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Kate Hill  Cook in Gascony with me at Camont- a culinary retreat and cooking school near Bordeaux & Toulouse.


5 pots of confiture de Reine-Claude plums from a bulging sack of ripe green-gage is keeping Summer in the pantry. #katehillcooks #camont #confiture #summer #france

Lunch time harvest on a quiet day at Camont. Just enough to make a Tortilla with pumpkin flowers and a quick cucumber pickle with tomatoes. Simple is often the best way to go. #katehillcooks #camont #summer #potager

Summer Sunday in the kitchen at Camont involves keeping an eye on the bubbly stove while these gifted jewels become chutney for winter lamb roasts and curries. Thanks to over enthusiastic gardens! #katehillcooks #camont #summer #france #zucchini #courgette

Sunday summer morning in France. There always a small batch of plums, apricots, peaches, etc. to be pitted and cooked and placed in some jars. #smallbatch #katehillcooks #camont #confiture #jammaking

O, Marché Nocturnale! This is where it all started- Vianne. What we do on summer nights in Gascony. #france #summer #camont #summerofkathy

Summer storms playing havoc with beach goers and campers but this lazy gardener is loving the automatic watering system. #camont #summer #france

The genesis of a fine square summer tart- one tomato, a hefty smear of mustard, and a generous dusty of freshly ground black pepper. It's what's under the crust... #katehillcooks #camont #tomatotart #summerrosso

Recipe for Clafoutis: a dense eggy pudding studded with seasonal fruit. It's a classic in most French kitchens and here in Gascony we often use pruneaux- the sweet plummy dried Prune d'Ente. With a whisk in a large bowl, beat 6 eggs, 6 tablespoons sugar, 6 tablespoons flour, seeds from one vanilla pod, and a pinch of salt. Whisk in 350 ml of whole fat milk. Pour into a buttered dish and bake in a medium hot oven- 160'C/ 325'F for 45-55 minutes until firm and golden. Serve warm with an Armagnac caramel sauce. #katehillcooks #camont #pruneaux

Clafoutis studded with prunes grown down the road at Ferme Roque, good eggs & sweet whole milk and dressed with a generous pour of Armagnac caramel sauce. Recipe on next post! #camont #katehillcooks #prune #pruneaux #fermeroques

These French tomatoes. That tomato tarte. This is the perfect slice when the one thick slice of red from a perfectly ripe garden tomato is enough to make you swoon. Bring it on Summer! It was a great cooking class with lovely interested folks and old friends. Thanks @stresscake for making it a #summerofkathy for us all! #katehillcooks #camont

Working the magic duck feather in a Tarte de Tomate 🍅 on a long and leisurely day of cooking at Camont. 'A+' student did his homework, read the book, gets a prize. #camont #katehillcooks #summerofkathy

Great day with the gang from #summerofkathy cooking at Camont. Thanks @stresscake !

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