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Kate Murnane  Kate Murnane | Fashion and Lifestyle blogger/vlogger | Mama to Archie 👦🏼 & 👶🏼 Elliot 💌hello@katemurnane.com katemurnane.com |


This was from Valentine’s day but how could I let this cracker of a photo go to waste? 😘 Argh I just love them so much my heart hurts. #kissesformyboys💋💋💋

I managed to go out & get a few outfit shots last week which I’m hoping to do lots more this year! Loving being able to shop and find my style again and 8 months after having Elliot I’m finally starting to feel a bit more like me! I did an asos haul a few days ago which is up on my channel now. (You can swipe up on my YouTube highlight to go straight to my channel if you want to watch!) And don’t forget there’s only a few more hours to enter my £150 ASOS voucher giveaway with @channelmum the link’s in my bio so GO AND ENTER!

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️💋🌹I couldn’t feel more lucky to have these 3 handsome boys in my life! They are everything

Good morning! This little whirlwind is off to nursery and Elliot had a slightly better nights sleep (I think he only had us up 3 times, and I can see his top two teeth about to come through so I think they might be the culprit!) I’m feeling so much better than yesterday when I honestly felt like an extra from The Walking Dead after being up every hour. Come on Monday, let’s do this! 💪

If you know Archie, you know he loves books and if he could, he’d have us reading 10 books a night to him. I really hope this love of stories continues as he gets older and he enjoys reading as much as being read too! He starts school this September (AHH!) So we’ve been trying to introduce him to some apps that are both fun and educational and It just melts my heart when he sees the letter ‘a' and says ‘Look Mummy, that’s for my name!' @readingeggs is so good for this because it’s packed full of fun games and activities and was designed by primary school teachers for children aged 2-13, so even if your little one can’t read yet, this can help them start that journey. If you’d like to give it a go with your little one, there’s a link in my bio for a 4 week free trial! #readingeggs #learntoread #eggsplorer #ad

Winter strolls with my littlest boy ❤️ Hope you’re all having a lovely start to the weekend, are you up to anything fun?

When @ukMUJI asked me to style up some of their rattan storage I jumped at the chance! I honestly think if I wasn’t doing what I do now, I would have loved to work in interior design. I wanted to add a little area to our bedroom that looked pretty, but also had some practical storage to organise some of my beauty products and little accessories. The baskets sit perfectly in my display unit and you can get different sizes to suit your needs. Now can someone just give me an empty house to decorate because I’m obsessed!’ #MUJI #Ad

Nothing feels better than fresh, new hair! It’s feels so swishy! 😍 Thank you so much @sallys_stylingx I’ve already bought the tongs and brush you recommended 🙊 #newhair #hairinspo

This photo comes curtesy of 1 popped balloon, 1 near divorce, 1 patient husband going and getting a replacement balloon, 1 toddler narrowly avoiding falling in a puddle, 11 bribery attempts and 2 freezing grandparents trying to take the picture! Who said this was easy? It was worth it though! And that pretty much sums up how I feel about every single second captured in today’s video. We really can’t say thank you enough for helping us reach what is such a huge milestone for us. If you’ve ever clicked subscribe, liked a video, written a lovely comment or just been supportive in any way then we want to say 300,000 THANK YOUS! If you’d like to watch the video, the link’s in my bio (it could be my favourite one I’ve ever made) 🙊

I adore you little guy... you don’t even understand. Thank you for all your messages and advice after my stories today. His eyes are looking much better already and he’s been playing and almost back to his refusing to sit down, walking around the furniture, smiley, crazy self. I love Instagram, you really are the most helpful, supportive, caring bunch ❤️

So now Eliot’s ill 😩 It’s one of the hardest things about having kids. One gets it and there’s pretty much no way of avoiding the other getting it too. I feel like we’ve been stuck indoors for most of January! Roll on warmer days and fun adventures with the boys. This photo is from back in the Summer when Elliot was still tiny! I love it so much. I don’t know if you saw my Instagram Live earlier but I want to do some kind of Q&A this week. I’d love for you to leave some questions below if you want too! Babies, weddings, vlogging, general, life stuff, random, funny, something you don’t think I’ve ever answered before! Let me know and I’ll be sure to shout you out in the video if I answer your question!

One minute it’s ‘Mummy I love you more than all the forests and all the cereal in the world’ 😂 the next it’s ‘I never want to see you again!’ Lucky I don’t take it to heart isn’t it! He’s certainly pushing the boundaries at the moment that’s for sure! It doesn’t take much to win me over again though. I uploaded a new family vlog so if you find watching 2 adults trying to get a baby and a toddler round Ikea without getting a divorce amusing, the link’s in my bio!

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