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Kat Trimarco  🌸I help women reclaim their SEX and their LIFE 🌸Published Author, Sex Coach, Spiritual Life Coach

Sex is art. Pleasure is art. Body is art. Life is art. I am art. You are art. We’re all fucking art.

“I’ll never forget my first sexual experience. I was thirteen years old. I met up with an older boy who went to a different school. He picked me up in his old beater car and we went for a drive, pulling over on the side of the road in an industrial area to swig back some drinks and puff on a joint. My head spun and my body relaxed. I liked the feeling. Every bit of tension slipped from me, leaving me feeling warm and cozy.

With the alcohol and weed pumping through our blood, our hormones took over. We ended up in the back seat with my pants on the floor.
Are we going to have sex? I wondered, as if it was a decision I had no say in.

He slipped his finger inside me, and a shooting pain ran up through my entire body. I thought this was supposed to feel good, but it was far from pleasurable. I dared not express the pain my body was feeling for fear of disappointing him.
I closed my eyes and endured the probing, even forcing a moan every now and then, mimicking what I’d seen in porn as a sign of pleasure. This was what men liked, right?
After what felt like an eternity, he stopped and relief flooded over my body.
I sat awkwardly, naked from the waist down in the backseat of the car as he proceeded to tell me he wasn’t looking for anything serious or a relationship of any kind. I listened to his words but felt awkward sitting naked and exposed. I put on a brave face, but everything inside me collapsed. I dishonored my true feelings and agreed that I too wasn’t looking for
those things. Nothing could have been further from the truth.” Excerpt From
Self Approved™ - A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are.
Available for order on Amazon through the link in my bio.

💗No caption needed 💗

“Each morning I’d go to school with anxiety that would take over my whole body, sometimes leaving me begging and crying to be taken home or in a catatonic state.
I didn’t want to be in that big school. I felt like I was an alien in a room full of humans.”
“Over the next few years through junior high school I struggled to figure out where I fit in. I felt like an alien who had plopped down from outer space to disguise herself amongst the Earthlings. I wasn’t of them. I didn’t understand them. I had no idea how they made the decisions they did, but I made it my personal mission to blend in, and study and observe every move of my peers, who seemed to have it together. They clearly knew something I didn’t, and I was determined to figure out what that missing link was.
Witnessing others’ behaviors was how I made decisions and how I molded my actions, rather than following what felt good or natural to me. Although at the time I couldn’t put it into these words, I wanted love and connection and I longed deeply for acceptance.” Excerpt From my book
Self Approved™ - A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are
Link in my bio to order the book from Amazon.

Your human need to control everything is blocking the magic from flowing into your life.
The magic is always there. It’s always trying to flood you with opportunities. And what gets in the way is your human NEED to make sense of everything. To understand how it’s all going to pan out before you take action. Your soul doesn’t give you the whole freakin’ picture in one shot. You have to step out, take action, and BELIEVE that you’re supported, BELIEVE that of course all the beautiful experiences, people and things you desire get to come flooding into your experience. How could it be any other way?
It was never your job to know the how. It’s your job to get out of your own way so the magic can come flooding in. And take freakin’ action on your inner impulses. Don’t sit like a bump on a log as you’re flooded with inspired action you COULD take and then wonder why nothing is shifting in your life. You have to be a cooperative component to your own dreams and visions.

That calling. That vision. That dream that lives inside your heart...
It isn’t even about you.
It’s about so much more than you. It’s the divine creating through you.
It’s your purpose. Your calling.
Who are you to decide you’re not worthy of fulfilling the dream and the vision?
Who are you to decide you’re not good enough to manifest the glory of God on this earth?
How dare you? How dare you doubt the vision that’s trying to come to life through you?
How dare you deny the people you’re meant to serve through the bringing to life of this vision?
How dare your shrink yourself?
How dare you justify your smallness?
How dare you deny your light? Your brightness... your truth...
Get out of your own way. Get out of your head.
Get into your heart. Remember who you are.
Remember that you are an ethereal being that exists beyond time and place. This part of you isn’t separate from you. It is you. You just bought into the illusion that you are merely a human body walking through this life. No, no, no! You’re a miracle. You’re magic. You’re divine. Remember? Remember, remember, remember!
It’s YOU who brings this vision to life. It’s not a vision that appears outside of you. It’s created THROUGH you. Are you showing up for it? Are you taking action on it? Or are you waiting for it to magically show up on your doorstep.
You’re the creator! You. You. YOU.
I jammed out and taught some valuables on this topic yesterday on my Facebook live. Go check it out and leave a comment.

Who the fuck are you to decide?
I’m going live on my Facebook page right away here to talk about this.
If you miss me live, catch the replay and leave a comment!

