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Kate Bingaman-Burt  ✏️drawing & 👍 teaching & trying to make some🌟 good stuff🌟 happen. Operates @outletpdx and teaches @psugd 🌈

Flashback to a few years ago when I drew a ton of little illustrations for Portland’s @airbnb office #kbbworksforyou

Last summer I drew a bunch of free items that I found on Craigslist (still one of the most perfectly beautiful websites ever to be created...don’t get me started. I can expound on the simplicity and perfection of this site for days). However, this summer, I am getting rid of MY stuff on Craigslist for free. These are two items that went away this weekend. The couch has a new life in a spare bedroom in the NE and the table is headed to an 1800s farmhouse in Corbett. More stuff soon. Thanks Craig!

Daily Drawings 5.14.18 👉 5.20.18 // 5am biscuit, sausage, egg, and cheese craving, pizza love with friends at Dove Vivi, seven dollar green smoothies at school, DMV fun, new book for my students (and me), used leaning/drawing stool for me, never enough erasers.

Making up some new #barbaratheriso color swatch sheets with @camesjasey this afternoon.

Another gem from @palacestore. Attached was a sweet hangtag filled with all sorts of drool worthy type. Also, this is Portland. Cardigan season is all year round.

Daily Drawings for 5.09 👉 5.13 ✅ juice glasses like my grandma’s, long tanks from Target, iced americano, ikea clip lamp, and Mother’s Day raspberry plants (trees? bushes? vines?)

Nightstand for May 9th, 2018. I’ve spent more time drawing some of these books than reading them. The childbirth books are especially unloved at the moment. 🙃😳✌️

Daily Drawings from 4.30 👉5.08 // new pens as a form of distraction, cookie salad, another sketchbook from @littleotsu, Taco Bell, 24 Fitness for a gym I haven’t been too since February, tiny scissors, Hank’s gonna be born a burger, just a little anemic, and a pre-made rubber band ball.

New rituals. Just happy these don’t make me gag anymore. 💊

So much good work is happening in order to make the @psugd #behonest2018 event come alive! If you are interested in learning more about the design program at Portland State, come out! If you are looking for new talent, come out! If you are a high school kid and are curious about what it would be like to go college for design, come out! If you just like seeing 130 students in one place who love making things and talking about the things they make, come out! Doors open at five at @wiedenkennedy tomorrow! At 8, join us for a conversation between W+K recruiter (and long time friend and adjunct of the program) @jgspdx and W+K Design Head @nicolejacek
One of the many things that I love about our program at Portland State is how it's filled with incredibly hardworking and kind people who also happen to love making and learning with each other.

Come out and soak up the energy. It's inspiring and one of my favorite reasons for teaching.

We have such a good crew of students working on the production side that it makes my head spin (Thank you @maryana_ak, @kyle_charlson, @allup_anya , @ciera_leigh , @eilewing , @sydinduck , @fun.weirdo , @oniongrl, @rianlongdesign, @kailynjane, @themaddcat, @jamilaycarter, @lelandthebird)! And we have so many people at W+K who are helping make it possible for the 5th year in a row to hold it at their amazing venue (thank you @jgspdx, Lenore Prato, and Paige Rogers)! We are also sharing the space with a really fun show that was installed yesterday by the kids at @calderaarts so come and see work from creative kids and creative college kids!

Also, it’s our 9th year of doing this event so I combed through the archives and complied images from every year back to our very first one in 2010 that was held in the space that now holds @ford_food_and_drink (it was empty then). Since then we’ve popped up in The Cleaners, @instrument (when it was in the Bison Building) and for the last four years we have been @wiedenkennedy. So many good faces of students and so much evidence of community support in these photos. Can’t wait for tomorrow! #psugd

It was really fun to see a daily drawing zine of purchases that I had made in January of 2007 pop up on the @bookoftheday feed yesterday. At this point, I had only been doing daily drawings for almost a year, still living in Mississippi, and still buying CDs. I continue to make questionable dog toy purchases, pay a monthly fee to Media temple (though I am not sure why) and I am still really good at convincing myself that my newest questionable bag purchase is the best bag purchase. Some things change and somethings stay the same. Thanks to @notsotough for being one of my very first monthly zine subscribers way back when. You kept me going! ✨

Daily drawings 4/23👉4/29: socks because I needed to do laundry, ikea just for ice cream (again), new outlet so we could finally plug in our new dryer, side throat for almost a month medicine, art supply and comic sale, and waffles and eggs with @salt_lock

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