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Someone needs to hear this tonight. Maybe it’s you 💗

I used to think that an ideal relationship meant a man fitting an exact criteria that I desired. That he would just behave in all the ways I thought a partner should behave in accordance to what I decided was ideal.

That there would be no disagreements and only love present between us.
The only love being present hasn’t changed. But I’m talking about love on the soul level, not the ego based possessive love.

Here’s what I’ve come to know for sure... the person you love is going to trigger you. In the best way possible.
They are going to bring forward from within you all the stories that have been running as perceived truths inside of you.
Everything that we perceive externally is in accordance to what we believe to be true.

Here’s your opportunity to really BE the creator of your own reality.
When your partner reflects something to you that makes you feel uncomfortable, it has less to do with what they’re doing and more to do with the story you’ve created around what they’re doing and subsequently WHAT THAT MEANS ABOUT YOU.
It’s actually an opportunity to move deeper into unconditional love inside of yourself (towards yourself and towards them), see the stories that are creating a reality you no longer desire and tell a new story.
That’s the opportunity.

Life is REFLECTING you. Men (or women - whomever you’re in partnership with) are reflecting you.
You get to use everything in service to growing and deepening into love. It’s during these times that could turn into a conflict, that can quickly turn into an opening to connect and be MORE intimate.

This is RELATIONSHIP mastery. This is LIFE mastery.

You are the creator. What are you creating?

“I started casually smoking when I was in junior high school. I started innocently enough with Captain Black cigars, which I smoked only on weekends with friends out at bush parties where we’d all gather around big bonfires in empty fields, drinking and smoking until the sun came up or our parents found us after breaking curfew. I then progressed from casual cigars to casual cigarettes, and only smoked when I was intoxicated. Eventually I smoked regularly around friends—sober or not.
Those little white devils became my crutch in a very serious way. I turned to them for solace and to comfort selective emotions while suppressing others. I sometimes felt they helped me to cling to and belong to a group of friends while other times, when situations became overwhelming, they offered me an escape route from a conversation I didn’t want to be a part of. They were reliable. They never let me down and never failed me.
I don’t know what exactly triggered the strong desire in me to quit, but something had to give.
I made it my personal goal to become present with my cigarette in every moment we were intimate, tasting the filter and feeling the denseness of the smoke as it travelled from my mouth, down the passage of my throat, settling deep within the tissues of my lungs where it lingered before reversing the path out of my body.
My eyes observed the smoke as it travelled from my mouth to the air in front of me. My nose tingled as it took in every aspect of the smell, thick and musky, clogging my nostrils with every whiff. I did all I could to remain neutral in my opinions and judgments that naturally wanted to surface through this process. Over and over again I was reminded just how disgusting the habit of swimming in smoke was.
Every time my mind wandered to thoughts of condemnation I returned my focus to the task at hand—the task of observation. The more I was able to observe my actions without sentencing them to a jail of self-hatred, the easier it was for me to change them.”
Excerpted from my book, Self Approved - Available worldwide on Amazon through the link in my bio

I love my clients.
I’ve been coaching and assisting beautiful humans on awakening to their purpose, what their soul came here to do and create and turning that into a business.
I never planned to do that by the way. It just happened. It’s what I’ve been led to do and how I’ve been guided to support and show up.
I always follow my guidance.
PS... you didn’t come here to be a coach. Your soul is a teacher of a deeper truth that human consciousness is awakening to.
You know you’re here to do big work in the world and the traditional systems and structures of how humans operate just don’t jive with what you know to be true inside of you.
It’s not about starting the business. It’s about recognizing your soul truth. That you came here to be a leader and demonstrator of a new way of living and being. It’s not JUST a desire. It’s why you incarnated.
You’re not JUST human.
You’re a multidimensional being that’s here to do important work.
You came here to be a teacher. Of truth. Of Universal law. You came here to wake up others and assist them in accessing their own soul truth.
My journey was one of awakening to this truth and owning my multidimensional abilities and I’ve recently awoken and been guided to teach and assist others who incarnated to be teachers, leaders and guides.
It’s a trip! Navigating between realities, but oh so much fun.

Nothing about you is an accident. There are no flaws. No broken parts. Nothing that needs fixing. It’s a funny thing... because personal development... in the name of helping people, can actually cause an internalization of brokenness. Parts that need fixing.
What society portrays as an ideal, becomes the image that your mind decides is “right”, and when who you feel like on the inside doesn’t match this externalized ideal, you interpret it as something wrong with you.
The parts of you that you’ve internalized as wrong or broken are actually your divine gifts. You need them to be who you are and fulfill your life’s purpose. Just because they don’t fit into societies ideals and standards doesn’t make them wrong. When you release the judgement towards these parts of yourself, you tap into them not as flaws, but as superpowers.

