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Kate Anjal  Singer of songs, rescuer of dogs, tester of software, highly sensitive INFJ. Check out my band @therecklessmaybes


Side view from my temporary #homeoffice. They drive me nuts when they want to be in and out all day, but this sleeping angel gives me all the feels 💓
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Break yourself open...Let the light in.
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5 years of confusion and decisions and anger and sadness and worrying about money and my biological clock and wondering why so many people have it so damn easy and we don't, always feeling like someone is missing and feeling like I'm losing myself and not knowing how to talk about it, a surgery that doesn't seem to have worked, and no baby yet. Sometimes it seems like I cry every day. This morning I imagined what it would be like to have him/her with me, our little baby tucked against my chest, and it was the most wonderful, vivid daydream. One day, this part will be over and I'll turn it into a beautiful song, but for now #infertilitysucks.

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And here we are in 2017. Everything is looking great everywhere.#hell #handbasket #areyoufuckingserious
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I am so grateful to have a life not plagued by daily violence, to have the time and money and space and choice and privilege that I have.
There are so many important issues/terrible situations around the world now and all the time. If I let myself think about them too much I tend to fall into despair. I don't often post things like this because of that and because I feel guilty for posting about one and not others.
I've been trying to figure out why this headline was the tipping point for me today. Maybe it's easier or safer somehow to point out something that should be so obviously wrong that is also so geographically far away from what we are facing in America today (although our leaders do seem to be getting chummier with Putin...). Maybe it's because I see this an exaggerated (I hope) example of the kind of extreme decisions I fear we are heading for here as we start down so many slippery slopes. Or maybe it could be argued that it isn't so far away from the kinds of things we already legislate or at least allow here.
I decided a while ago that the best way I can help the world in my own naturally quiet way is to do my best to always be kind and put as much love out into the world as I can.
So, I mostly try to stay positive and believe the best of people, or at least try to find something redeeming in them, some humanity. If I can't find it in them, I turn towards others who are shining examples of love and unity and/or reminders that not everyone is hateful, hurtful, or insane.
Some days it's harder than others.

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