I am so much stronger when I have sisters at my side. I am so much more powerful when I have the presence of another woman by my side. I am unstoppable when I have soul sisters whom I come together with, join forces and create magic with.
I am incredible on my own. But I am unstoppable with the power and support of other women.
Here’s the thing about powerful, feminine women... we’re so fucking loving and supportive of each other while simultaneously encouraging each other to uplevel into more and more empowerment. As one of us shines... as one of us expresses our desires... as one of us aligns with our brilliance... we encourage each other to do the same.
The age of competition is over. And the age of rising together is upon us. We raise each other up. We come together with collaborative and complimentary skills, abilities, and forces to create epic fucking magic.
Myself and @innerverseconnect came together and created Unleash with nothing more than an intuition that our teachings and power would compliment one another and a clear vision of the experience we’re creating for other women... the transformative experience they’d have. We followed the nudge. We took action. We created. And we did just as we intended to do... create epic, powerful transformation for the women who attended our day retreat, Unleash.
And oh, em, gee... we are just getting started beauties! The transformation has just begun. The collaboration has just begun. We’re only just getting started.
Unleash Edmonton version goes down Sept 8th. Stronger, bolder, more sexy than ever, and more transformational than ever before.
To be apart of this feminine day of transformation in Edmonton next month, message me and I’ll send you the link to register.

I don't care what other people are doing. I need to do what I need to to. I need to express what I came here to express. I don't care if my message fits into the construct of what other coaches, teachers, and spiritual authors are doing. None of that matters to me. I'm not trying to be like anybody else. I'm being me. I'm being Kat fucking Trimarco. My spirituality doesn't fit into a box. My sex doesn't fit into a box. I don't fit into a box. My business doesn't fit into a box. My workshops don't fit into a box. My coaching doesn't fit into a box. None of it fits into a box. I was born to color outside the lines. I was born knowing there's something MORE to this world than what I saw around me growing up. I always knew there was more than these invisible rules everyone seemed to be living by. They felt restrictive. They felt not fun. They felt like they were holding me back. I was a rebel for most of my life. I didn't want to be told what to do or who to be. I knew there was more to who I am than this physical body and this human dimension. I knew I had a purpose. I knew that there was a greater truth than what I saw the adults in my life tapped into.
I knew.
Our souls didn't come here to be contained by the already in place invisible rules of society that say we must look a certain way to be beautiful, that we must fuck a certain way to be sexy, or that we must work a certain way to make an income. Some of us came into this world wired differently. Wired in such a way the defies the already in place systems of our cultural and societal surroundings. We come in with a level of consciousness that KNOWS we are more than these physical bodies and these physical surroundings. Where we have an intuitive sense that we should be able to be, do or have whatever it is that we truly desire at the level of our heart. It confuses us when we are told this is not true. It confuses us because our soul knows this isn't true. Your soul knows that more is possible. Your soul knows that you're unique and that you came here for a unique purpose and destiny. You know in your heart of hearts.
You know. Your soul’s calling, are you answering?

I start each of my coaching sessions by guiding my client through a personalized meditation.
I tune into their energy and what's currently present to help them ground, align their conscious mind with their higher self/soul self, and to awaken sexual energy, life force energy, and tap them into their sexual and soul desires.
Countless times, I've had my clients ask me to record my meditations because they're that powerful.
I'm finally listening! haha
I've created a free meditation that takes you through awakening your SEXUALITY, igniting your LIBIDO, and tapping into your DESIRES.
I'll be releasing it this week! Eeekkk, so exicted!! :) Do you want this meditation? Drop me a heart or a thumbs up and a comment below if you do!
Stay tuned!

Lots of people talk about the physicality of sex. Less talked about are emotions and beliefs.
All the techniques in the world can’t make up for beliefs or built up shame and judgement that don’t allow you to fully let go, release and enjoy deep pleasure during sex. .
We’ve had a couple spaces open up for Unleash LA today! If you’ve been on the fence and want to jump OVER the fence ☺️ message me or comment on this post and we’ll get you in!

As we learn to receive sexually, we learn to receive in life. We learn to receive from other humans and we learn to receive from God/The Universe.
So many of us learn from a young age that it’s wrong to receive. That giving is noble and humble.
We learn that resources are limited and that we shouldn’t take more than our share, whatever the fuck that even means.
We learn that the struggle is more noble than simply receiving because it’s our birthright to receive.
Well... this same dynamic gets transferred into the bedroom. Into sexual pleasure. Sex is meant to be pleasurable and fun and a place to connect deeply, not a source of pain, discomfort and struggle. There’s so many limiting beliefs you’ve probably picked up along your trail... that you learned through your family and through society. Ideas and stories you made up about yourself given your early sexual experiences. There’s many, but some might include that sex is scary. That men are dangerous. That it’s dirty to have sex. That you’re not a proper woman if you have sexual desires that you own and act on.
All convoluted lies.
My mission and my purpose is helping you reclaim your sex in a way that feels genuine and aligned with you. Your sexual truth.
This is the LAST CHANCE to join me and @innerverseconnect In LA tomorrow for Unleash, a women’s day retreat centered around you reclaiming your sex and awakening your desire. With a twerkshop by Char followed by a workshop by me. The link is in my bio with all the details! Registration closes at 9pm tonight!
Join the tribe of badass women already signed up!

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