“You can’t become that which you already are, and all of this work is really about ripping away and shedding extraneous layers that have been built up around this core, so you can shine super bright like the star you are.
It’s all the junk we accumulate around this core that gives us a misplaced belief of who we actually are.
All the ideas from our ego and the world of what we should or shouldn’t be.
Falsehoods. Illusions. Barriers that hold us back from being and expressing the fullest degree of our true nature.

This last step is about really owning and harnessing this truth of you and letting it shine in the world. It’s one thing to feel like who you want to be and what you know to be true, but it’s a whole different experience when you outwardly express this truth to the world and allow other people to really see you.

This is where the magic happens. This is the key piece. This is the most beautiful thing on Earth! And you’ve seen it in others.

You’ve seen it in the woman who’s so embodied in this state of grace that she moves with utmost ease when doing something as simple as walking down the street.

You’ve seen it in the expressed view of the person whose opinion contradicts everyone else’s in the room yet they confidently speak it regardless.

You’ve seen it in the person whose outfit stands out with creative splendor in a room full of corporates.

You’ve seen it in the people making a living, doing what everyone else thought was impossible.

You see it everywhere.
Yet there is a high probability you’re not living it. And that’s okay. I spent a lot of my life not living it either. But I walked the path from that place to the place I’m in now and so can you.” Excerpt from my book Self Approved™ - A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are
Available for order worldwide on Amazon through the link in my bio 💗

Your needs matter and your desires matter. Even if they go against what you think your partner needs and desires. Opening up and having conversations about what you truly desire in an intimate relationship is scary. It’s vulnerable. There’s a fear of being rejected and of having love withdrawn. And there’s also potential for great payoff. Speaking the truth of what you need and desire in your relationships opens up the doorway for an even greater, deeper and more authentic love. It opens the doorway to your heart for you to truly be seen, heard and felt. It’s like allowing someone to love the masked, modified, and edited version of you or the raw, real, truth of who you are. Someone who truly loves and wants to build a relationship with you will also want your needs and desires in the relationship to be met. The reverse is also true. Can you hear your lovers requests and desires not as a criticism to you but as an invitation to explore greater depths of love and pleasure?

We all have ideas. We all have inspirations. The things that come to us as “oh my God, YES!” to create. But the truth is that not everyone follows through on their creations. Some people literally die with their song still inside of them. OF COURSE you were born for greatness. Of course you are MEANT to do brilliant and powerful things in the world. But the greatness require YOU to show up for it. Getting the creative idea and inspiration is only half of the equation. Whether it’s the book you’re waiting to write, the course you’re desiring to create, the workshop you want to teach, or the business you want to launch... it’s not going to I happen without you actually doing it. Being a creative entrepreneur is a dance between the inspiration and the action. Creating SPACE to connect with your SOUL and SOURCE and drawing on your “get shit done” energy and actually GET SHIT DONE. It’s a delicate balance. And your ego gets all up in your business, convincing you in one moment that it’s not really that important and you don’t need to do the thing and take the action WHILE in the next moment convincing you that you’re NOT DOING enough and you should hustle, hustle, HUSTLE harder. Here’s the simple way I break it down.
There’s 3 categories of ACTION:
1) UNDER action - farting around and getting nothing accomplished
2) OVER action - think hamster spinning around on a wheel - you’re doing all the things but nothing’s really moving forward
3) INSPIRED action - getting into a state of flow and creativity and being inspired to aligned action that moves you forward without exerted FORCE. *Note - this is the ideal place to be.
Unite Mastermind - Up Level Your Business & Life for women creative entrepreneurs kicks off the first weekend in November with a 2 day in person retreat in California followed by a month of coaching and support with myself and @maria_palumbo_ . Women coming together to support each other and up level the FUCK out of how we show up in the world as a leader and in our businesses. Link in bio and private message to set up an interview ✌🏽

