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Kate Hill  Insider's Gascony is my day to day life. Cook with me at my Kitchen-at-Camont. May and June culinary adventures and cooking classes available now.

Spring Lunch table with the small gang featuring a great cornichon and pickled onion paté de tête and wedge of goose rillettes, carrots and thyme flowers, a 🌸 vinegar rice salad and pommes de terre dauphinoise. Bon appétit! #lunchtime #frenchfood #workingday #mytable

Morning has a way of jumping out of bed here. One minute I’m looking at bright stars through my skylight, the next the sun is slapping me in the face and shouting Bonjour!
#myhouse #frenchfarmhouse #oldwindows #camont

I may not be any longer, but she sure is. Spring Chicken at Camont. #frenchhens #chickensofinstagram #freerangechickens

Morning is my time. Let the chickens out, listen to the songbirds, check out the many small oaks growing from acorns from these trees. I should start an oak forest and raise pigs. Not! I should hang the hammocks this week. #bigplans #letthemgrow #parc #morningsun

First fire outside of the season! I decided to grill the Alose or Shad like we used to on the banks of the canal when I first came to the Garonne River valley. The bargemen caught the Alose from little metal boats and they’d invite us over for a shared supper. This is how I learned to cook in Southwest France. This is a tribute to all the Louis, Victor and Yvonne, Yannick, Claude, and especially Vétou. Merci! #alose #delagaronne #katehillcooks #gascony #realdealfrenchfood #grillingseason

Chefs in the house! Sunday play date at Camont with John and Charles and a very fat duck. Sauce aux vin and salade Gasconne finished with a croustade aux pommes. Thanks for coming and cooking with me! #Sundayfood #katehillcooks #camont

Recipe testing for another round of the Canard a la Vigneronne prepping for a Paris Pop-Up event next month. Stay tuned you city mice! #duck #canard #frenchcooking #katehillcooks #frenchcookingschool

Along with cherry blossoms, asparagus, and fava beans, Spring announces itself in our local markets with local seasonal fish like Alose or Shad. We chose one with a fat belly hoping to have an aperitif of butter-basted shad roe. Cue Cole Porter, please. #shadroe #alose #garonneriver #katehillcooks #frenchcookingschool

The Sunday morning line up gang is calm and patient. Given they haven’t really started laying, I am inclined to leave them lay in bed a bit longer now. What’s up grrlfriends? #chicken #frenchhens #cooplife #19thcenturypainting

Boss lady of the new flock. Pecking order, hen rooster, and alpha poule all organized by themselves with no help needed from me. Self driven chickens are great. Here come the eggs!

Behind the Sakura scenes at Camont with @thispiglet. These are the blossoms from the four trees I planted between the canal and the house maybe 15 years ago. This is the first year I have seen their whole show from first bud to blossom and Elaine has been preserving them in various ways. It’s fitting that we focus a little more on this stage of the food that will become summer tartes and fill the winter pantry when telling the whole story of our kitchens. This summer when I am setting aperitifs at the outside table I’ll serve little cocktails made with these sakura bitters 🌸 to remind me that cooking is just part of the yearly turning. #katehillcooks #sakura #preservingelaine

@thispiglet is making art in my kitchen. #sakurapickles

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