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Kate Mackay Gill  Pathological worrier & nervous wreck. Extreme spanielophile... West Sussex, U.K 🇬🇧 hello.selkie@gmail.com BOOKS CLOSED ⚡️sponsored by your dog⚡️

If I had a quid for every time I was wincing when someone said to me ‘I just can’t imagine you quiet’ I’d be dishing out tattoos for free all the day fucking long.
Everyone does their shit differently, and unfortunately , when I am genuinely uncomfortable, threatened, embarrassed or feeling like I need to compensate - I talk.
I loathe it. I replay my bullshit ‘conversations’ of me speed talking at people until I fall asleep and then re think them in the morning. The best days of my week are Monday and Tuesdays when I see no one , draw all day ,answer no calls or texts and hang out with my dog. The people I love most know my voice isn’t actually high pitched and fast, and I shouldn’t have to get tipsy on cans of gin on a train after trying to cope with being in Brighton for two hours every four months because I look like a psychopath trying to hold a conversation.
Here are some more eloquent people trying to explain this rotten feeling in my stomach. Let the unfollow commence, and please remember when I am trying to make you feel warm and comfortable and not self conscious it doesn’t mean I am loving sounding like a dick.

We have had a fuck off whacking great hole between our bathroom and our kitchen since last summer. The insurance paid to put a ceiling back in the kitchen in December, and we’ve had a bathroom we bought in the sale sitting in the middle of the lounge since Xmas. Today I got to have a bath. A fucking brilliant, shaved every inch of myself , used all the hot water, drank sake mother loving BATH. Oh god I’m so clean. The bathroom isn’t even finished and I’m so god damn clean. No one deserves the terror of a classic white girl with tattoos soaks in bath nekkid from my shapeless wreck of a body so here is how happy I am right now in the form of Darwin from yesterday morning . Surrounded by daffs and SHINY AND CLEAN!!! 🛀✨

Started some drying rainbow maize on one of the best people I’ve met , Thankyou to tattooing for @rising_tides - even when I know of causing you all the grief you’re a joy 😞... . I’m sorry that was a big pile of suck but I’m posting it half finito because how often do I get to make corn???!!! Next to superhuman @kellyviolence and not self conscious about that at all . (Deff v. Self conscious ⚡️⚡️⚡️)

What I lack in photography I make up for in dog soppiness ❤️ the majestic Mole - for Natasha. I never got to meet this little guy but the joy of being sent videos of him running riot really helped and I’m glad he gets to hang with you every day all over again. A real honour to do. Thankyou xxxxx in other news, all I seem to have taken from this poisoning ‘scandal’ on tv is that I can’t stop listening to the nerve agents, the vibrators ‘disco in moscow’ and I STILL WANT TO GO TO RUSSIA SO MUCH but for some reason no one is open to going with me.... aaaand I sort of feel like it’s not the safest place to travel alone. 🤨 meh. #drawitdonttraceit

My terrible photography on my sweet Danish pastry @doktoraltenburg , only a tiny cover up but a nice start (well I enjoyed it!) I might take shitty pictures but my favourite will always be the one where my poor victim is still smiling after! Xxxx

A little tenderness yesterday.

A year ago I promised myself leave a day a month to offer a project I’d only drawn for the sake of enjoyment , hoping it might find a home. I’ve only managed in 13 months to do it a grand total of 4 times as I end up giving that day over to emergency memorial tattoos or desperately trying to finish things!
Willing to try again, even if everyone hates them as I guess I’d rather be broke and happy and I could never not do with more admin time (I’m so sorry this week!! Super up against it!! Big smile on my face but we’re living in rubble and chaos!) This is the start of a large scale drawing of a treble headed king vulture to tie around the theme of the fates , dying to make it, they are such crushingly beautiful birds .
Would love to write more and bore you more but on pre work dog walk and need to scoop poop. Any enquiries via email (re named mount scary ) and I promise a few sleepless nights to catch up on all the typing ! Sorry Woody! Xxxxx

It’s wonderful to celebrate international women’s day, but let’s also look to the long game . Here’s to the strong they’s, them’s , he’s and she’s that make my world brilliant xxxxxx also screw my phone from autocorrect apostrophe syndrome

Living in a building site and washing in a sink leaves You feeling even more like the littlest hobo than usual SO IM DRESSING AS THE CURIOUS ORANGE FOR WORK 🎃 #doyourrallyneedallthatonkate #yes #yesido #unflatteringlipstickforwonkyteeth #🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

Stupidly lucky all over again to be trusted with such a joy of a tattoo, on the owner of the clouded leopard that will be a favourite till forever. Queue soppy Thankyou letter writing by hand for undeserved kindnesses ❤️ sorry it’s easier to post unfinished bits. I know I’m letting the team down xxxx

Fucking up everything today but this one is still winning ✨✨✨

There’s my baby, lost that’s all (determined in a sea of light boxes and iPad pros to attempt to keep the illustrated portrait alive, real love and human error with my fallible hands and the stereo on)

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