It is scary. Saying yes to your calling when all you can see is the next 2 steps ahead of you is scary AF. It actually took me years longer than I WANTED it to for me to fully transition into relying on my business for income because I was scared. All the thoughts of disbelief, not being good enough, and fucking up my life would come rushing to the front of my mind. And sometimes I would listen to them. Sometimes they would get the best of me and I’d feel paralyzed in inaction. But I never stopped. I never stopped taking action and LEANING INTO my heart telling me to teach and share and be of service through my coaching sessions and classes. I knew it was my calling. It IS my calling. For over a year while I was at the salon doing hair, I would make my daily social media posts in between doing my clients hair. I would coach my clients on the evenings and weekends when I wasn’t working. I would wake up super early on weekends, go sit at a cafe, and write my book. I did what it took. It didn’t matter how long it took me. Because I always knew it was about more than me. I always felt the calling inside. You know the one. The one that says you’re here for more. The one that has you feeling connected to something BEYOND this time and space. The one that has you feeling like you’d abandon almost anything and everything else in your life to BRING IT TO LIFE. Yeah... THAT calling. You aren’t here by accident. Your vision isn’t random. It’s yours. It’s your job to bring it to life. And you wouldn’t be called if you weren’t supported by Universal forces. If you’re called to create it, to teach it, to share it... it matters. And there’s people who need what you have to offer. When you say yes to what you’re here to create, you say yes to all the masses of people who’s lives will get better as a result of you’re showing up. Calling heart and soul centered feminine leaders, teachers, coaches, artists and healers. UNITE MASTERMIND is for those who know they’re here to do big things, create big impact and serve the masses. Led by myself and @maria_palumbo_ , this is a one month deep dive into sisterhood support in bringing your creative business dreams TO LIFE. Link in bio.

I used to try to manage my wildness and chaos. I tried to be super organized and structured. I would make lists of to-do’s. Even as a kid I used to write down my to do list for the day.
It started like this...
- wake up - eat breakfast - shower - read
- etc
Hilarious looking back now. Here’s the thing... we do this as humans. We seek to control. For stability in the external world. Something to ground us into reality. Your true form of stability comes from inside you. Creating an internal environment of emotional stability IS the only real stability because your outer world is always moving and changing, especially when you’re a creative entrepreneur. Seeking stability externally only causes you to miss out on amazing opportunities because the truth is... we don’t ever really fully KNOW how something is going to turn out. We take risks. We show up. We trust the voice in our heart that guides us to CREATE. The voice that guides you to show up, share, and be of service to others. There is no guidebook to turning your dreams into reality, to making your creativity into your livelihood. It’s a delicate balance of mastering your inner world WHILE taking massive, soul aligned action.
Your business needs to be built on your heart and your vision. You need to TRUST yourself. You need to infuse YOU into everything you create. One of the major pieces that had me able to leave my full time career as a hair stylist, something I’d been doing for 13 years and commit 100% to my business - coaching, teaching and writing - was the support of other women who had already walked the path and understood the inner shifts required. I had support and love from sisters and women who saw my power, believed in me and cheered me the fuck on. You don’t need to do it alone and you’re a thousand times more powerful with powerful women by your side.
If you’re ready to up level your business and life OR finally step into creating and committing to the business that’s been peculating in your heart, you’re invited into a one month deep dive Mastermind created by myself and @maria_palumbo_
4 weeks, sisterhood, inner clarity and outer action, basically all the things. Link in bio ✌🏽

But you already knew that didn’t you...? 💗

{Swipe left}
It’s bigger than you.
Your mission. Your vision.
Your calling.
The thing you’re called to create, express, and birth into the world is the answer to the questions of other humans who need what you have and need to know what you can teach.
Imagine if Steve jobs denied his calling to create the iPhone. Imagine if the Wright brothers gave up the first time their plane didn’t fly. Imagine if Oprah decided she wasn’t good enough to influence the masses. The calling inside of you isn’t random. When you decide that you’re not good enough... that you won’t be provided the resources... and that you don’t know HOW... you basically say that God/Universe must have fucked up. Must be wrong in creating THROUGH you. There will be times you question yourself. There will be times you disbelieve. There will be times your brain says you’re crazy as fuck.
You keep going anyways. You keep showing up anyways. You keep saying what you have to say and sharing what you have to share. Because your mission is bigger than you. You have to let it flow THROUGH you. You will be supported along the way as you show up and step into it, but it can’t come to life without YOU.
Comment below with a FUCK YES if you’re ready to answer the call of your soul mission and life’s purpose.
Calling all badass female creative entrepreneurs who have established businesses that need a soul infused revamp and for those who are just starting out, wanting to build a solid foundation from your heart and soul, you’re invited to interview for Unite - Up Level Your Business & Life, a one-month Mastermind with myself and @maria_palumbo_ Private message me for details and to set up a chat.

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