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katarina ivezic  Travel guru 🌏 Based on a true story 🗺 BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature 📖

📸1&2 • Griffith Observatory • offers impressive views of the surrounding area, pretty photo op and a top notch planetarium. If you've ever visited LA without popping up here, you're a prick! 😜
📸3 • Sepulveda Blvd • illuminated aorta in the network of street arteries.
📸4 • us 👫
📸5 • Foucault Pendulum •  swings in a constant direction while the Earth turns beneath it. The pendulum is mounted to a bearing in the rotunda ceiling that does not turn with the building as it rotates with the Earth. A ring magnet at the bearing gives a little tug on each swing of the pendulum to keep the pendulum in motion. As the day passes, the pendulum knocks over pegs set up in the pendulum pit and indicates the progress of rotation.
📸6 • Hugo Ballin Mural •
📸7 • Her majesty, the Moon • telescope view
📽8&9 • Pendulum op and Tesla Coil op

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Unconditional Surrender Statue, San Diego, CA. Raising the American flag on Iwo Jima would be a quitessential WWII icon for triumph, and this statue is the icon for the rewards of just victory. It displays the image of a sailor in Times Square on V-J (Victory over Japan) Day grabbing the nearest gal -- a nurse -- and trading anonymous spit. 🙌🇺🇸💪❤

#sandiego #california #tellmeastory

The unforgettable Sedona experience must include spending time at internationally renowned Tlaquepaque, Arizona's Arts & Crafts Village, one of the best things to do in Sedona.
Nestled beneath the shade of the sycamores on the banks of beautiful Oak Creek in Sedona, Tlaquepaque is the most distinctive Sedona shopping experience to be found in the Southwest. 🔮❤🇺🇸 #worldonthepalm #roadlesstraveled #hiddengem #Sedona #wanderlust #AZ

One of the dopest God's houses that I've seen. And Nicolas Cage's villa facing it. 📍Sedona

Sedona spiritual vortexes are powerful and transformational energy centers that are located at specific sites throughout Sedona, Arizona. Vortexes are the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, also known as ley lines.

Ley lines can intersect in different ways, creating different types of energy vortexes. The three most common types of vortexes are magnetic, electrical and balanced vortexes.

Magnetic vortexes have a feminine or “yin” energy because the energy flow is very nurturing, soft and welcoming and can assist you in inward activities, such as contemplation, meditation and reflection. Cathedral Rock, where we are in the picture, the “womb with a view” is a well-known magnetic vortex.

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Some dream it, we live it! 🎶🎼 soundtrack from Emir Kusturica's Arizona Dream by Goran Bregović & Iggy Pop.

#Sedona #AZ #Arizona

What doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you. ⛰ #vortex #meditation

Sedona, the town I've dreamt about visiting. The place where the forces of nature formed colorful canyons and sandstone monoliths. Today, they offer a powerful panorama for all to behold! ❤🌏 #worldtraveler #dream

Roaming the land of Navajo Indians. Over the summer, the canyon experiences spectacular light shafts. We were lucky enough to get in to the noon group, as it is the time when the beams are the strongest. Simply amazing. 🌏

300m below...magnificent Colorado meander 🏞

Always be curious🔮, never stop learning📚, keep discovering 🌏 and let your soul be your pilot✈. #Arizonadream #desert #yoga #catchmeifyoucan

Muscle Beach, the birthplace of the physical fitness boom and the beach gym where Schwarzenegger was discovered 💪

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