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Kate Mackay Gill  Pathological worrier & nervous wreck. Extreme spanielophile... West Sussex, U.K 🇬🇧 hello.selkie@gmail.com BOOKS CLOSED ⚡️sponsored by your dog⚡️

I kind of hate tattooing upper inner arms because they look and feel SO SORE and even the lightest shading manages to look like you applied it with a chisel 😔 BUT I did get to spend an afternoon in the company of @th3piedpiper and my bad attempt to capture this festival of rat love and a well loved portmerion mug should not deter you from showing her a bit of love and support. She's brave enough to do guests spots and will be out and about (I never ever have!) xxxxx

Sorry Woody #newhaus

Life is too short and much to precious to not take the time to float beautiful chick pea icebergs in turmeric. I don't mean that in a jolly 'lifestyle photo of girl on a beach with hair extensions telling you to be mindful' way, either. (Thank you so much Deanne, you were so kind - shitty day vastly improved now I smell like lemongrass and dyed my tongue blue 💙xxxx)

I am so proud to announce that spoonbox - my little work nest - will play host to a fabulous one day event (hopefully the first of many!) on Sunday, October 29th, from 10am to 4pm.
Places are extremely limited (we only have three left!) and your day will consist of the brilliant and talented super being that is mother eagle assisting you in creating your own autumnal masterpiece!
No embroidery experience necessary but lots of enthusiasm and willingness to try new techniques !
You will learn :
Felt padding
Embroidering over relief
French knots
Sequin techniques
Beading techniques
Wire wrapping
Plus lots of coaching in applying your own creativity to textile design.

Places are extremely limited and cost £75 which includes fabric, hoop, instructions, needles and use of so much sparkle you'll think a unicorn farted.
As it is that most magical time of year, in addition to Katie's skill and embroidery witchcraft, you'll endure my multiple Halloween playlists, a full rendition or five of the monster mash - most if not all of rocky horror and a full spread of fancy vegan Halloween treats that really wouldn't be amiss on that hospitality trolley on the way up to hogwarts!
Consider this your invite to our first all hallow's stitch and witch!!! Xxxxxx

Enquiries to mothereagle@hotmail.com or touch base with yours truly 🕸🕷🦇 .....(ps, these workshops are not for me to profit from talented and brilliant souls using my workspace, I work so I can pay for my workspace - you will be supporting an independent artist do her job like a boss ❤️)

The hand of glory .... there is only one person in world who could have sat and stitched this so lovingly. A life time of my hoarding curios and for all those house moves, I have never struck true gold in our old , haggard walls - there are some things you just have to be happy have been discovered anywhere in tact, and that all those witch bottles and the remaining hand of glory (it's in Whitby, North Yorkshire) belong in museums.
So knowing the person I really treasure set about making this from scratch is beyond me. I have no words (for once!) This brilliant woman is starting to get the recognition she deserves - and over the next few months will be working with various galleries and museums to show her work in person - I really urge you to go yourself as no photos will ever do them justice. Working as an artist in such a tactile, sensory medium is a tricky thing to pop in a flat square on instagram, but we will be hosting a one day workshop , October 29th - on a Samhain theme - where with guidance and tuition you will have the opportunity to create your own little All Hallows' masterpiece! Details to follow, and this beauty will be there for your hungry eyes!! @mother_eagle_embroidery 👻🕸🕷🍂🦇

Had the brilliant chance to decorate my pal Leanne's arm the other day - and celebrate her badass train driver skills with a proper job stopper! Thanks , peach! Tiny limbs are no obstacle for fitting all the sea beasts ever!!! On a separate note, of course we don't tattoo with an arm rest unwrapped - me plonking some paper towel down to take a photo was only because I'd already unwrapped and cleaned up to take standing photos - then back tracked to a lying down position. A whole lot of clinell surface disinfectant is my best mate in these instances ❤️

I know my photos are shoddy, and yes I know this is the worst way to display them - but that's not the point here. I am so happy to have made this tattoo , I am so happy it is not a memorial tattoo and I am so glad that Zoe is so supported and loved. Such a beautiful girl, a pleasure to draw and I am really really proud of her likeness - every brilliant, magic silver-grey hair and all those extra whiskers are markers earned on a life well lived ❤️ Angelina , I am so pleased to start your first tattoo, it's so much cooler than mine - and thank you so much for being so kind to my sweet boy. Give your girls a boop from us by the sea xxxxxx

I AM ALWAYS GOING TO BE LATE IN TO WORK NOW. Thanks for nearly tripping me up on the daily pal, you make getting in to mop hard always with the chasing and the falling over ❤️

Paws across the ocean!! A quickie while I dry my hair and feel half ballsy enough to keep sharing , last week I was lucky enough to add to @moyerdestroyer 's collection - featuring trip , the all-big eyed, minuscule corgi king dog - poifectly depicted in his natural habitat by @shawn_hebrank , and included here so you can see my insane ability to a) pick the worst, most painful spot offered to me to pop your tattoo in b) make something mostly black and grey look pink c) make my tattoos creep over towards tattoos by my friends to try and hold hands - even if it involves hurting your knee. She also has a great piece by @jessicazedtattoo who I was excited to discover and subsequently internet stalk ❤️ On another note , in s way to publicly shame myself into getting over my own nervous bullshit, @doktoraltenburg & @the_vegan_cottage if I haven't emailed you by the end of the day sack me. I have started so many 'letters' to you both and bottled out, the former because even though I crossed out dates ages ago, I feel awful that it means you taking a trip each time and I was so determined to make you feel special by Halloween and to Heidi , I know you have to re build your whole house and just because I want to eat at purezza with you doesn't mean I get what I want. It's much worse when it's personal emails, I want to write like a regular human so much , is too the minute I start sounding like it's just a work thing and I know that's the least helpful thing in history. So here's to far away friends, and being sensible and booking properly without freaking out xxxx

And that'll be my evening of squinting and self depreciation . No rest for the wicked, 2% of phone stuff dealt with , but that's enough of a posting bender for now. Should be enough to chase a few hundred people off my page or something 💕

One of the best upsides to this job is getting to thrust your friendship on amazing women who your hurt , ritually on their birthdays with whatever their heart desires - then eventually they forget how shit it was and come back. Jen, you are brilliant, kind, fabulously well read and an all around winner. Thank you so much for continually lending me your birthday and your mum! Primrose modelled for this in real life and she is SO SOFT xxxxx @jeniferever 🌸🌸🌸

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