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kate benavidez ⊬  15, i draw sometimes.

hey this is just something i’m doing for art, i thought it was co so here. i’ll have something better up soon

hi it’s 1 am i couldn’t be bothered to make the sleeves of richie’s shirt proportionate
i’m gonna start doodling more because i haven’t in a while, hopefully i’ll get back to it tomorrow

hello i finally did a thing aaaa please tag finn @finnwolfhardofficial

hello! i made this a while ago but never posted it because it’s technically not finished, but then i realized i’d probably never get around to it, that and i had a drawing to post but the ink smudged (an artists worst nightmare) so i’m just gonna leave this here.
anyways, i’m going to finally clear off my desk and get back into more drawing stuff rather than acrylic painting. but don’t get me wrong i’m still going to be doing it, i’m just gonna go back and forth with the two so i don’t get burnt out from painting. so yeah hopefully expect more posts soon lol

hello! i’m sorry again a spongebob painting but i couldn’t resist this one. anyways i’ll try to work on other paintings soon lol ALSO THANK YOU GUYS FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS AAAAAAA I LOVE: YOU GUYS!!! 💕💞💚💞🧡💝❤️💖💕💔💕💕💚💕💙💙💔💛💛💗💝💚🧡

hello to all my new followers!! i did this about an hour ago and sorry it’s a bit sloppy i’m getting sleepy oof. but yeah thanks for following and if you’re interested i sell these mini canvas paintings for $5 and i have slightly larger ones for $10 if anybody is interested (i sell through etsy so everything’s scam proof) also i’m sorry for the spongebob pictures skdjsks do you guys like these or should i do something else?

i dont know why i’m painting so many spongebob related things

hello don’t mind me trying to be relatable and gain exposure

i also did this but it’s totally not as cool as bold and brash i love these mini canvases i need to go get like 20 more

this is a little piece i like to call “bold and brash”

i finally did a thing, in my art class were starting on working with acrylics so i thought i’d paint on these mini canvases i’ve had forever to practice. i want to sell this but i’m not sure if it’s good enough to put on my etsy, it could’ve gone better but i guess it’s pretty good for not being a painter. i’ll hopefully have more stuff up this weekend:)) #paint #acrylicpainting

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