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•••  sometimes, you'll lose your way and it won't be anything but a blessing.

This is my new favorite and I hope y'all can
relate to it too. I've said it before, I'm not
a "feminist"; because I don't have to identify
as anything more than human to recognize
the ills and negatives surrounding being a
feminine in this present world.
I see it all over the place and I know it's
wrong. It takes more than tomorrow; more than
'I'll be around' to take away the fears of
today because being around isn't always
different from being faraway.
Presence isn't all it takes, sometimes, attention
is what defines presence.
You can be miles away but be present.
Everyone is losing what love means, everyone
including myself but here I'm trying to find
the difference, so the question is, what are you
doing to better the world? are we losing more
love through you too?

ya walad

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