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Katrina Quinn  Photography & poetry. *INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY* : Solo show coming up at Brighton Fringe, 6,7,27,28 May @im_individualmedley


Hard to capture how still and shiny this morning was. Finally got out on my bike (after deciding my legs had crossed the line of hairiness I'm comfortable with sharing to a busy swimming pool) - good to breathe in some sun before it disappeared and find some quiet - away from the men drilling outside our flat everyday all day!! Managed yoga afterwards too so feeling pleased - mainly because it all just makes me feel a lot happier and more awake. Fittingly today's theme was 'balance'.
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Dramatic skies here in Brighton today... Sun, wind, hail, rain... cleaning the air, but ooo shiver.

Ticking Fringe stuff off my list: swimming costume, check (trying to inhabit my teenage self but my body definitely didn't look like that when I was 15! What do you even call that bit of leg just beneath your bum? I kind of forget it exists then changing room double mirrors remind me. Whatever it is, I'm always surprised by its size compared to the rest of me! I do want to be positive about my body, proud of my shape, and generally I can make that decision, but it's a battle sometimes. Especially when you're planning to just be in a swimming costume for part of your show! And when yoga and swimming have recently been replaced by wine and cake. Ah well)... Baggy jeans, check (thank you Shoreham-by-sea charity shops!)... Some posters up, some more forms filled in. Deep breath, 10 days to go.

Also today got to hang out with hubby for once and eat tasty rice dishes with friends for lunch AND dinner! And that is why I can't worry too much about the size of my behind. Because life is too short and fooooood glorious fooooood!
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A pretty golden weekend, even if I am shattered now. Meals with Brighton people I'm excited to know more of, teaching a workshop on words and movement - two things I love, a friend's 30th birthday celebrations with non-awkward party chat, walk in the countryside and bluebells :-) now to bed!!

Yesterday I led a workshop which explored the fusion of movement and word, and how we can use that to connect with God and one another. In this exercise I gave people excerpts from various poems and songs (from Don MacLean to Chilli Peppers to Maya Angelou and more!) to respond to with movement, and then they joined with another person to see how the two excerpts could communicate to each other. Powerful stuff!

Can't believe it, actually it's less than 2 weeks now til "Individual Medley" kicks off at Junkyard Dogs. Life's suddenly got busy - everything seems to be happening at once as it tends to do - but it's all good stuff and I'm excited about May! Getting there with all the final details, still need some big flared/baggy jeans to take me back to 2001 :-) you can read more of the story at @im_individualmedley where I'm adding some golden old photos!
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Thank you Mary Oliver. Thank you sea and poetry.......... .: You do not have to be good. // You do not have to walk on your knees // for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. // You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. // Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine. // Meanwhile the world goes on. // Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain // are moving across the landscapes, // over the prairies and deep trees, // the mountains and the rivers. // Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, // are heading home again. // Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, // calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting // over and over announcing your place in the family of things. (Wild Geese, Mary Oliver)


As expected, Easter weekend was mainly about delighting in this little one and every detail of her. It's good to have a reminder of new life, and the miracle of growth. Hooray for aunty-ing 😀

It felt fitting that on today, Good Friday, and what would have been Libby's birthday, her Brighton family was gathered in a beautiful garden with stunning flowers, remembering death and also remembering hope and freedom and life and the end of fear.
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Feeling spring-y today, ideas and inspiration bubbling... Confirmed that I'll be taking my show "Individual Medley" to Penzance Litfest in July, will be 2 years since leaving and the first time to go back. Met up with a poet-y man in Brighton and had great coffee and conversation about the power of stories, poetry nights as church, roundtables and not preaching to the converted. AND went to a really helpful Brighton Fringe Academy session. Woop. (Also tried to go through lines on the beach, but was too windy so spent most of the afternoon roaming round Brighton and Hove looking for a sunny but sheltered spot. Didn't want to miss out on any vitamin D!) 😀

This is Helen. She's married to my husband's brother. We met in Brighton and knew each other before either of us was even going out with our husbands. Currently we're housemates too! This weekend she turned 30. 🎉There's hundreds of pictures I could have shared... of us walking over the South Downs, dancing at parties, dressed up, camping, beaching, drinking, cycling... There's less pictures of Helen singing, knitting, watching Grey's Anatomy, caring for young pregnant women, cuddling her cat, drinking tea, daydreaming out to sea, getting passionate about birth and politics, loving her family, having deep conversations and being a faithful friend... But these are all part of her too 😁 Grateful for this sister-friend, here's to her. Xx

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