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Kate Mackay Gill  Pathological worrier & nervous wreck. Extreme spanielophile... West Sussex, U.K 🇬🇧 hello.selkie@gmail.com BOOKS CLOSED ⚡️sponsored by your dog⚡️

I live with someone who eats sleeps and breathes Star Wars, so while once I would have said I was a fan - now I know so many for whom a galaxy far far away is a way of life , I am just an enthusiast. I can't always tell you why b wings don't get too long on screen, I don't know the extended universe mythology and I only ever painted myself green once. I am also nervous to ever agree to pieces because I am surrounded by people who make it their sole work focus , it's quite intimidating and I always think they can do it better than I will. But I was lucky enough to go see the identities exhibition last week, and seeing so many interpretations and tippex-ed sketches, perfect and imperfect - standing up close infront of beautiful Ralph Mcquarrie panels , you know what , it's probably okay to say even though I don't write my shopping lists in aurebesh- Star Wars is a part of my life too. So on someone who asked me for this when I first first first started tattooing, here is me being brave. And extra uplifting cause even though we all have our stories and ways we relate, when I first lost someone when I was tiny and I was beside myself, I was taken to my next door neighbours house and sat infront of empire to 'cheer me up' before school. Now whenever I struggle with why awful things are happening to people we love and what the crap we are actually doing here when things are futile , I remember 'luminous beings are we , not this crude matter....' so here you go. 8 plus years in , finally brave enough to tattoo a true master 🌱🍃🌱

I am lucky to have a roof over my head , I am lucky my family aren't missing after a horrendous fire. I am lucky to have friends to bring beer over when the kitchen ceiling collapses , I am lucky we got to pick up Thai food cause the kitchen was too fucked to do anything last night, I'm lucky the insurance guy had a good sense of humour, I'm lucky I find mushrooms on the regular when I'm still swearing through my teeth, I'm lucky Darwin is strong enough to have the surgery he needs to keep him comfy even if it's scary but FUCKING HELL It would be lovely if things would all calm down a little bit. For everyone. I promise if there is anything left if the insurance cover this I will send it to help legal aid for Grenfell , but I will also probably be posting some extra dates if anyone wants some little impromptu tattoos as we need to raise a bit to fix the pooch and the house. Here's wishing you a happy solstice, and may all your dramas be irritating and shit not life threatening and heart breaking xxxxxx

It's hot as fuck and I've been working like an elf. Also, experimental elderflower marmalade (elder, sweet lemons, no shred 🌱)

Home after a lovely day. It's a good job this and still enjoying the novelty of a phone that works. Time to find something cold in the fridge and answer text messages because I actually can 🍓🍓🍓 ps, loads of new people who are probably robots, haaaai! It will mostly be very disappointing on here I swear, the ratio of cool snakes to spaniel is heavily on the spaniel side!!! Xxxxx

Andy and India you are the best thing to come out of a chat roulette encounter ever. Thank you so much for letting me start such a fun piece, I'd feel like a Dick if I tell you I enjoyed every minute of it - instead I will tell you I frequently clenched my own bum cheeks with guilt and empathy xxxxx

Best glass I ever accidentally stole . Guns and roses for the first time since 1991 and pretending we seeing hammers @woodfordtattoo @jackthomasnewton @jimmybreeze777

Here is a potato that is flowering in my garden. I don't get a lot right, but please let's not throw insults anywhere at anyone - please don't be mean on my account, there is enough of that. I am soft as fuck and was hurt by something someone said yes, I should maybe just be a grown ass thirty mumblesomethingmumble woman and realise it doesn't matter and I enjoyed making that drawing and I can't just be a negativity sponge. There is SO MUCH horrible shit happening right now, and I am stressed and tired and over reacting, but I also live in a house that hasn't burned my life and loves to the ground. I'm sorry for mouthing off. It was un called for, and mean but I should know better than to rise to that stuff, it's cool we all like snakes. I didnt mean to fly off the handle when this is the dumbest first world problem ever and the minute I have a moment I'm not making a stencil I promise to do something more pro active like this potato 🥔🌸

Kate 'I never get to make snakes' plissken on the a3 copier realness at the library again ....

When you gots a cancellation on your cancellation filler but you still gotta wait for a ups delivery so your heart shaped floof has to come 'help' you wait xxxxx

I saw you in the forest,
your eyes so deep and green.
I saw you in the fields, dancing there unseen.
I heard your breath of life
as you tickled leaf and blade
I wondered at your rippling skin
of amber, gold, and jade.
I banish smog and poisons
as I bring you in my life.
I release all pain and suffering
I refuse to live in strife.
Your gifts of joy and bounty
are welcomed in this place.
Pray bring blessings to each season
and touch this sacred space 🌿

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️CANCELLATION! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ first thing , please can we not be mean and do a 'oh god who would do this to you' and speculate- it sounds like a bad time and I'd hate to add to that, I don't remember the last time I ever 'claimed' a deposit either even though that makes things financially tricky sometimes - but I tattoo good people and life does happen. HOWEVER, it now means at very short notice I am at a loose end this Thursday June 15th - this little house Martin is available, heralding the summer and reverent of the horned god at the new solstice, from a glut of martins I've been working on. Have a read about the oak king versus the holly king if you like a bit of seasonal lore. At a push I can re arrange my drawing days also for the coming week but I do need notice for this as it involves dog sitting and I'm already struggling to keep up with admin so hard on top of slot of drawings for appointments which seem to grow sizeably from initial emails into huge pieces by accident between us both but it's a bit of a work out for my mind and brain cells keeping up!! Please don't direct message me, I don't read them cause interweb trolling reasons but I'm swimming in my inbox today already so here or in there if by some fluke you also want to celebrate the coming summer with me xxxx 🌿

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