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Kate Selenke  πŸ‘‘Ξ‘Ξ£Ξ‘ 🌹SJA '17 🌻ESU Music Major, so idk when I'll graduate :)

🎢When your crush walks by: Expectation vs. Reality
There have only been a few times in my life when performing I get exhausted from singing a marvelous piece... 3 of those songs were in this concert alone. That was pretty stellar. Congrats to all my girlies with solos those were sooooooo amazeballs like I can't. πŸ’™ also just in general congrats to my other @esuchoirs peeps that's a concert i'll never forget!
Wish I could have listened to the SJA concert going on THE SAME TIME AS MINE (triggered... Missing @ally.boutte , @me._.rr , @michaelladay and all my other Song babies!!! Stop growing up btw πŸ’™)
Also holy cow I haven't posted in awhile I've been so busy with many things! Now I got this weekend to prepare for and then NATS so yeet.

🌊How is this my first swim this summer? Best vine recreation at the end. πŸ‘Œ
Also again, why are the cutest pics taken on iphone and blurry? I should buy her a better phone 😘😘😘
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🌈Everybody say LOVE!πŸ’œ
#thisisme #kcpride2018 #kcpride #pridemonth

🎢Eye to eye with a looming disaster I'm done crying and hating who I am. Brand new life with a confidence mastered
I know that I can.
Count me out of a booming depression I'm done lying and tearing me apart.You had me doubled up in the corner. Now it's over, 'cause I know who I am!🎢
#selflove #favoritesong

Look at this fierce Co-WERKers "photoshoot" we did πŸ’œ ----------------
(The better quality photos are from MY phone 😘) #swingers #whyisshegreen #winterwonderland #vapenation #tidepods #eatemup #BALLOONS #therearetwokindsofpeople #aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa #yass #slay #selfieboutique

🌟Every cosplay I create (or recreate for Sunday), I have a beautiful and complex memory/story to tell about that character. πŸ’œ To finally cosplay as the character that brought me into the anime community was absolutely amazing to experience. Seeing the bight eyes of the girls my age saying Angol Mois was their childhood and remembering why they loved anime to begin with made me want to tear up.
✏And, of course, to bring back a character and make her more messed up than she usually is helped me in more ways than one. Hell, I even won Judge's Choice for Sunday's contest because I talked about why I brought back Paige with all the weird symbolism behind it πŸ˜‚.
🌟Thank you, @nakakonanime for giving me 6 years of being my nerdy self for 1 weekend with others in KC. It's only been 24 hours, but I'm already planning out next year! πŸ’œ
#nakakon #naka2018 #nakakon2018 #angolmois #sgtfrog #dhmis #cosplay #childhood #memories #inspired

I'm with the smart people for the first time ever!!! πŸŽ‰
------------ #esu #scholars #honors #cantbelieveipassed #πŸŽ‰

πŸ’™ I haven't posted in awhile cause not much has happened, but I'm still proud that I'm back to a normal weight. ----------------------
#confidence #itsbeenawhile #feelingood #lovinglife

β˜ƒWhat a wonderful ChristmasπŸ’™
#christmas2017 #whyamitheshortest #imwearingwedgesinthisphoto #howamistillshort #welp #merrychristmas β˜ƒ

πŸ’™ We got into a circle and did the victory dance. ------
These lovelies also came to #friendsgiving : @julia_coelho__ , @123meggie_s @emilysomerhalder , @bing_bong_bling , Erin Wheeler, Clare Coleman, and of course Monica Spencer πŸ’™

What a hell of a year 😘🌹
----------- To everyone who talked to me, cared about my heath, and helped me get out of Cottonwood Springs as soon as possible I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you I would have become what I was labeled, which was 'Nothing'. I learned from all of you that I am everything, and I believe it with every fiber of my being. Sure I may never get an apology or up front forgiveness, but I have others in my life to help block out dead silence πŸ’™ Props to @hopeyd123 for taking these outstanding photos πŸ’™ These look amazing and I love ya so much!
#🌹 #ayearinthemaking #thankyou #lovinglife #πŸ•· #iamloved #πŸ’™ #okayimdone #nowiwantnutella #😘

We're that one lovable family with the creepy twins. πŸ’™ #biglittlereveal

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