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KASAI  🔥 New York City’s premier Jiu-Jitsu promotion, hosting live events featuring the most talented grapplers from around the globe. 🔥

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@r.byrne31 literally going head to head with @renatocanutobjj this past Sunday. Rich may have started jiu jitsu late in life at 47 years old, but 10 years later, he is just getting started at the elite level. #mushinnyc #kasai #kaizen #jiujitsu #blackbelt #honeybadger

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Grippo @kasaigrappling Pro 4 Highlight -Part II 🔥🔥

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Gianni Grippo @kasaigrappling Pro 4 Highlights - Part 1 🔥

Upcoming 2019 KASAI events 🔥 KASAI Super Series Feb 2nd Dallas, TX 🔥 EGC March 9th NYC 🔥 KASAI Pro 5 on April 6th back at the Manhattan Center 🔥

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Does Paulo Miyao even have bones? 🧐

Congratulations to @matheuslutes for winning the Bonus 💴 for submission of the night! 🔥

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Canuto x Rocha 2 was an incredible match! These are two great athletes, @kasaigrappling and myself are proud to have these guys compete on our stage.
The match ended with some controversy, many people are saying that Vagner got “robbed” once again, and that we at KASAI don’t like him. As the president of this organization and a fighter myself feel that I need to address this matter because I know how a loss can leave a bitter taste in our mouths and perhaps a few sleepless nights.
If you scroll through the pictures you see:
1. at 9 seconds mr. Rocha is still on mr. Canuto’s guard.
2. than he clears the leg at the 8 seconds mark
3. at the top of the 6 seconds mr. Canuto has a high bridge...
4. at the bottom of it he has already turned.
5. with 4 seconds to go mr. Rocha does not have the hooks...
6. only putting those at the 3 seconds mark
7. with 2 seconds to go he puts the body triangle

When I comes to points criteria KASAI follows IBJJF’s guidelines which requires the athletes to hold and control the positions for at least 3 seconds and no points for back control using the body triangle only the hooks.
Being a referee is not an easy task, calls need to be made in the heat of the moment without replay and outside assistance. They’re humans and subject to error. We at KASAI would never condone with malicious acts from bad intentioned and biased referees. We’re proud of our team and we stand behind this call.
Our team is always looking to improve the quality of our events in every aspects and we’ll revise the guideline for back control.

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The match on Saturday at KASAI Pro 4 was great. The match on Sunday with CEO @r.byrne31 was even better 🔥

A successful night here in NYC! Thank you fans and fighters! 🔥

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Gianni Grippo is your KASAI Pro Featherweight Champion! 🔥🔥🔥

@giannigrippo is your KASAI World Featherweight Champion! 🔥

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