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Kate Holley  Handpoke Tattoos Vancouver, BC • Private Studio Currently Booking: February & March ✉️ kat3roo@gmail.com

Thanks again Emily! 🌷

what’s better than a galentines self love valentines! Answer: nothing, except a Jurassic Park with Pokemon instead of dinosaurs. But until we have the technology for that, come through for a pop up flash day and get yourself a little permanent floral friend instead! 🌹Starting at 11am 🌹 Address: 207 West Hastings 🌹 I’ll be posting sneak peeks of flash that‘ll be available on my story over the next week. All will be pretty tiny - lots of small florals and cute branches and small geometric shapes. Prices will be between $50-200. Can’t wait to see all your cute faces then! 🌹

Soft & gentle pokes for a soft & gentle soul 💛 #handpoke

thank u next, bich!!!! #handpoke

Little poppy handpoked from a couple weeks ago for Tessa. Love this placement so much! It was so good seeing you again friend ✨ #handpoke

Prairie grass and wheat to remind Summer of her roots. Thank you for such a fun session you wonderful soul, you make my heart so full! ☀️✨☀️✨ #handpoke

First tattoo of 2019 couldn’t’ve been for a more fun gal. Thank you so much Malika! You were as bright as the sun on this dreary day 💛 #handpoke

By the way 🌹 Available spots updated now - kat3roo.wordpress.com 🌹

The last tattoo of 2018 I did, for the lovely Tegan. Thanks again for coming by while in town! 🖤 #handpoke

Last year this time I was trapped in bed in a fog of seasonal depression without the slightest inclination to leave. This holiday, I’ve been surrounded by people who have made this season not only tolerable but inexplicably the most enjoyable yet. This past year I managed to support myself entirely by doing art every day, which is something I never imagined would be possible. I also managed to balance my mental illness better than any year I can remember. This year I woke up before sunrise to ride my bike, jumped in the ocean, knitted many hats, sat in the sun, ate vegetables I grew in my own garden, did so many things out of my comfort zone I lost count, and it felt like living. It was a nice change from this time last year. I feel exceedingly grateful for those I have in my life who are patient with me as I continue to grow 🌱 Happy New Years, I hope in 2019 we all manage to live & grow a bit more 🌱

For Sunny. Thank you again, you sweet thing 🖤 #handpoke

Little bee from a little while ago for Melissa, who kindly brought me eggs from her free range family farm 🙈 so kind what

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