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Such a pleasure working with these two goddesses @rafeekalove and @jourdanriane and @fireshone behind the camera 📸 #teamspeakanddo @speakanddo

Coming at you with a #sundayselfie 📸
I think it's hard to find the balance between only sharing the good side of life on social media and setting an unrealistic standard and actually sharing the bad shit and not coming across a whiney and attention seeking.
I try keep things really real here, the good and the bad and in keeping with that, this week kicked my ass 😅

Works been killer, I juggle a lot and when you're in the building phase of your career it can often feel like you put in way more than you get back. I genuinely struggle to set aside who I am in my personal life and be the person I need to be in terms of business.
I'm not a cutthroat person, I may come across as very confident but like all of us I have my insecurities and often struggle to stand up for myself and demand more from others.
This is true in both my profesional and personal life. I've had a tough lesson in learning to stop compromising on my own needs to accommodate the needs of others, to stop shrinking myself down for the comfort of others. To actually value myself as important and sometimes put myself first.
This is still a work in progress and I'm incredibly hard on myself. This week I was overloaded, overtired and I slipped up. Training and diet was less than perfect as was my organisation. I struggle not to beat up on myself when I feel I did less than my best.
On the flip side there is always a positive, outside of fitness I also work with children that have special educational needs and I was at the top of my game this week in that pocket of my life. I worked with a lot of children across three different schools in London this week and felt like I was really able to connect with and support my kids getting amazing results from them by ensuring their needs were met. I saw their confidence rise when they felt heard and understood. That part of my life is such a gift.
I've also had some incredible messages from you beauties, knowing I'm able to touch your lives in any small way and create positivity makes any struggle along the way totally worthwhile.
So shoutout to any of you loves that had a shitty one last week, onwards and up my pretties. Fresh start ahead 🙌🏼

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With the build up to summer well underway and competition season in full swing you are being bombarded now more than ever with pictures like this.
Pictures of completely unrealistic and unsustainable bodies. In this picture I am hungry, dehydrated and tanned up to the max by the wonderful @fakebakeheaven 💅🏽 It's important to also note that in the weeks before and after competition most of us have shoots lined up and are generally snappy happy so that we can continue to post pictures of ourselves in peak shape even when we aren't. I don't look like this anymore, I didn't look like this two days after competing when I was carbed and watered up.
This is not what healthy looks like, it definitely isn't what balance looks like. I'm not willing to sacrifice my social life, human connection with friends and family, my sanity, my freedom, my quality of life just for abs and neither should you!
At this time of year it's particularly important to take SM with a pinch of salt and stay in touch with reality. Base your goals around something more achievable, sustainable and healthy!
Remember that unless you do the work on yourself within, develop and become the best version of yourself internally and can carry yourself with pride in who you are and stop paying mind to the opinions of others, you won't love yourself any more at a size 6 than a size 20 and that is a promise. ❤️ Be brave, be kind, be compassionate, share your light, do things you love, feed your passions, be the change you wish to see in this world 🌎 wether your abs are out to play or cozy under a layer of perfectly lovable flab.
Your body is here to serve you, don't ever let it be the reason you tear yourselves down 🦋 (Keto post still coming, I just wanted to get this out there today. Bare with me fam 💜)

🍲My Diet 🍲

A lot of people have been asking about my diet and I'm always quite reluctant to give generalised dietary advice.
I don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to fitness. I see a lot of people that follow IIFYM and go by the rule that a calorie is a calorie regardless of the source. This seems to work for them, it doesn't work for me.
I don't have a fast metabolism, bringing my fat percentage down isn't easy for me but more than that if I'm regularly eating unhealthy foods even if it's in small amounts with a IIFYM approach I ultimately feel worse. My energy levels and strength goes down. If you hit your calorie and macro goals through extreme flexible dieting you're likely to compromise on your micros. In my opinion nutritional quality of foods wins over just hitting your macros with whatever junk food you can cram in.
Because I have a chronic illness my diet is massively influenced by that, not just achieving the physique I want. I'm also dyslexic and have slightly ADD tendencies so personally I benefit massively from pretty rigorous structure and routine.
I follow keto and fast intermittently. I have found that this works best for me. I have higher energy and more strength than when I add carbs in to my diet and I generally just feel much better. However, this may not benefit someone else, work with you body. I've tried IIFYM and paleo among other forms of dieting and played around with Keto inconsistently for a while before I really started to realise the benefit it has for me and stick to it. Play around and don't worry if you're following a diet someone else is thriving on and it isn't working for you. This can be hugely frustrating but we are all different.
Most importantly never diet at the expense of your physical or mental health and happiness!
For those of you interested in more information about the ketogenic diet stay tuned for my next post but remember this is completely for the purposes of supporting you in a more informed decision in regard to your diet, it's isn't necessarily the best way and it certainly isn't the only way! What works for me may not work for you and that is absolutely fine! 💜✨ 📸 @cesarantonis

"Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile" 🦋

_____________________________________________________ 📸photography by @annarachphotography 💜✨

There will always be someone that can't see your worth, don't let it be you 🌸

_____________________________________________________ 📸photography by @annarachphotography 💜✨

"You asked me why I like to undress in front of you and I tell you it's my only power play in a world that is always trying to undress me first"- Lauren Eden 🌺 (Scroll)
_____________________________________________________ 📸photography by @annarachphotography 💜✨

"Circle me like I am your sun and I will make a world out of you" -Lauren Eden ✨

⚡️Flashback Friday ⚡️ Some action shots of me stumbling through my transitions at @pureelitecomp 😅 one thing I didn't have to remind myself to do on stage was smile. I kept having flashbacks to when I was ill and just totally living for that moment that was such a huge marker in my recovery. I've come so far and have so far to go yet!
Prep started again this week and the girl standing on that stage in these pictures is my only competition, time to bring my physique to the next level 😜 with the guidance of none other than the wonderful @francisdiet 💜✨ Shoes by @showshoeme
Bikini by @georgiarosebikinis
Tan by @fakebakeheaven
Photos by @matt__marsh
Coach @francisdiet

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