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Kate Watson  Certified life coach. Relationship photographer. Passionate advocate for at-risk youth. Lover of arts, dark chocolate, and books with happy endings.


INSPIRED JANUARY 20 - VISION - Today, hubby and I took part in the Los Angeles Women’s March. It was a peaceful, inspirational collection of people supporting women’s rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, black lives, facts and science, and more.
My vision for America is that our leadership reflects the beautiful diversity of our people, and that every human being has equal access and opportunity to the promises made by the Declaration of Independence, those of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It's what must be in this 21st century.
What is your vision?

#inspiredjanuary #vision #womensmarch #hearourvote #resist #wmla #wmla2018 #powertothepeople #feminist #DTLA #powertothepolls #marchon #futuresocialworker #changingtheworld #dreamers #supportdaca

INSPIRED JANUARY 19 - BOLD - I don’t consider myself to be a particularly bold person but I do love bold colors. My work bag is fuchsia, my car and many of my accessories (Kindle cover, water bottle) are Giants orange, my pedicure is usually a shimmery purple, orange, or teal. My eye is drawn to vibrancy. What resonates with me about bold color today is that it can coexist with gentleness, like in this “delicate beauty,” a yellow hibiscus.

How does bold resonate with you today?

#inspiredjanuary #bold #delicate #hibiscus #beauty #blooms #yellowhibiscus #hawaiistateflower #aloha

INSPIRED JANUARY 18 - MINDFUL - I consider myself to be a fairly mindful person. What I mean by that is I try to stay present, attentive to what's happening, and to notice when my thoughts stray and what my emotional state is trying to tell me. Lately I've been pondering the limits of mindfulness. Of course no one can be 100% present and nonjudgmental at all times and, yet, I feel that is often what is asked of me in all-day classes or back-to-back client sessions. How can I manage the cognitive load of these demands, I ask myself. I don't yet have answers. If you do, I welcome them.

What are your thoughts on mindfulness? Are there limits? What are they?
#inspiredjanuary #mindful #mindfulness #consciousliving #being #present #grounded

INSPIRED JANUARY 17 - STRONG - As I mentioned over the weekend, strong is one of my key desired feelings for 2018. When I ask myself how I’m going to bring about that feeling, my thoughts include: Continue gyrotonic lessons. Continue going for regular walks. Develop my ability to take longer hikes. A few years ago I utilized the Galloway run/walk training method to train for a 10K but I ended up running too hard and tore my plantar fascia and peroneus brevis tendon. This time, I’m going to use the Galloway Method to develop my ability to take longer hikes. The first step was a short & sweet 3-mile-hike with 500-ft elevation gain over the weekend. It led to a nice view, provided solid quality time with my love and a little silliness. (In the first photo he took, I was just standing and smiling. He told me to be more dramatic. Enjoy!) What makes you feel strong?

#inspiredjanuary #strong #startwhereyouare #loslionestrail #hiking #gallowaymethod #hikela

INSPIRED JANUARY 16 - IN THIS MOMENT - In my 8am lecture this morning, my professor said that, to get an effective counselor, you need to stay in the moment. What a nice coincidence, right? All day, as I've sat in classes, my role has been to be an attentive learner. I practiced that mindfulness on my recent walk to class, noticing this lovely rose along the path Where are you and what are you seeing in this moment?

#InspiredJanuary #inthismoment #mindfulness #rose #blossoms

INSPIRED JANUARY 15 - BEHIND - After 10 years, I’m finally ready to stop letting past hurts impede my future progress. I am ready to stop playing small, and to move into being who I truly am and doing what I know I must do. 10 years is a long time, I know, but big betrayals can take a lot of time and work to heal, especially when you take the wrong lesson from them initially. It’s been a process of little and larger steps, forward and backward, but I can now truly say that I have let go and am ready for what’s next.
What are you ready to put behind you?
#inspiredjanuary #letgo #behindme #timetomoveon #rearviewmirror #whatsnext

