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Kassidy Burke  23-Just a Beauty🌺Coffee ☕️SHES AWAKE-youtuber🦋Artist-lover of the arts and culture 🕌

Missing this sister- ya know that one time we snuck Starbucks into the movie theater✨

Happy Birthday to one of the coolest uncles!!! You seriously brought a new level of swag to our "Small" family.. thank you for your support and guidance in my life. Loved I got to know my favorite Greenes better when staying with you guys. Such a blessing.. and I can't wait to see where God leads you... keep up that thrift shop poppin tags swag homie! lol Seriously you're awesome 💥#birthday #poppintags

Perfect is my worst enemy- a check list in my head striving for limitations I've only set for myself. Finding the balance of expectations and how to see failure as a place of success instead of dreading it... might be one of the hardest lessons.. also letting go of old harming promises you make to yourself.. learning to walk away- not looking at yourself like you failed a challenge- it's all a process. This year I definitely faced myself and my wounds and I'm still doing so... one step at a time. 🖤✨#instablog

#flashbackfriday to a night out with the squad! 💕✨ some of my fave babes 😋

Stones and craft beers with my lovely friend @robynjfallan Nature child since I was young. And I always will be✨ #stones #craftbeer #friendshipgoals

If my glasses could tell a story...☀️

I am a Traveler--- someone who is open and free to be and to roam! I live off of mere energy.. the feelings I get when my feet hit the grass and I'm running barefoot., letting my heartbeat be the music as I run and let my mind race as I breathe in the nature and new experiences around me... to believe in the magic of every moment. To believe in the freedom of choice and letting go.. I'm expression in motion. I'm air... I am life and love and passion. 💕🌸✨#instajournal

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite humans! First I just want to say thank you for everything.. I can't believe it's been 7 years of friendship together! I'm so excited to see you grow and to reach your dreams... this is just the beginning girl and your already killin it! You're definitely one of my favorite ride or die friends.. love you💕✨ @cecelia_shelly

Seriously missing the dreads today! I think it's all the bob Marley and chill beach music I've been lost to.. this post is to send love to my dread babies! One day I will have you again ✨👏🏽🌸 #dreads #missmydreads #summer

Summer days are my favorite.. I need more summer vibes in my life... 🌺☀️#summertime

Trusting yourself.. listening to your gut and trusting that you know yourself better than anyone. These last few months and even this last year has been all about the confidence to not second guess, and trusting that I know myself well enough to act on and speak about exactly what I want. I understand listening to wise counsel and balancing out the odds.. but to many time Ive denied and let go of what I want and who I'd like to be because I chose to listen to other people opinions over my own. I'm not saying this for pity- I realize I chose to listen to those voices..and I see now the fine line of having a victims mentality and having a victors mentality and it's all based in the wisdom of knowing when to act and when to listen, taking counsel and taking opinions and when to ask the hard questions- it's okay to challenge people. Challenge their thoughts and even character. At this time last year I got fired from 2 jobs, from there I decided to start investing in Myself and who I wanted to be as a person from that moment forward- not playing victim but changing my mindset... in that time I also started my own business and invested everything.. from there I moved to Richmond to learn more about the Spa industry with my aunt and then back to concord.. where I went with my gut and applied at the coffeehouse up the street to further my coffee knowledge. Where I now work as Assistant Manager within a 4month period. A year ago I only had 100 dollars...I'm thankful for the process and the teachers that have come in and out of my life.. everywhere I've been and every in between moment was for a purpose in building me to be exactly who I needed to be for this very moment in mylife.. from learning the responsibility and hard work of starting the small business I had- to the healing moments in Richmond-when you take care of your mind we must also take care of our bodies either through massage therapy that releases toxins from the body to essential oils that helps heal the body naturally.. and Im thankful to the divine appointments I've seen this year-such a season of alignment. The opportunities I've been able to witness🌞✨.. #trustyourself #thoughts #victimtovictor

Finally was able to catch the pool and hangout with some pretty awesome people. 🌺👙😏

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