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I didn’t think my baby would be getting a car and moving out so quickly! This little guy got a huge surprise recently when he got to try out the @fisherprice Smart Learning Home and 3-in-1 Smart Car which both help encourage role play. We’ve loved #FisherPrice toys ever since Archie was a baby and these two, in particular, would make amazing Christmas presents! If you want to find out a bit more about them, the features, how to put them together and what Elliot thought of them, click the link in my bio to watch our new unboxing video! #ad

Morning! Look at those happy boys. This was from yesterday as Archie has an inset day so no school! Although I worked all day so didn’t get much time to spend with them 😩. Just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely messages from my stories last night. I know most of you ‘get it’ and it got me reflecting last night. I started this 8 years ago with my little hand made jewellery company (has anyone been around that long to remember?) I LOVED DOING IT but life got busy and I couldn’t do it all. When I have a bit more time, I would love to start doing it again. I’ve been thinking about it for the last few years but I want it to be perfect because it means so much to me. I actually have the name, the website and the ideas haha, now I just need some extra hours in the day and maybe some more arms as well and we’re there! 😂

Now, if I’d wanted them to pose for a photo, you can bet your life they wouldn’t want to know, but lay the world’s biggest stocking out and they act as though they’re professional models!
Why do I have a giant stocking you ask? Well! @TKMaxx recently sent me into my local store to pick a gift for the neverending stocking (I chose a bag shhh). There will be over 80 of these stockings hidden in TK Maxx stores and online this Christmas, and if you find one you’ll win presents for an entire year! Yep, every month a curated box of gifts will arrive on your doorstep, how fun is that? I love buying gifts from TK Maxx, as they have such unique one offs, and once they’re gone they’re gone, so I always feel like I’ve found something special.
So next time you’re in store, make sure to have a look, it would be quite hard to miss it! I’m tagging the lovely @brummymummyof2 and @lucyjessicacarter to add the next prezzies. Good Luck! #findstocko #TKMaxx #neverendingstocking #ad

I think this is one of my favourite photos of us all ever! We went to our friends Disney fancy dress party at the weekend and when we asked Archie what we should all go as, he didn’t even have to think twice. Peter Pan has been a favourite in our house for a while and we love cosying up on the sofa to watch it on a rainy day. That’s the best thing about our many Disney DVDs, there’s always a movie we can sit down and enjoy as a family. We don’t usually take it this far, but seeing how happy this kid was to be the ‘real Peter Pan’ we might make it a regular thing! What’s your all time favourite Disney movie? 🎬🍿 #DisneyTime #ad

Is anyone else baffled by how it’s nearly mid November? 😳 when do you start Christmas shopping? Are you a buy bits throughout the year kinda gal (or guy) or do you rush out and buy everything on Christmas Eve and wrap it in tin foil (Smithy style) I feel like I’ve been a bit more organised this year, but then I realise it’s nearly December and feel a bit panicky!

There’s no denying it now, Christmas is well and truly on the way, and every single year I say I’m going to be organised and do things before the 24th December. So I’ve already started to wrap a few gifts to get me in the festive mood! @nailsinc have some gorgeous nail & beauty gift sets this year under £30. Perfect for Sister’s, Mum’s and friends, and I’m loving the rainbow theme! (Colours on my nails are from the Paint Your Nails Happy Gift Set in Live & Love and Crazy Is My Currency) AND you can use code KATE15 for 15% off on their website @incrediblecosmetics #12DAYSOFBEAUTYGOLD #BEYOURINCREDIBLESELF #LIFESARAINBOW #AD

Someone’s been taking their vitamins! Archie’s really into showing us how strong and fast he is at the moment. He loves telling us that carrots give him super vision and eating all his dinner makes him run fast. Likewise, he loves taking his @haliborangeUK multivitamin Softies with Vitamin D for kids 3+ years because, in his words, they make his ‘muscles grow’ which isn’t far wrong as they’re great for normal growth and bone development and supporting their immune system. Plus it's never a challenge getting him to take it, as they’re in the form of tasty gummies! One thing's for sure, this guy isn’t short on energy! #haliborange #ad

Food supplements do not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

It’s been one of those weeks... the boiler broke yesterday and the car broke today! (Why do these things always happen at once? It’s like they team up and conspire against you at the most inconvenient time) but actually, I’m glad we got stranded in our car now. We went for a walk whilst we were waiting for the breakdown guy to arrive (pretty sure that’s not what they’re called) and it was so, so lovely to get away from emails and screens for an hour and just have nothing to do. I definitely have to remind myself to do this more, especially as this month looks set to be a very busy one. Sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing and go and feed the ducks 🦆 (swipe to see the last photo. It’s my favourite 😛)

We had such a fun day at the Natural History Museum recently. The boys loved seeing the dinosaurs! 🦕 🦖 The carousel and ice rink are open now so it feels sooo festive already! A huge thank you to @childrensalon for the cutest outfits for the boys. Archie loves his dinosaur top. You can open a little zip and see all the dinosaur bones inside which he thought was amazing! #childrensalon #ad

Winter is definitely kicking in now isn’t it! It’s been a slow morning followed by a lovely pub lunch with the family. But these dark evening are just making want to hibernate under a blanket with some rubbish tv, which is exactly what I’ll be doing tonight as I finally have control of the remote for once!

I am far too excited about the fact this room got carpeted today. It’s been out of bounds for the last 2 months and now it’s finally part of our house! I’m doing a whole renovation video on the room, but our new sofa and some other pieces are going to take a while longer to arrive, and I couldn’t wait that long to share it! I’m itching to get some colour in here and start decorating all these shelves! 😍 Thank you to @houseofbrissi for kindly sending us the Josephine mirror ages ago, before we even moved! It’s just the perfect mirror for this space. If anyone needs me I’ll be laying on the carpet in front of the fire. (Like a cat basically)

🎵 If there’s something strange, in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call, Ghostbusters! (And hulk, pirate, Frankenstein guy)

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