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Kate Mackay Gill  Pathological worrier & nervous wreck. Extreme spanielophile... West Sussex, U.K 🇬🇧 hello.selkie@gmail.com BOOKS CLOSED ⚡️sponsored by your dog⚡️

Okay, fully aware I'm photo hoarding again. It's my main life skill. 'I'm really proud of this but I took 200 of the same bad photo, let me just sit on this nest of iPhone photos like a surprised bird on a cuckoo of bad angles of my best times at work!" So have this from today with Clair killing it, this is only one half of what we did today cause we finished her other bum cheek too but internet cant handle that, ya'll xxxxx

New phone is great because it works, stays switched on and as yet only 17 human beings have my number while I decide if I port the old one. I have never migrated photos before and it turns out the nearing 100 tattoos I made that I fell in love with then never posted - are for the most part on here now! So that will be a slow but loving ballache trawling through years of digital photo hoarding - but more importantly here's us as shit protocol droids with minimal power lust from 2014 #istillthinkthatdressisanewdress #maybeineedtogoshopping

A little one of these trendy black line numbers for wonderful Brie - and a tribute to her grandad and years working in and loving muir woods. Super super honoured to make this little number for you, I always feel lazy when I'm making line drawings because I spend my whole life trying to take them out of my stencils so I'm still so flattered you liked my daft homework just as is . Thank you homeslice ! Made to a soundtrack of audioslave and more audioslave and still fighting the scrolls along instagram photo box trying to squash photos I took yesterday 😑

When your iPad Pro is actually a pair of ikea scissors ⚡️

So lucky to make this hare for Steph, and still so happy as this is only my second ever 'hey I'd like to make this ' project. They have gone to such good homes and I feel really lucky. Sorry for being quiet, I know lots of people have the same problems and I know my anxiety does not reflect at all how privileged I am and I don't take it for granted one bit / I am just struggling to do very basic day to day things at the moment and the huge huge high and joy I feel when I am at work doesn't last when I come home and I probably need to fix up a bit. I'm struggling to book appointments, but if is all being done even if it's slow and no one is being ignored. I know it's first world problem crap but it's very real when you're in the middle and trying to live up to everyone else's achievements xxxx

Ever hopeful that a new phone might mean I can take some nice photos of iridescent micro belly shimmers in future ✨

Ol' mackerel radish Wilson over here #onepoundfiiiiish

Lovely Hebe, I am full of pizza and too much fizzy drink. Feeling very lucky to have made you this fancy ass crisp packet .💕 This photo is brought to you today by the power of blue tooth and an iPad. Thanks busted phone xxxxx

It was a shitty old week I made this blue tit chick , in puffed up shouty mode for Sophie - and she made me smile through all of it. Here's to one day playing the lottery, so I could win it and maybe take out big style alllllll those who have made dealing with the not so easy times feel aiite ❤️ (I hope we bump into you in town / when I'm dog stalking in your shop now I know hairy ones are legit allowed to shop too!!) xxxxx oh yeah, and here's my beautiful pooch , kindly crafted with great skill by Marc - over my work station smiling at me!!

You should never bum out too hard about cancellations because you never know who you'll meet when you fill one. A chance meeting over an emerald green pine cone and here we are again making some very workplace acceptable peonies ! Marina you are more wonderful than you know and I wish you'd taken my science lessons so I hadn't grown up to be a leech caught up in the sock of these wonderfully mindful intellectuals I seem to surround myself with. I was spoilt for good women today ❤️

To make up for the lack of fluff and length in the pastry ears, here is stu's binturong - a labour of love and so happy to start this, you sit like a rock and good luck with those curious, grabby kinkajou hands?! 😳✨ today I took all the keys from my house except the ones I needed, tipped a whole new box of tongue depressors on the floor rendering them unusable and couldn't stop my nose streaming and a still had a nice day which kind of proves I need tattooing really 🎈 Thankyou stu xxxx

Happy Star Wars day and may the fourth be with you - harping back to jabba the pie a few years ago, and late last night knocked out a salacious b crumble -( with green galaxy far far away custard that was supposed to be blue ) . He is a biscuitty short crust monkey lizard atop your standard crumble fayre but his ears were a bit structurally concerning , as was his beak which collapsed - but you know what, unless you've made salacious crumb out of pastry and succeeded I have zero embarrassment - so holster your blasters, stick on so modal nodes AND PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE lest the emperor get too cocky before her snap general election ✨✨✨ #maythe4thbewithyou - crumble courtesy of @nicolopolus banging suggestion, after the hutt pie when we heard that we've nearly made this so many times in your honour 🍾⚡️

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