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Kat Trimarco  🌸Erotic Blueprint™️ Sex Coach 🌸Spiritual Teacher & Coach Click here to register for Erotic Blueprint™️ Workshop 👇🏼


“Private parts” are only private because humans decided to cover certain body parts in clothes and make them unacceptable.
For years I felt a lot of shame around my body and my sexuality. I didn’t even recognize it as shame though. I just thought that’s how we thought about and treated our bodies as women. Rejecting it.
I didn’t realize that I was running on a subconscious belief that under the surface there was something massively flawed with me and my body.
Well, it’s pretty hard for a body to open up, receive and orgasm when the mind is sending it messages of being flawed and broken.
The journey home to my sexuality was so much more than sex. It was about loving my body and loving myself. No matter what. It’s been about allowing myself to be seen. My naked body and my naked emotions.
Not when I have all my shit together, but when I’m a hot fucking mess.
It’s been about speaking my truth no matter how I project someone might react to it. And not beating myself up when someone doesn’t respond the way I want them to and loving myself anyways.
It’s been about touching my body and allowing my body to be seen. Not punishing my body through food control and aggressive, forced exercise, but rather learning how to intuitively trust the wisdom of my female body and follow through on the guidance.
I find it weird that nude photos get flagged and removed from social media, but television is full of violence and killing.
I find it strange that the most natural part of who we are is made to be shamed and pushed aside.
I don’t care to fight the system, but rather to reclaim within myself what I know to be true. Not to push against but to speak up about truth and what I feel is important. To share my teachings with others so they may walk the path back home to self.
Nakedness, physical and emotional, exposes it all. And within that is such freedom. Freedom to be all that I came here to be.
Join me Monday (tomorrow) at 7:30pm MT over on the Facebook for a chat about sexual awakening. PM me any questions you’d like answered tomorrow.

I didn’t come here to fit in the fucking box. .
I came here to blow the lid off and rip the fucking sides down.
I didn’t come here to conform to an already structured system, I came here to help create a new one.
I didn’t come to regurgitate the thoughts and ideas of the past, I came here to create a new future.
I didn’t come here to follow the silly rules, I came here to create new ones. Rules based on love and peace. Rules based in truth. .
I didn’t come here to be what anyone else wants me to be, or thinks I should be... I came here express the innermost parts of who I am. .
I came here to love. .
To create.
To express.
To follow my inner guidance.
To teach.
To be of service.
To break the box because we don’t need a box anymore. .
Fuck the box.

I don’t want a perfect love, I want real love.
The kind of love that can say how it really feels no matter what’s going on. No matter the fear or judgement or rejection at stake.
The kind of love that holds me when I feel broken, embraced in a warm cocoon of safety and comfort.
The kind of love that holds steady like a rock amidst the storm of my inner emotions.
I want a love that speaks truth. Not the ideal of how two people SHOULD feel or WANT to feel, but the layers underneath the layers of what’s really going on.
A love beyond the flesh.
Beyond the spoken words.
A palpable love that can be breathed into the lungs, surrendered through the heart and spoken through the eyes.
A love the knows no limits.
That can handle the ebbs and flows of life in all her beautiful commotion.
A love that can see me, hear me, and feel me in all MY beautiful commotion.
A love so strong it lets me kiss its tender wounds and dance through its pain.
A love that sees beauty in the chaos and strength in vulnerability.
A love that doesn’t run at the slightest threat but stands strong with invincibility even through the tears and fears.
A warrior love.
A sacred love.
A real love.

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What’s your relationship with your pussy like?
Do you touch her, talk to her, caress her, and love her?
Do you feel her throughout the day, check in with her, notice when she’s turned on or repulsed?
Or do you not feel her at all... is she just kinda there but not really feeling like a part of you?
What’s your relationship to sex and your own sexuality like? Is it something you simply go through the motions of, make out, foreplay, intercourse, orgasm, sleep?
Are you really in tune with what you’re desiring sexually?
Does reading and seeing this image trigger you or make you angry? Do you feel shame come up or want to hit the unfollow button?
The triggers are your guides, calling you home towards an abandoned part of yourself.
Both our desire and our triggers are constantly leading us home to true self.
A woman’s superpower is when she’s connected with her pussy. With her desire physically AND her desire throughout her life.
Awakening desire in your pussy, awakens desire in your life.
I’m going live on Monday (tomorrow) evening at 730pm on my business Facebook page to talk about my own sexual awakening and the journey of befriending my pussy and sharing how you can make the journey to reconnecting with your sexual self.
To receive a reminder notification, head to my website www.KatTrimarco.com and enter your email.
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When I published my book, and even before when I was still in the writing phases, I had people ask me all sorts of questions and inquiries.
“Was it difficult to write?”
“It must have taken you a long time to research.”
“Did you go to school to learn how to write?” None of the above.
My life was the research. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen. I’ve had a journal for as long as I can remember. My journal was my best tool growing up and still is to this day. Writing helps me articulate what’s going on in my inner world. And what I’ve come to understand and know is that what comes through me when I write is so much more than personality, human Kat. It’s an energy... life force... wisdom that is beyond time and space.
I didn’t LEARN how to write a book. A book was written THROUGH me. I didn’t THINK this shit up... it was inspired through me.
I didn’t DECIDE to write a book, I was CALLED to write a book.
I answered the call and took the physical steps forward, but I didn’t sit down and force a book out of me.
Writing is one of the things that comes easiest to me because I allow it to come through me. Even when I’m writing these posts, I don’t censor and edit, I just allow what’s trying to come through to express through me.
I’m convinced that’s our purpose here. To allow life to express through us. We’re being called all the fucking time, the question is only, will you align your human self with your greater, soul self that is attempting to express through you? When you allow it you feel good. When you don’t you feel not so good.
The curve ball is that most humans are so accustomed to not feeling good, they don’t trust the good, the love, and the path of greatest ease. They learn to trust the struggle, the fear and the mistrust. But there’s a shift going on. A global shift. A shift in humanity and consciousness. It’s time to wake up. To remember who you are and who you REALLY came here to be.
The link to order my book is in my bio 💗

In a world so reluctant to trust love... be a fucking rebel 💗

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If you missed my interview a couple of days ago on Dr. Carlen LIVE (@drcarlen ) the repost is up over on my Facebook. Click the link in my bio to access the replay.
We’re talking all things SELF APPROVED AF... reclaiming your sexuality, walking your soul path, slut shaming, and being badass women shaking the paradigm.

Learning to separate your external circumstances from your inner reactions sets you free. Conditions are always changing. Outer circumstances are always moving about. When you rely on them for your stability, you’ll feel the need to control them SO you can maintain feeling a certain way.
Outside circumstances aren’t where your power and control lays. Your power is internal. The power of your ability to focus your mind and energy is what creates your life.

Big spoon and little spoon 🥄☺️

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