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Kate Mackay Gill  Pathological worrier & nervous wreck. Extreme spanielophile... West Sussex, U.K 🇬🇧 hello.selkie@gmail.com BOOKS CLOSED ⚡️sponsored by your dog⚡️

When I used to do this all the time like the irritating spammer I really am, I used to break up my posts with shit no one wanted to see and I always felt easier about it. So let's try and recapture that and get back to alienating some people who wanted tattooing. In my sabbatical from the internet I embraced my inner high functioning anxiety beast and turned into an Easter bunny, made about a million Easter eggs, some of which with my collection of old weird ass chocolate moulds. So here is raw , fancy fu Manchu for my dad. And re iterating once more, I'm not lazy. I promise. I'm also not depressed of ungrateful. I am very very lucky, but holy crap this is just a big, lengthy anxiety bender! I will post things again, I will get back to writing awful things as long as this , and maybe being able to use a phone without cold sweats, but j know it's not just me that gets this. I would have lost my job if I didn't work for myself , so I'm grateful for the support and being able to laugh at how stupid it seems, it's my best weapon. I can only describe it as constantly taking speed without the bad taste. But I'm able to make like 50 eggs in the witching hour of the night and listen to audio books soooo it's mania but there are positives when it's in check. Waffle over. You don't have to read this stuff , it's very self indulgent but I met some GREAT worry warriors here who really make me smile and I'd rather be honest! Thankyou!! XXXX

One more for luck or something while I'm sweating at using an app.

I'm sorry I promise I won't delete this after ten seconds. Like ten seconds ago. Obviously now I think that photo was cropped better too...Trying to do one scary thing to start the day and giving myself a pep talk while sweating. Ffs...

Hello. Bad news, I'm not dead, I just don't think you need to see a grown ass woman having a mental breakdown live on social media. I've been to work every day, I've brushed my teeth, I still wear socks, I promise I haven't quit. But until I feel brave enough to share, please accept my glorious Easter beagle smiling his siren smile and know we love you very much. Sorry for having a wobble. Wobbles happen, it's okay to be an anxious fucktard, and who knew how much more successful my page would become when I just stopped bloody posting shite, ey?? Over and out xxxxxx me and him xxxxx 🐰💕

Emily's new pal, and one of those really nice 'yup I really enjoyed thats' for me ❤️ after all that's happened, I start hardcore diarising again on Monday.. Thankyou so much for your patience. I don't know what to say but I guess if anything was going to make me learn to take time off to appreciate my family and friends then lesson learned. I know it must have been crap to have to wait but I wanted to do it with a level head xxxx

I've been taking 'no one ever died of choice' too literally recently. Making extras constantly because my head never knows what anyone's heart wants ... And not having the lady balls to ever have a 'favourite'

We should be careful of each other. We should be kind while there is still time

You can have this till sort some proper photos out, really grateful for a day of sniggering about hanger and pea fritters and Thankyou for ignoring my cried out puffy holes that used to be eye balls xxxx going to get chips xxx

Realising you probably ought to share all the things in your camera when you go to post a photo of a tattoo and get distracted by about 20 pictures you put in a favourites folder. Whoops.... This was based on a lovely customers drawing who is coming all the way from Iceland, and I might just get in her luggage and go back. It's been over ten years, and it was the best holiday bar the company I went with!! Must have earned a new trip! Hope you like your astral moon chewing wolf, Eva ! #ifyoustealthisyoureacompletedickandpleasedontbe

I really didn't know if I'd ever post this as it feels like a monument to inability (or more accurately, feeling like you're okay at your job then getting smacked down to reality in one fell swoop...) Alice at @thingsandink has worked so hard to put this together and I can't lie, this was in and out of the waste paper bin so many times - if it weren't for huge amounts of guilt and how kind and supportive she's been of all of us supporting and promoting our work - even when that's been so out of my comfort zone, like sending the worst tattoo I ever made to a museum and having my photo taken - it would have stayed in the recycling but for her cheerleading efforts and patience. I am not good at this. Holy crap tattooing a silicone arm made me SO GRATEFUL for bleeding, weepy, pee needing, snack eating, cigarette smoking ACTUAL humans . There is so much I couldn't do to this, I couldn't get a line in , had to hand poke bits of black. I couldn't put the white teeth in, I had to change my needles a thousand times as they kept getting chewed out of shape by the arm ... Damn. So I have so much respect for the people who did a good job of these, because it made me realise how fucking basic my skills are, this thing took me to church man. Anyway, if you want to bear witness to my big rubber fuck up and see how I dont hit the mark next to other, more competent tattooerists , the 100 hands exhibition houses this now and for all my faults and testing poor Alice to distraction, I'm so grateful for the opportunity. Maybe secretly I'm going to get obsessed with trying to master these fuckers now.... Xxxxx

Thankyou so much Marc for your time and trust , not to mention making such a huge trip for your first tattoo. It was a pleasure and I hope they make you smile as much as your beautiful painting will me xxxx

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