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Kassidy Burke  23-Just a Beauty🥀Model✨DANCER💥SHES AWAKE-youtuber🦋Jesus🌞Lifestyle and fitness🌺Eating Disorder- RECOVERY WARRIOR⚡️


Had the amazing opportunity to model for a couple amazing stylists this past weekend. First couple shoot with the awesome @jawaun.hampton - Amazing photos by @pktech727 #calebowolabi #pktech #models #modelcharlotte Landscape courtesy of Uncle Vinny- outfit stylist.

Friends of charlotte! I'm proud to announce that I have the opportunity to participate and help coordinate one of the hottest fashion shows taking place this summer! We need models/dancers for this event. Ages 18 and above! The main reason for this event is to give "plus size" models a voice, and also woman that have dealt with various eating disorders. In Charlotte us with more curves, rarely have a chance to share our talent in modeling because we're "to thick"- we believe all woman are sexy! If your interested in participating in any way! Please send me a DM! 💁🏽✨ #fashion #plussizemodelsearch #charlottemodel #plussizemodelcharlotte #summer2018 #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #sexyandplussize

Month two- of my fitness journey is starting out good. Been tough, but one thing I've learned is that... you're only a beast and a queen at life when you're definition of hustle-matches your actions. I don't care about what your excuses are- what do you want? Who do you want to be? Figure it out and make yourself get there. Stop with the victim mentality. You're reality is set by your choices. When I ran that day and hit my new goal of 370- I didn't want to show up, but I did and look what happened- I told my mind who was boss and kicked ass anyway. So what do you want? Who do you want to be? Make your actions match your mouth! Hustle baby! 💥🖤😎 #fitness #goals #model #bootygains #hustle

January is done! I showed up, kicked ass and took names... it was tough sometimes but I'm just beginning to see what I'm capable of in this new life I'm aspiring too. The last week motivation was weak...but I stuck to it. My positive mindset was definitely pushed to the limits, but I'm learning to curve my mindset, not bow to it when shit gets tough. Let's hustle February! #freedom #modivation #fitness #february

This is absolutely the perfect day off.. now where's the beach and my bikini? ✨👙🌺 Days with @desionelove are the best! #cubanmojito

Hey guys! My newest video is up on my channel.. this video was requested to keep everyone updated on my new fitness journey. Also I share the back story about the bikini shoot for this up coming summer!!! Link in bio! 👙💥 #fitness #fitnessmindset #kassbikinishoot2018

Me every weekend! 😳😏 Let me dance, while I cut these veggies in tree pose! Ya girl got dis! 💁🏽🥒🔪🍑 #laughing #yoga #rapper #veggies

VISION- is the key to connecting the dreamer and the activator. We gotta be both to successfully meet our goals and to change our lives for the better. This board I created for this year, with all my goals and dreams, is setting vision for what I want this year to embody. From fitness-to travel, to modeling- and petting baby sea turtles... this year is my year. With the BIKINI SHOOT coming up this summer- keeping these pictures in front me helps remind me why I started and why I choose to kickass in the gym and to push through every time! I'm really excited about this shoot- what's your vision for 2018?!💪🏽✨ #fitnessmotivation #visionboard #bikinishoot #goals #kassbikinishoot2018

I kicked today BUTT! And I feel pretty f-ing excited about it. 👊🏽 My gym goals are being reached- I was majorly productive today and I feel like a million dollars right about now! Also if you need some awesome- high energy music to get you pumped- and kick your own butt during your workouts. Listen to @krewella 🔥✨Next week I will be starting HIIT training- so I'll try to keep you guys as updated as possible. I love a good challenge and I think HIIT training is gonna be real fun- no sarcasm. Also! It's important to keep ourselves motivated and inspired my favorite girls to follow for gym motivation are @sheevz21 @badasscassfit_ 💪🏽💦#gym #gymmotivation #kassbikinishoot2018 #kickedass

Week 2-A few months ago I announced publicly that I was going to be better not only mentally but physically... changing my relationship with food to something positive and to further my fitness goals. These past few weeks I've either gone to the gym or have done yoga ALMOST every single day- I've also switched back to being vegan. And the results that I've seen are life changing. 🙈One I feel amazing, I'm more positive and have more drive to achieve goals. My perspective is clearer-and I am more connected to myself and emotions more easily. Working out at the gym- has taught me that the goals and boundaries that you set for yourself is only limited to how much you believe you can succeed. You set the limits! You push harder- where do you want the limit to be today? You decide. Mindset.🙌🏼 Switching to vegan- has not only made me be more conscious of what I'm putting in my body but, also has changed my relationship with food completely. I see it as fuel- not an extra calorie to burn at the gym, or something to beat myself up about later, or a road block in the modeling department. I see it as a investment, to make this body stronger to live longer. I'm excited to see this year unfold- with this new vision in mind!✨ Also FITNESS TIP: whenever you hear or say to yourself "I can't" in your mind- make yourself run one more min and kick up the speed on the treadmill and do 10 more reps with that weight! You'll soon be saying " Haha, I can do that!" 😏 #fitness #2018 #recoverywarriors #fitnesstip