INSPIRED JANUARY 14 - AHEAD - Along with naming a word for the year, Grow, I identified four supportive words to remind me of how I’d like to feel in 2018: strong, connected, informed, and creative. As I move through the days, weeks, and months ahead, I’m looking forward to noticing when I feel these desired feelings and to seeking out new ways to do so when I don't. What’s ahead for you in 2018?
#inspiredjanuary #ahead #thebestisyettocome #consciousliving #planningahead #whatsnext #howiwanttofeel #gyanamudra #beach #meditation #lookingahead

INSPIRED JANUARY 13 - ADVENTURE - When planning our Inspired January journey, I thought I’d be ready for an adventure by the second Saturday of 2018. Really, though, I've been enjoying a slow, ease-filled transition into this new year. Instead, I’ll share a little adventure from last month.
When my mom visited for the holidays, we took her to OUE Skyspace downtown and rode the skyslide, a 45-foot glass chute approximately 1,000 feet above street level. Here's a video of my trip down the slide.

What is your relationship to adventure? Had any fun adventures lately?

#inspiredjanuary #adventure #microadventure #inspiremyinstagram #documentyourdays #oueskyspace #skyspacela

INSPIRED JANUARY 12 - FLOW - One of the things I like most about my new form of exercise, gyrotonic, is how one movement flows into the next. Writing that feels a bit odd since vinyasa is not my favorite form of yoga, but it works for me in gyrotonic. I appreciate the slow, methodical movement that strengthens my core and limbs yet doesn’t push me too far/into incorrect form. I came to gyro after tearing some tendons and ligaments in my foot and leg. My pilates instructor recommended it for rehabilitation, and now I’m hooked. I wish I could take class every day! Designed by and for dancers, it stretches my spine in ways I’ve never experienced before and it’s fun to be taught by professional ballerina @blonde_erb and to see other dancers in the studio on occasion.

Where are you finding flow today?

#inspiredjanuary #flow #gyrotonic #gyrotonicexpansionsystem #movementcenterla #exercise #rehab #strengthen #movement

INSPIRED JANUARY 11 - ABUNDANT - Ok, today’s post is a little tongue-in-cheek. Where am I feeling abundant today? In reading assignments. For one class, we’ve been assigned a textbook plus 499 pages of research papers to read over the next 10 weeks. That’s for one out of my five classes. I don’t know when I’ll find the time. Thank goodness for this long weekend. But, on a more serious note, when I asked my husband what he thought we had in abundance, the first thing he said was, “Love.” Cute, right? He’s a keeper.
#inspiredjanuary #reading #gradschool #gradschoollife #researchpapers #msw #isitfridayyet #abundant

INSPIRED JANUARY 10 - GRATEFUL - Today I am grateful for: Naps. Modern medicine. Exercise that stretches my spine and limbs out so much that I no longer need massages. My wonderful, perfect-for-me husband. Friends and family who check in just to say, “hi!” A safe, warm place to live. Enough food to eat. A car I love to drive. Old school hip hop. Chocolate. And vacation sunsets. This is a list I made during my morning commute. What are you grateful for today?
#insspiredjanuary #grateful #gratitude #gratitudeattitude #consciousliving #livewell #livewithintention #nofilter

INSPIRED JANUARY 09 - GENTLE - Since we returned from Hawaii, I have felt exhausted. Whether it relates to changing time zones, staying up too late Saturday night, or fighting off illness, I'm not sure, but my response must simply be gentleness. Today is the first day of classes and, as such, I must push through to some extent, but I can also be gentle with my expectations by acknowledging that I’m not 100%. If I'm feeling spacey, that's ok. If I went to bed early last night and still slept poorly, that's ok. If I'd rather be cuddled up in my warm bed like this little elephant cradled in Buddha's hands instead of out in the rain, that's ok. I can imagine it's so.
And now I ask you, how are you being gentle with yourself today? If you set an intention yesterday, is there a small, gentle step you can take today? Please share in the comments.
#InspiredJanuary #gentle #consciousliving #elephants #buddha #buddhism #art

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