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KT  Girl 👧🏻 with a 📷 // I'd argue that dogs are an actual girls bestfriend and waffles are a close second x


I am fully aware my Instagram consists of my dog

Although here I'm covering my face laughing, this is a strong indication of how I looked when I was covering my face crying at the hospital this morning when the nurse tried to take my blood and that's exactly how josh was stood next to me. 10 minutes after refusing and Josh telling me that I can do it and we aren't leaving, the nurse had four bottles and is NEVER getting any more. Thanks for being my rock.

In 32 days I have to say good bye to this cute face for 5 months 💔 I could write a book about the positive affect you have had on my life. Your heart is of the purest that I have ever known and everyone you meet feels your spirit the second they meet you. Your energy and smile radiates whenever you walk through a door. The love and compassion that you show for others is special. I am so grateful to be affected and influenced by you. I hope that one day I can be half of the person that you are. You know me to my core. You know what makes me smile and what ticks me off. You can tell in an instant when I am upset and then continue to do everything in your power to make me feel better. If I am going through something, you are the first person to text me to make sure I'm okay. I have never had a bad moment with you. You fill my life with an immense amount of happiness and love. I know that wherever your travels take you, you will continue to be part of my life ❤

up close and personal

There's a difference between being a good person and making yourself look good.


So much love for my fluff ball

Her little face makes my heart melt

I know y'all want to see more lambs


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