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kata ho givens  i don’t capitalize letters on social media 🙆🏻


about every year / year and a half, i cut 10-12 inches off. im starting a hair growing factory if anyone wants to join so we can braid it into one big carpet? #🤢 #diy #haircarpets #etsy #imagenius

this post is dedicated to my little baby pupski imp #harperroseturley. may your cheeks always be plump and your lashes long and may you be ok if i force you to be my flower headsnug model until you’re 30 also please stop growing up kthxbye. #diy #imadethis #theheadsnugsnotthebaby @kitturley4988

love is many things. it is telling the truth when it hurts, it is carving out time to be together when time is scarce, it is a battle worth fighting with grit and tears. yes all that PERO sometimes it is sweet like a chocolate roulade just like you’ve been craving, freshly baked and rolled and presented on the table for you after a full day of work and class. #😭 #imarriedcaptainamericaandmaryberry #baeking #goodbyewaistline #katayandrés

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL from me and the FLYEST PROFESSOR ON THE BLOCK! im taking strategies, leadership, and management in ministry with professor @virginia.ward and already am being challenged to organize vision and ideas into diagrams and charts that would make @luesaurus sing with joy, and to ask pointed evaluative questions that would make @taystraatmann join in harmony. the Lord knows how i need a course like this, particularly at this stage of life and ministry. grateful! thanks to all who make full-time ministry and part-time seminary a possibility. and to andrew who helped cook so we have roughly 20 individually packed full amazing meals in the fridge 💜 #katagoestoschool

ps: i will stop my first-day-of-school pictures when i finish my degree, of course 🙆🏻

if you can layer your feet in at least two pairs of wool socks and still fit them in knee high waterproof boots, may i suggest winter walks in the woods as an excellent exercise for the mind, body, and soul :) these paths have befriended me and been a refuge in spring, summer and fall. on this wintry 11 degree morning, they taught me about survival and flourishing when it looks and feels like death. #❄️ #bombcyclone #boston #offcenter #iwantcrosscountryskis

i almost got blown away by the wind and i should’ve practiced walking in the princess poof, but it was one of my favorite moments of the year. i giggled and laughed and almost fell multiple times and my dad was laughing and i felt like God the Father and great host was chuckling too :) more on the reepicheepstales.com blog thing 🐭

pc: @shiprapanosian
flowers: @mimosaboston

ok people. something i heard clearly during my sabbatical was an invitation to write more purposefully and share it vulnerably 😶 which was annoying and i ignored it for quite some time but i did tell God id do it by the end of the year so here i am! being obedient and scared lol. you can go to reepicheepstales.com to see my very first blog post on my smallest but favorite inspiration, who also happens to be a very fierce, likely enneagram 8 mouse. it’s long, but what else is new :) THANKS KIT FOR DRAWING THIS FOR ME!!! and thank you @gerriannepennings @jess_jenks1 @kmdouthit @queen_nyeela for inspiring me with your courageous writing. and @mrhsarge for your keen eye 🧐

emmanuel, God is with us! and that changes everything. the story everyone knows about you and “how you are” (maybe the things you have resigned to and come to believe?) doesn’t have to be what defines you. there is new hope of a different ending to the story precisely because God, with all of his power, tenderness, and long-suffering patience, is with us. with us!! CHANGES. THE. GAME. yes, salvation for when you die but ALSO HEALING. FOR. TODAY. hallelujah. and REAL. HOPE. FOR. TOMORROW. oh man. friends, the christmas lights will be taken down and the trees will die and “same old” will come round the corner: don’t miss the treasure that is Jesus. let andrew and i know if are curious about him; he is our favorite topic of conversation and it’s our greatest joy to share our treasure. merry christmas, all! #🎄 #💫 #emmanuel #katayandrés

first time christmas traveling with my husband :) it is much warmer in the south! i miss the snow and the hos but the weather here doesn’t hurt my skin and things are different and new and i have a bigger family now :) whether you’re traveling or staying home, missing loved ones or snuggled up with cup of frothy hot cocoa, wishing you all a rich time of rest and connection. for grace and kindness for all the little aches, and sheer unfiltered delight in all the bits worth savoring.

for those of you who are realizing that tax incentives for giving are drastically changing and are looking for ways to be generous in the last few days of 2017, well hello! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏼‍♂️ andrew and i are new to this whole married-and-full-time ministry thing and raising support for the first time together and in need of generosity for our work with students. if you’d like to make an end-of-year gift, you can go here: https://donate.intervarsity.org/donate#13904. generosity has literally changed our lives, and we are so humbled and grateful.

with affection,
kaitlin and andrew #greenteaandcreatine #katayandrés

it’s the week before christmas. no paper bag is safe around me ✂️🙆🏻🎄#brownpaperpackages #tiedupwithstring

red doors are always lovely, but you notice them more at christmas. a wreath helps them pop 🎈it is like hope during the advent season. even as that “advent ache” for real peace and actual justice, for healing and unquestioning, unending love comes in strong and makes you yearn and groan and feel oddly hollow, christmas carols sung and age-old scriptures remind us of a hope found in a crying baby, God come in flesh, powerful and glorious and yet vulnerable and intensely and incredibly with us to bring heaven to earth and show us a new way. hope, always present but somehow more beautiful and sweetly sustaining.

praying that wherever you are, with whatever you’re carrying, and in the ache of waiting, that we would notice red doors that we normally haven’t paid attention to, that we would make space to listen with soft hearts, and that we would be surprised by hope. we are indeed not alone, and the one who has come is more kind and more powerful and more trustworthy than any other. #advent “long lay the world in sin and error pining /
til he appeared, and the soul felt it’s worth /
a thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices! /
for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!”

maggie came into my life when i was almost too busy and distracted to see what a gem had just moved into my apartment. i didn’t yet know how to truly value friendship and give it the care it deserved, and yet a friendship indeed was born! i was fed so many incredible meals, gleaned so much wisdom, learned how to knit and sew and make salad dressing and buy my own kitchenware. maggie spoke truth fiercely into my life whether it was welcome or unwelcome lol, and even when my ears were ringing with conviction and it felt like i was slapped in the face, the kindness upholding her ferocity made me listen. i realized that she was trying to pull out greatness in me somehow, from someplace i couldn’t see. she got married to her favorite guy mohit, and still i was invited to life with them, still their table was always open to me. it was from maggie that i learned about how sweet it can be when married couples do life with single people, about thoughtful living that cares for the earth and worships the creator, about ever-flowing hospitality. what a treasure i have been given in my friend maggie.

now she and mo have a beautiful daughter named wren, or “little dragon birdie” teehehe. seeing maggie battle and give and grow as a mom is such a beautiful thing. so was visiting with her rapidly-expanding family who extended such warm fresh-artisan-bread-from-scratch, story-telling, knitting-tricks-and-needles-sharing texan hospitality that suddenly made everything about maggie make sense.

i hope you all get to know a friend like maggie in your lifetime. #celebratefriendship

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