"Lace, Satin, of white and cream. Soft are the threads that are pressed to my skin. Tattered and torn- but yet so fresh and clean, I am- I feel. ✨Embraced into a vision, a image of complete awe and peace. I stand as the fabric touches the tops of my feet- white, cream, ivory flows around my bare feet. Rough, yet soft- colorful but natural- colors are mixed in the hair that flows from the crown of my head. 🌞Joy, excitement- peace, and awe- are painted across my face, as I see you and feel you breathe across my heart.... Locked was the gate to the garden of this heart, where my soul was left to play and grow- locked tight was the bolts that held it closed. So my soul could express in itself to the fullest, in only the knowingness of my own mind- restricted, confined, conformed, I left it doormat- only free to roam the perspectives and rules I've written and believed in my own heart. But as you unlocked the garden, of my heart- and freed the soul inside and invited it to the grand understanding- that true love demands freedom and that the heart needs a gardener, and the soul needs a teacher- I embrace your heart, to better understand my own and as you step inside- no weed, thorn or rock, stops you from planting, reconstructing the crowded thoughts that lay in this garden- the thoughts were boundaries lines to stopping me from believing the truth- and you reset them so I could be freed" ✨🦋✨🌺🌞#journalentry #freedom

Happy New Year friends! This past year was one of the most life changing years yet. Full of hardships but also full of the liveliest moments I've ever had! This year I found myself, and found out who I was and exactly what I want out of life. From overcoming depression, to modeling, to starting and teaching yoga, to forming new relationships and reuniting with old ones, to getting a a TATTOO! 🖤Getting dreadlocks! Moving to Richmond, and to all the adventures there. To watching some amazing friends get hitched and engaged🙌🏼 I'm amazed at how this past year started and how it finished. I have such expectations for 2018 and I know this is gonna be my best year yet! ✨ #newyear

Many people ask "why are you not just dating?" Or "why so much time with family? Didn't you just see them" The haven of Joy, love and freedom that my family has cultivated over the years is priceless. It moments like this morning where we all sat together and shared our hearts in the blessings, and positive happenings in the lord, that we all experienced this holiday season moved many of us to tears. ✨My family is the biggest asset in my life... no matter where I am in my life, even in the moment I chose to walk away- returning they were all there with open arms- smiles, and words of encouragement, and wisdom, that I will forever cherish. So I chose them my family- the moments I spend with them- over ANYTHING else. That's why being so wise in my relationship choice is important because that person won't just be a person for myself but a person that will add to this safe haven! I have many eyes that lookup to me in a family like this- and as the oldest cousin- also one of the next generation-finding a partner who will also be a leader and an example to some of the dearest souls I hold close- is one of the biggest choices I'll make. Someone who will also add to the life we have found in these close knit relationships. In all this, again I chose family- again I chose to be that safe place my family can always turn to- in every part of my life. 👐🏽I mention this because being in your 20s that is a subject often gets brought up but never taken seriously- I've been asked this question quite a bit lately and wanted to bring light to the subject. Whoever gets added to the picture is getting the privilege to know and be apart something amazing- life changing relationships- we must remember the importance of this when we make that choice. So all this to say I love you SMALL FAMILY❤️🙌🏼

Newest video- is a little short but it's something that's extremely important. Will have it up by tonight.✨🌜🖤#loveyourself #perception #thoughtsarepower

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this friend of mine! Who knew the worst job of our lives would lead to such an amazing thing! lol Seriously so thankful for you and can't wait to see you soon! ❤️✨Love you ⭐️ #partyup @_kyylie

Haven't posted a selfie in a while...in learning to love myself better, and treating my body right. I'll admit I haven't "felt" my most beautiful self. Overcoming destructive mindsets on the way I view my self and the way I look, learning to let go of every negative view... has been a battle. This new year eating healthier and me working out again is not just a new idea but it's a lifestyle change that is necessary for me. 🙌🏼To all those who have also struggled with a eating disorder, or negative thoughts on the way they view themselves, I know around the holidays it's tough. But we are all beautiful, capable of so much love- we all have so much to offer... and trust me those cookies will come off our hips soon enough! Just love yourself one moment at a time... have fun.. and focus on the blessings- the abundance in the moments you feel down. ⭐️(To those that struggle with a eating disorder my DM is always open for support, it's just another meal with just a few more options- just breathe. Will post support on my insta story tomorrow as well) To ALL of you- Merry Christmas you beautiful souls! 🎄🖤✨ #loveyourself #christmas #eatingdisorderrecovery

Newest video is up on my Channel! Go check it out... 🔥 This video I talk about how I thought getting married was stupid, and how I never wanted a boyfriend again. I talk about the really hard healing process... plus awesome rock music as always🙌🏼 Link in bio!

Sometimes I get distracted while doing the dishes.. also I think I've been watching Vampire Dairies to much 😬 (this song is not inspired by real events) 🙈🖤

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... to one of my closet friends @origirachael! One, I FREAKING LOVE YOU. And two, thank you for being such a rock to me when so many others didn't understand, you saw who I could be even when I couldn't. I honestly am not sure how I would've gotten through this year without you! From painting days to rescuing me from stupid guys, to pool days and beach trips to heart to heart talks after Stranger Things! We've lived this year to the fullest together... also I think you're one of the few people that can actually make me cry with laughter 😅😂 I'm so excited to see where you go! You're amazing and I just FREAKING LOVE YOU! ❤️

These dreads... can I just have them please? Absolutely beautiful ✨ #wcw #dreadgoals #dreadgirl #wrappeddreads photo credit- @dread.heart

This past weekend I was able to see these guys for the first time.. it was a awesome show and it was great hanging with the group! Go check them out @theworshiperband 🔥#rockband #theworshiper @merschandmore @ndsteelman @worshiperwes305 @jreavis47

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