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Jacob Kasper  (Cardi B noises)

A wise woman once told me “I don’t study, I don’t do shit, and I’m ugly...and I’m poor” and that really touched me.

You must be thinking wow what a classy looking fella, but the pants are stretchy cause some days I can’t emotionally handle buttons and zippers, sunglasses are so scratched I can’t see out of them and my white shoes are stained from the first day I wore them because I can not handle owning nice things, and I’m wearing a St. Mary necklace even though I’m the farthest thing from religious but I just wanted someone to always be judging me for my actions. 🤗

90% chance in this picture that I have chocolate bars hidden on my body and a driver already pulled up on my phone to take me home.

I’m like most things in China. Looking designer but in reality fake, cheap, and I will probably fall apart after you use me.

Here you leave today and discover imaginative worlds of fantasy, romance and adventure that ignite the magical dreams within all of us.


🗺contemplating never leaving🗺

💰hair flips and smiles in china💰


🐲is it art or can I throw it away🐲

🌘feeling my qi/chi in China🌒

🛸living the high life in shanghai🛸

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