguyssisters?πŸ˜‚

6 months married doesn’t seem possible.

Who gets an iced latte when it’s 2 degrees outside? β˜•οΈ

My second husband and our girlfriend πŸ’• thanks for being so great!



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