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Kate Watson  Writer-photographer-coach exploring conscious, creative living. Lover of arts, dark chocolate, and books with happy endings.


Great to hear author J.D. Vance's personal experience with child welfare and as a CASA intern, and his advice for CASAs: "Be the people these kids can trust. It's terrifying to not know who you can talk to, what you can say, and who you can trust." #WeareCASAGAL17 #casaforkids #fostercare

Opening keynote for the National CASA Conference with Tara Perry. This year, 1,200 attendees will attend >100 workshops to build a brighter future for every child who has experienced abuse or neglect. #casaforkids #nationalcasaconference #fosteryouth #WeareCASAGAL17

Hacking foster care today because, as moderator Mary Stutts says, "We need to get all foster youth to self-sufficiency." #hackfostercare #hfcsummit #casaforkids #beaCASA #fostercare

My hair needed a fun shot today. And a #haircut. #doneanddone #pinkhair #havefunwithit

@fireandwindco asked me to share what it's like to be #theimperfectboss, that is, a real, flawed human being and business owner. Here ya go:

In 2007, I spent $50K defending a lawsuit that was probably worth no more than than $5K. Why?

Because: 1) I felt I was being unfairly attacked, 2) I let my principles override common sense, and 3) I couldn't find a way out without completely giving in to the plaintiff's demands

That experience has impacted every moment of my self-employment journey since.

That's my big secret. What's yours? #truthbomb #ownyourstory #entrepreneurship #ladyboss #entrepreneurlife #truestory #bossbabe

You’ve got big dreams, but maybe you need some help reaching them. Coaching could be just what you’ve been looking for. And now is a great time to try it—because I am offering individual sessions at a fabulous rate (free!). People come to #coaching for a variety of reasons. Some want to achieve big dreams, others need help overcoming obstacles, and still others want to talk through challenging situations.

Generally speaking, coaching clients are seeking more #fulfillment or #balance in their lives, and they want #accountability and support to help them get there. That’s where a #coach comes in.

If you’ve been considering coaching, I would love to work with you. Click the link in my profile to schedule your free session today. #consciousliving #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #liveyourbestlife #linkinprofile

Pretty little #popofcolor in my kitchen, as the #rainbowchard plumps up in some water. #consciouseating #beautysurroundsus #itsthelittlethings

Eating whole #oranges is brilliant when you have a sore throat. Cold from the refrigerator, tangy sweet, and packed with vitamin C. Thanks, husband! #nomorepillsforme #freshisbest #consciouseating #consciousliving

Last year for my birthday, my mother-in-law gave me a #coloringbook and some markers. Little did she know, it was a perfect gift! In fact, I was already hooked by the coloring craze, having downloaded some blank #mandalas online and purchased a set of fancy #coloredpencils from Amazon.

What I've since discovered is that #coloring is a lovely, ease-filled #stress reliever. Curious? Click the link in my profile for reasons and resources to get started.
#mindfulness #consciousliving #selfcare #coloringforadults #linkinprofile

While #camping this weekend, I spent a lot of time beside the #fire. Part of that was the unseasonably chilly evenings in the high 40s. I also found myself mesmerized by the #flames licking and charring the logs, the snaps and pops as heat hits air, and the hot spots sparkling along the wood. As impossible as it is to capture the reality in a photo, I couldn't resist.

When was the last time you enjoyed a #campfire?

#beautysurroundsus #mindfulness #selfcare #liveyourbestlife

Hubby and I spent the weekend at the 25th Annual Southern California Homebrewers Festival, camping, drinking interesting beer, and spending time with old friends.

Trips like these remind me how much I miss living in #SoCal and all of our good friends there. It makes me ponder whether you can go home again or if it's best to simply savor these moments when they happen.

And yes, for those of you with amazing eyesight, those are pretzels on my hat. #itshowiroll
#socalhomebrewfest #schf #grateful @pacificgravity #longweekend #vacay #liveyourbestlife

During a coaching session a few months back, a client told me she didn’t know what self-care meant, and that she was uncomfortable with the idea of being unproductive, having grown up with role models who demonstrated the value of hard work and staying busy.

As a self-care proponent, I thought her take was interesting. While practicing self-care might not appear productive in the sense that “I have to finish this report because I promised it to my boss,” I believe it’s very productive when you think of it in terms of providing for your well-being so you can bring the best of yourself to the world.

It’s kind of like the well-known airline edict to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

This coaching session got me thinking, however: If my client was struggling to understand the concept of self-care, surely others must be as well. Click for my take on what self-care is and why it's so important.

#selfcare #consciousliving #personalgrowth #lifelessons #linkinprofile

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