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♥Kat Conner♥  Stay Strong. DC17 🏥💊💉 Team DILLIGAF. RIP Pop-Pop & Nee-Nee❤ Live your life, follow your heart, take smart risks, & dream big. Never look back. 😊❤


"Being a family means that you will love and be loved for the rest of your life no matter what." ❤ Buona Pasqua, my lovelies! This afternoon, I got to celebrate with my famiglia at our favorite diner. It is a tradition in my famiglia that we go to the diner on certain holidays. I'm so happy that I got to spend time with everyone on this beautiful day. I'm also extremely blessed to have such a loving and supportive famiglia. Hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter! 🐰✝️

We received the heartbreaking news that Nana passed away this morning. Although this is upsetting for Dad and all of us, I know that she's now at peace. She is now Dad's guardian angel, and will be watching over us with Boo-Boo and Uncle Jimmy by her side. Rest in peace, Nana. 👼🙏

IKON - "Pink Surprise." 💅 This afternoon, I spent some quality time with Mama by going to get our nails done. The color that I chose is actually one of the brand new colors at Best Nail, and I'm so happy with how it looks. Now, my nails are ready for Easter and this amazing spring weather. 🌼💖 #NailsByNiky; #GelManicure

You can't go wrong with a classic hot fudge sundae. 😋 Tonight, my famiglia decided to meet up for a late night ice cream run. If you have never been to Benny's, I recommend that you check it out. My two younger cousins ordered their Crazzy Shakes and they looked delicious! I honestly had such an awesome time with my famiglia. Every time that we get together, laugh attacks always occur. The most important thing is that we make unforgettable memories, and I truly love that. My famiglia is absolutely everything to me and I'm so glad that I got to spend time with them tonight. 🍧💗 #SundaeSaturday; #FamigliaFirst

When you decide to start off your weekend with an improptu mini haircut. 💇 This is the real me. I don't have any makeup on and my hair is naturally styled. The honest truth is that I'm 100% happy and confident with how I look in this photo. Growing up, I've dealt with both low confidence and low self esteem. For the longest time, I never identified myself as beautiful and figured that I never would be. Now, whenever I look in the mirror or at photos of myself, I see true and natural beauty. I'm happy with what I see, and actually prefer wearing no makeup. So, this is me. I'm a baby faced student nurse with sass, class, intelligence, and the biggest heart ever. I'm Kat, and I'm beautiful. ❤ #BeYoutiful; #NoMakeupFriday

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 🎶 So, not only did Pentatonix release their fourth EP today but they also released their official music video for their cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody." Hands down, this is my ultimate favorite music video. I definitely recommend that you watch it because they honestly did a phenomenal job on it, and I absolutely loved every single of it. Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate Mitch's guitar solo? I think that it's safe to say that I'll have this on repeat all day today. ❤ #PTXBohemianRhapsody; #PTXVol4

Dang Kat! Two posts in one day! 😅 As I mentioned in my previous post, today was my official last day being a peer mentor. This afternoon, one of my students surprised me with a box of Tagalongs and a beautiful handwritten thank you card as her way of saying thank you for being her peer mentor for the year. I was not expecting anything like this, so I was truly surprised. Honestly, the message that she wrote to me brought happy tears to my eyes. My biggest passion in life is to inspire others and, to know that I did that for one person, makes me so happy. I hope to continue to inspire others throughout my life. Thank you so much @kellynoel97 for this lovely gift! Shine bright like a diamond in this rhinestone world, my lovelie! 🎁 #DCPeerMentors; #ProudPeerMentor

After 3 years, today was officially my last day of being a peer mentor. This job truly brought me "out of my shell," and made me proud to be a student at DC. All of the knowledge that I have acquired with this job has brought me to where I am today. In fact, some of the skills that I used as a peer mentor has helped me throughout nursing school especially during clinical rotations. I was so lucky that I got to work with two amazing cohorts these past 3 years. Thank you to all of my fellow peer mentors for making my time as a peer mentor a great one. In the end though, getting to be a role model and inspiring the incoming freshmen truly made this job worthwhile. ❤ #DCPeerMentors

Perfect Match - "Violetta." 💅 Getting my nails done has always been therapeutic to me. I always enjoy going to the nail salon, especially with Mama. It's our way to bond and just spend some quality time together. This time, we both decided to go for a purple nail polish. Coincidentally, we ended up choosing the exact same color! It's true: Great minds think alike. 💜 #NailsByNiky; #MotherDaughterGoals

Breakfast date with Mama and Dad. 👪💞 Call me "old-school," but I honestly love going on breakfast dates! If you have never been to The Fireplace, then I definitely recommend that you go there. I have been going there for as long as I can remember, and their food is great! This is my favorite item off of their breakfast menu: A short stack of French toast stuffed with bananas and cinnamon. Not pictured is the rest of my meal which was a side order of home fries, a small cup of black tea, and a small cup of apple juice. Best breakfast ever! 😋 #Foodstagram; #BreakfastDate

Mama/Daughter date night! 👭💕 Finally seeing Beauty and the Beast tonight. I'm still a Disney kid at heart, and Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Disney film. I always wanted to be Belle since we both share a love of books and wanting "adventure in the great wide somewhere." So, I'm excited to see how the live action remake is. Yes, I'm guilty of bringing my own popcorn to the movie theater...I'm also guilty of putting M&M's in my popcorn. 🌹💙 #BeautyandTheBeast; #TaleAsOldAsTime

The Core Four. 👫👫 Fun fact about me: Ever since I was a little girl, my guilty pleasure has been (and still is) the Archie Comics. While most girls identified themselves as "Archie Girls," I was definitely more of a "Jughead Girl" and still am. Now, they have a new show on The CW, called Riverdale, that is based off of the comics. I think that it's safe to say that I'm head over heels for the show, and I'm so happy that it's back on after its 3 week hiatus. So, throwback to the last episode when they dressed up as the comic book version of themselves. ❤ #Riverdale; #ArchieComics

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