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Kaitlin Ho 

"Andrew and Kaitlin, you have chosen a biblical passage that speaks to another reality where everything is not right in the world and one another. A world where relationships are broken between friends, in families, in communities, between races. In other words, it is a world that is desperately in need of reconciliation – the journey where enemies become friends, hostility gives way to love, relationships are made right again. And reconciliation is at the heart of what Paul is describing in these verses. And it is a word that I believe all of us have a deep longing to experience in our lives. And I know it is more than a word for the two of you, it is a deep calling on your lives. You have given yourself to be a man and woman of reconciliation … and now you are about to embark on the biggest, most beautiful, most challenging journey of reconciliation of all – marriage." + Rev. Brucey Cooke

pc: @shiprapanosianphotography #greenteaandcreatine #katayandrés

if you can guess which mountain im on, i will give you a high five 🙋🏻 hint: we literally scaled the side of it to reach the summit! saw worn, tired hikers feeling very victorious. then hiked a very sharp edge all the way down. which mountain am i? 🔪🤔#hike #guess #climbeverymountain

one of these days i won't be able to do this, im sure. but until then 😎 #thisis31

love is big beautiful bluebs handpicked by amy's dad and biked to your door by cute biker amy when you are at that laaaast hump of paper writing and you make her listen to you ramble about an 8th century conversation between timothy the patriarch and the caliph mahdi as she listens politely while drinking a glass of water. #bluebs #littletreasures #summerlove

today i was stuck in a broken elevator alone for over an hour with no phone, just my keys and an empty tupperware and the Spirit of the Lord inside me. after 31 years of life I FINALLY GOT TO PUSH THE EMERGENCY CALL BUTTON!! (and they only dropped the call 4 times!! 😳) i banged on the elevator door to ask other residents to maybe get help, and to relay a message my workout buddy who i left jumping rope ("jump until i get back!" lol) of my sad predicament.

to pass the time and keep the walls from closing in, i did a push-up / sit-up / shoulder circle / squat circuit 8 times before being rescued and climbing out of the elevator (which was halfway between the 3rd and the 4th floor). here i am. that is my tupperware and my keys. the maintenance guy was confused about why i was sweaty and i said "all the push-ups." haha.

thinking about people confined to small spaces, or people who just feel stuck. thinking about how to care and hear them banging through the walls and not forget them, but to pay attention and be inconvenienced for the sake of their freedom. thankful for the people who have been lifelines in "tight spaces" for me, who call me out of darkness and foolishness and into the light of day.

pc: @mrhsarge, the workout buddy who eventually stopped jumping rope and came to my rescue 🤗 #bts #allaloneinanelevator

this little garden only gets a few hours of weak morning sun, so i didn't have much hope for its #flourishing, especially the tomatoes. and yet i have salads every few days from the ever-growing lettuce, the herbs are abounding, and the tomato plants, from tiny little seedling babes, are up to my hip! the fight for life with a lack of sunlight and the limitations of pots? this little porch garden encourages my little farmer heart. #farmerkata #pottedgarden #againstallhope #maybeonedayicanplantintheground #👩🏻‍🌾

andrew's special chocolate cake and my raspberry cream cheese buttercream frosting concoction for jonathan's birthday! the frosting may be a little on the un-neat side because the cakes were a little warm still but we can pretend it was for artistic flare. it was our first joint bake and KIMBY SAID WE ARE THIS WEEK'S STAR BAKER!! #gbbo #dreamscometrue #baeking #maryberry??

may you be fiercely compassionate and courageous to call true beauty out of monsters with great authority, like our girl #moana. #harperroseturley #adisneyprayer #mybaby #okfinenotmybabybutmyniece

i used to live for my weekly "to do" lists -- for the high of crossing things out and the feeling of self-satisfaction for how lengthy it was. so busy! how important i must be. in the beginning of sabbatical my lists were shorter than they ever have been which was very weird, and i tried to fill it with other things, hobbies, people, tasks. flailing around to distract myself from the most important thing. in month five, im realizing my own foolishness, seeing how ridiculous it is to idolize busyness as an indicator of our worth, and am longing to stop running to sit (sit!! me? yes. sit.) with the father. FINALLY. it is delightful. i will be paring down my schedule so i can, as brucey says in wisdom with his south african accent, "respond faithfully to what God is forming in you." my #bulletjournal will have shorter to-do lists and more flower sketches and space to create new things :) thankful for friends and family who, with baby snuggles and quiet nights and take out dinners and the gentle giving of space and thoughtful hospitality and a gift of a massage groupon(!) help care for me and slowww down the bullet train that is (was?) kata :) #bujo #bulletjournalspread #katassabbatical #slowdownkata #moreflowerslesslist #bujo200kgiveaway

besides my dad, ive never lived with any males. except taffy the boy cat. and so here i am now with my new roommates! they are very different from ali and moriah and kana and sindri and maggie and olivia and sarah and mere and dee and jane and kit and kimby haha. but lovely in their own way and we are family and laugh a lot and help each other and i like it!! tonight we celebrated and shared most everything because we are roommates and we are cute. #🍫 #birthday #roommates #brothers #andme #👱🏽👨🏽🙆🏻

specific rhythms are for specific seasons and cannot last forever in the same way, no matter how much you treasured them and were nourished by them. i no longer have a magical little boat porch with fancy lights that smells of rosemary and spicy tomato plants, nor time to be there every evening with my glorious single self and lady roommates haha. but i do believe that cultivating sacred spaces in our homes and schedules is vital to our flourishing - so after mourning the loss of the old faithful porch, i made an "evening tray of magic" for rooftop time, complete with journal, candles (i need a bigger one ha), wedding wands and celebration flags, and my special letter box. here's to quiet nights when there's no rain and some extra time, where your soul catches up to your body as you marvel at the sky, hear the rumble of the train, and sit with beloved humans (as long as the 30:70 talk:silence ratio is obeyed teehehe). #sacredordinarymoments #slowdownkata

i never understood the concept of delivery because making your own food is cheaper and usually the place you order from is down the street so you should maybe just walk or bike there? because $3 extra and tip to walk down the street is a lot if i can walk? 🤔but @eunicek.yo explained that someone doing it for you is precisely the point and @singhlalala helped me realize that sometimes it is a nice luxury. and i haven't had much energy lately and SO I TRIED IT. TODAY IS THE SECOND TIME I EVER GOT DELIVERY FOR ME AND NOT 150 STUDENTS (the first time was yesterday!!) AND IT'S AMAZING THEY KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR AND GIVE YOU FOOD. OUR DELIVERY MAN WAS VICTOR BOTH DAYS AND I HOPE HE COMES TOMORROW TOO 🙋🏻🍕🤓 in a weird way, this is a small victory in the "kata learns to not try to be superwoman" arena and so ill douse it in garlic powder and savor it! ( also yes, i am wearing a neck travel pillow and a sheet cape this is true 💃🏻) #slowdownkata #dontbikearoundthecityandsavetheworld #eatpizza #tranquila #másdespacio #sacredordinarymoments

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