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Kate Selenke  🌹SJA '17🌹 πŸ‘‘Ξ‘Ξ£Ξ‘πŸ‘‘ 🌻ESU '21🌻

πŸ’™ We got into a circle and did the victory dance. ------
These lovelies also came to #friendsgiving : @julia_coelho__ , @123meggie_s @emilysomerhalder , @bing_bong_bling , Erin Wheeler, Clare Coleman, and of course Monica Spencer πŸ’™

What a hell of a year 😘🌹
----------- To everyone who talked to me, cared about my heath, and helped me get out of Cottonwood Springs as soon as possible I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you I would have become what I was labeled, which was 'Nothing'. I learned from all of you that I am everything, and I believe it with every fiber of my being. Sure I may never get an apology or up front forgiveness, but I have others in my life to help block out dead silence πŸ’™ Props to @hopeyd123 for taking these outstanding photos πŸ’™ These look amazing and I love ya so much!
#🌹 #ayearinthemaking #thankyou #lovinglife #πŸ•· #iamloved #πŸ’™ #okayimdone #nowiwantnutella #😘

We're that one lovable family with the creepy twins. πŸ’™ #biglittlereveal

πŸ•· It's been awhile, so how about a long update? I got started with college, not too shabby. Was the luckiest person on earth to get an amazing suite right next to the exits and laundry room. πŸŽ‰ Not only that but I have gotten to know @esskaywhylar @chloe.ann.99 and of course @t.compton142 in my suite and they're absolutely wonderful πŸ’™ these are some of the sweetest and funniest people I have ever met, and I love getting to know them more everyday. I made it into not only the A Cappella choir this year, but also the top Chamber Choir as well. I honestly thought I would be cut as a freshman, but I'm one of the very few newbies in it. Of course I love every bit of each choir, especially when a chord shakes the room. 😍 I found a nice big tree between all my classes that I go to when I have the freetime so I can write more music. I'd love to get an album out there, name it 'Fincirala' and be decently known... but that requires money and I have none of that. So writing more and more is the best option at the moment. 😁 Ooo! Also, I'm now apart of the beautiful sorority that is @asa_epsilonepsilon When formal was happening I could tell they all had an amazing bond, and I wanted to join that. Definitely happy that I've already gotten to know the honestest and down-to-earth @chloeannfisher since she was my Bid-Day Buddy, and I think she is absolutely amazing!πŸ’™ I'm so happy I get the chance to be apart of this group of outstanding women for the next 4 years. Finally, of course, an update about me personally: I gained back the weight I lost from the beginning of the year plus a tiny bit more! I feel incredible, though I still have issues here and there. But I've made friends that will last a lifetime. Even at other colleges (especially Pitt) some old and some new friends haha. And they said having distant friends was impossible 😘 Anyway, I'll post more often now that I'm a bit more settled at ESU. 🌹 I have many events coming up that I would hate not to share!

My life is complete. πŸ’™

Big Fish was an amazing show! Got to see so many people I know do a wonderful job on stage and I love them all so much! πŸ’™

🌻Can't wait to be roomies with this amazing person.
------ #eexperience2017 #emporiastate #roomies

πŸŽ†My 4th of July was spent riding roller coasters and making my favorite cousin smile going on silly rides with her. Sure we had to go home early and we missed fireworks since she was getting sleepy, but this was definitely a 4th to remember.πŸŽ†

Pride 😊
So I know I've told a few, and honestly whenever I bring it up I get this feeling of relief and joy. Ever since I was little I have liked boys and girls. (Fun fact my first kiss was with a girl when I was 10) But there have been many times in my life where I thought I was a sin and I kept to myself on what I believed. Now I'm proud to be who I am. Sure I have anxiety over other issues, but when it comes to my sexuality I somehow have confidence in that part of my life.
Just to sum all that up: Being bisexual is something I will forever be proud of.

πŸ‘»Want to see some random stuff that helps me get through a summer depression? Check out my snapchat, if I like ya enough I'll start a streak with ya πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

Hope, you were the greatest person in choir and I'm glad I got to be apart of the Voices of Thunder with you all 4 years. Congrats and wonderful job singing today, you definitely have an amazing talent (better than me always) 😁
Please remeber the most important words: Trinidad! and the big Mississippi and the town Honolulu and the Lake Titicaca. the Popocatepetl is not in Canada rather in Mexico (Mexico Mexico)
Oh and if you lose contact with me in the fall I will find you and cut your hair πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚

πŸ₯ž Even though I'm going to see them again by making breakfast for their finals next week, I'm going to miss my song daughters πŸ’™πŸŽΆ Sing on girls. Don't let anything stop you from sharing your beautiful talent. πŸ’™

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