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kasadarko  promoting the hustle 'cuz it keeps me thin.

a very special recipe coming soon

walnut & grape cake

two cups of water + one cup of salt + boil = excellent weed killer

best use of conch shell

you’ll find me near the ginkgo tree

this will make the pain go away

a very special offer on TIFF's closing night, two movies for the price of one! the Summit had many plots with no rhyme or reason. extremely difficult to follow. a film within a film and neither being remotely interesting. a hodgepodge approach along with bungled cast choices like Christian Slater. to have seen many deliciously told films and the last one not even deemed good enough for the cutting room floor is the true TIFF experience! goodnight and sleep tight, TIFF. we'll see you next year!

an Icelandic tradition that is fading: parents send their adolescents to work on a farm for the summer. acting as farmhands teaches them to be independent and calm their restless instincts. Sól is sent to her great aunt's dairy farm after being caught shoplifting. Sól's summer confines is a cradle full of troubled lives. she takes care of adults as they care for her. Director, Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir is a gifted poetic storyteller. her style is reminiscent of the early days of Tiff where poetry was more important than hype.

if you like corn fields, horny housewives, retro leather jackets and wanderers escaping a sordid past, this film's for you. after robbing a casino in Germany, Jens finds refuge in a small town of Luxembourg. insert Roman Polanski's, Rosemary's Baby film plot and a Clint Eastwood Western, you got yourself a stunning directorial debut 👏🏽

a romanticized view of a French textile factory worker who chooses redeployment in Morocco over severance pay. Edith, played by Sandrine Bonnaire, naively moves to Tangiers and thinks she'll pick up where she left off in the French factory. now having to start all over again in life and work she leans on her experience to fight injustice but is left with a devastating blow. finding solace and goodwill from her landlords, Edith not only regains her strength but finds her calling in a land that treated her so harshly. sometimes you need a fairytale ending.

an incredibly rare glimpse into the Serbian resistance movement, Otpor!, who helped over throw Serbian President, Slobodan Milošević. the documentary is directed by Mila Turajlic, daughter of Srbijanka Turajlic, leading member of Otpor!. Srbijanka is the granddaughter of one of the founding fathers of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. An impressive lineage! Mila sets out to tell the story of her family's bourgeois apartment that was split up for proletariat families after WW2. But at heart it's a Mother Daughter story and their exchange on family, politics and history. a highly layered documentary and creatively told through visual images and voiceover. deeply satisfying for any history buff interested in the fall of Serbia. during the Q&A, Mila was asked if she's followed her Mother's footsteps in political activism. she answered that she does not have the courage nor fight that her Mother has. she didn't feel that political activism was her path. but she held the Q&A stage like no other: through an articulate discussion of her film and a passionate view on today's Serbia, she is definitely her Mother's daughter. a political fighter in a different medium.

definitely an idea that would have been wonderful to watch as a 10-minute short. Sigurðsson drops us in on feuding neighbours who battle and kill over a Maple tree. deadpan Icelandic humour but a few too many red herrings. interesting items from the Q&A: same Producers who brought us Rams and Maple trees are extremely rare in Iceland with a no-cut law. honour the tree. honour good storytelling 💁🏼

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