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We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: Forgiveness is the ultimate form of emancipation.
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Loving you is easy cause you’re beautiful 💚
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Do everything you do with love and dedication. Work hard, play hard 🌞
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ATTENTION DREAMERS; this one is for you: the best ideas are founded on tacky derelict plastic chairs at random cheesy seaside locations. Know your dreams are clear directions to your next mind blowing destination. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. And if they dare; let them be the one who pushes you to the next grandiose level of your life. When all is done, don’t forget to turn around to thank them with that cheesy smile of yours - that one you mastered on the way . . .
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We can only imagine what he is tuned into and how he is perceiving what he sees. This little fellow is binge watching life. Hope you are too. Happy Tuesday. Enjoy the show. 🌫
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Have faith. Take a risk. Jump right in. Cross the boundary of fear, as you may just encounter what you have been looking for.
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I gently fall apart.

For now I feel this is what I need to give you. You said you wanted beaches & blue skies for 2018 right?! Then, this is my New Years gift to you my friend. I hope you like it 🙃

#lifesabeach #moretomorrow

Good morning last day of the year. You look so beautiful today. You probably did every day, but sometimes we couldn’t see you straight as your being was clouded through our emotions. At times you appeared crooked and twisted - a sight for sore eyes. But today you look beautiful, hopeful and inspiring. Good morning last day of the year. We’re already excited to see what you will share with us tomorrow. Thank you for showing up for us again and again and again 🙏🏽☺️
#goodbye2017 #lifeisbeautiful #inspiring #hopeful #showup #travelersnotebook

Looking beyond time and space into the other realms, we witness you starlight, star bright, in the moon struck water.
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May I ask you a question? Are those drops we see in the reflection of life, trifling options offered to take our mind of what we choose not to see? But, why see reality anyway, when we have dreams and fantasy? Maybe the ocean is merely an accumulation of raindrops and tears shed due to happiness and pain. Isn’t society just a collection of opinions attempting to impersonate what we perceive as unity? As reality? The expression of life a mysterious creation of our beautiful minds? Are we sleeping or unconsciously awake? Does anything really matter? Because, illusion or not, for the most part I AM enjoying this journey. How are you doing? ❤️
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‘Could you please give me directions to the ocean’ she asked with her croaky voice ‘I need to find him’. Hair wet. Barely clad. Her legs wrapped up in a turquoise robe which looked odd - scaly. The question seemed quite absurd, as it looked as though it couldn’t have been too long, before our encounter, that she had been in the ocean. I attempted to answer as calm and collected as possible, given the odd circumstances. ‘There are a few options’ I answered. ‘I need the easiest way in’ she replied. ‘There is no easiest way in. Directions are merely options, at least both are just as fast. The choice is entirely up to you’. Which ever way you choose, you will get there. There, where you need to be. In the ocean. .
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