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Kate Greer  @cheerielane | #chezconversations | originally from smalltown, iowa

My friend, @cleowade, is the consummate mold-breaker, but not for the sake of breaking molds or being subversive (though she’s that, too, in the most loving ways); instead, she writes new with the purpose of allowing more people to flourish and to be supported and to feel better when they wake up each day. In that spirit, she’s scrapped the lecture format and moderated conversations for her book tour, and having best friend conversations in front of and with the audiences in each city she visits! I had the great honor of having one of the heart talks in SF a few nights ago at @inforumsf at the @cwclub. We talked pep talks and mantras, heartbreak and healing, and met the most excellent women! I also met some wonderful folks while running around the city with Cleo’s new book, Heart Talk, that read their favorite page!!

I have a new ritual of blasting the Nina Simone version of “Here Comes the Sun” every morning when the sun comes up. Look at these two cuties basking in her light. Note: that was actually exactly what @callmemargot looked like when she woke up, pjs and all. She was truly even reading that book.

Meet Gladys. I keep whispering in her ear, “I am your mom and your best friend.” Ps if you’re a puppy person, I put something just for you in the swipe.

Found some sneaky, unedited 8mm footage from @globaliza in a shared Dropbox 🍌🏄🏼‍♀️. (One of the many benefits of having a very integrated life with your best friends is you get some access to their brilliant archives. I could watch Liza’s raw footage all day, every day, whether it’s how she sees a stove or a grandma in Dubai or a nostalgic moment in Big Sur with @cleowade.)

I am wildly grateful for these women* that raised me, with extra special gratitude this year to my grandma, Barbara Jean Soorholtz, whom we lost a couple of weeks ago. She raised 5 daughters on a farm in Iowa while working as a night-shift nurse (and famously donating my grandpa’s clothes to her patients without his knowledge or consent). She was famous (as Babs or Pricka) among those I love - we all pandered for her time, wit and attention, all of which she gave gratuitously. I bow to this special woman and how much she gave me: love, strength, unparalleled confidence. *Some excellent men raised me too. **She never really got the hang of FaceTime

training with my dear friends ps Robert Sapolsky’s Behave is an excellent book. It’s long because of the footnotes, which I love, and because he avoids categorical thinking: “When you think categorically, you have trouble seeing how similar or different two things are. If you pay lots of attention to where boundaries are, you pay less attention to complete pictures.”

I've always liked math and been really good at it. I want to do a little today: 1 in 5* American women have been raped. There are 326 million US citizens. 163m are women. 163/5 = 32.6 million women in our country that have been raped. Look around you in whatever room you're in right now. Look around you at the next restaurant you go to. Look around you at thanksgiving next month. Look at the women and know we have some horrible stories (#metoo), but also look at the men because it's not "a few bad seeds" accounting for that 32.6 million. Since only 6 out of every 1000 rapists in this country goes to jail, you have a really good shot at being in the presence of one. If that is a sickening to you as it is to me, I urge you to go to school to learn what we can do, both men and women, to stop sexual assault. It will lead you to want to do something about education policies, putting emotional intelligence and respect for women on the agenda. It will lead you to want to change how the judicial system handles sexual assault and to want to change employment policies. I hope it will lead you to change how you talk to your friends and sons. Also, rape results in 32,000 pregnancies each year, which is one of the many reasons abortion must remain legal and @plannedparenthood must remain open. With love and solidarity to my sisters. *CDC.gov

We need #guncontrol. We need policies that protect Americans. There's been a huge spike in guns manufactured in the US. After being flat for many years, 3.2m firearms were manufactured in 2004 to 10.3m guns manufactured in 2013.‬ I made these drawings to illustrate research done by Boston University's, Michael Siegel. He's created a nonpartisan database of all state gun laws that can be map the impact of specific policy and gun violence: https://www.statefirearmlaws.org

I’m as geeky as they come so I can’t even tell you how delighted I was to have the honor of interviewing 20+ brilliant researchers from all over the country (meet a few ^) that are working on projects to investigate health outcomes of interventions outside of the realm of traditional health care. We know health is more than meds and doctors — it’s impacted by social determinants: utilities policy, food security, education, housing quality, criminal justice, and more. These researchers, with grants from Evidence for Action - a @RWJF program, are taking a rigorous look of the health outcomes of programs that range from how to structure low income housing developments to food bank dissemination programs to state’s drought policies to homelessness interventions and so much more. After 2 days of interviews, my insight from was that much of the potential for better health for our communities lies in out-of-the-box yet simple and implementable shifts in thinking and resources. Some examples: + Where you live has the biggest impact on health, more so than any hereditary factors. + 1 in 3 patients in the United States enters the hospital malnourished and their hospital stays will be 3x longer with costs up to 3x higher. Imagine the consequences if we considered healthy food as medicine? + Weatherizing a home impacts health. Many families in lower socio-economic brackets live in homes that don’t have access to efficient heating and cooling and aren’t protected from environmental dangers, which means more sick days, emergency visits, and money spent on heating and electric bills (instead of healthy food, for instance). If you monetize the health-related savings of weatherization (insulation, roofing, etc.), it’s 2-3x the energy savings. Weatherization pays when it comes to improving our health (and our environment). More information about these researchers & their work at evidenceforaction.org
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a very happy birthday to a woman that I love and look up to, @cleowade. (Seconding the sentiment of another woman I very much look up to, @gloriasteinem, whom cleo interviewed today!)

🙂to see the homeland

bibimbap 📷 by @globaliza

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